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walking in wild east end

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walking in wild east end

  • Wild West End - Dire Straits
    "Stepping out to Angellucci's for my coffee beans Checking out the movies and the magazines Waitress she watches me crossing from the Barocco Bar I'm getting a pickup for my steel guitar I saw you walking"
  • East End Girl - Cock Sparrer
    "When she's hot it's the heat of a burning at the stake And when she's cold it's the chill of a frozen Moscow lake And when she smiles is it real or the smile an assassin makes Before he sends you to"
  • Wild East - Ian Hunter
    "(Ian Hunter) Well it's Tuesday night How I'd like to be inside at this time Watchin' T.V. is killin' me It's such a drag tonight I feel like Jason Just found a rusty fleece And the Cyclops all laughin'"
  • Walking - The Dodos
    "You can fight the fire that's in your head Lay it down, the hour has come to end Walk around without her just for a bit Looking back upon the way things had been Man, I've been wasting so much time Walking"
  • Walking - Ben Kenney
    "If I didn't have this anger I'd be everything your looking for I'll pretend it didn't kill me that my heart is laying on the floor It doesn't take a lot to cut me down to size It doesn't take that much"
  • Walking - Adam Gregory
    "I go walkin' Down a long road tonight I go walkin' Not a single soul in sight The night air is so cool The moon shines so bright It's lonely out here But I'm feelin' alright I keep walkin' I keep"
  • She's Wild - End Of Green
    "She paints black pictures, her eyes filled with sorrow than she cries, The curtain falls. Raped by her life. Left alone in these neverending night. Her restless times. Sad in these hours, These moments,"
  • East Side - Smoother
    "Ever look in my eyes I'll take you on a ride, down, down Getting sleeping feeling fast Lost inside this world The dream of breathing into you hurts Now I'm getting into you And I feel wiiild Chorus: Meet"
  • East Coast - Das EFX
    ""Now I'm gonna show you how the East Coast rocks" ---> KRS-One "Baby, baby, baby, baby, clap to this" "It's like that y'all, you don't stop" *repeat x2* "Now I'm gonna show you how the East Coast rocks" "MC's"
  • Walking By Lightening - Wild Strawberries
    "The woman in the window turns to see him wave She says life is like a sailor in a storm Truth knocks once then slips away Love shouts loudly then it fades Like water off a collar slightly worn Walking"
  • Wild, wild, wild - Lyfe Jennings
    "Everybody wants a mansion and a yachtBillboard charts they want that number one spotEven if it means rap, im gon get shotTru entertainment storyEverybody wants to be a superstarTo be a superstar, I've"
  • Wild - Seal
    "With you on a clear day yeah If tried I don't think I could end it better this way All I have is a photograph And if loneliness can hurt as much as being cold Come over here woman and touch me you look"
  • Wild - Poe
    "Standing in the doorway Of my life in this house Trying to find a way to get out Looking for a sign That I should open the door This craziness is getting me down But today is the day We break free Walking"
  • Wild Wild Young Men - The Charlie Daniels Band
    "'''"Wild Wild Young Men"''' Wild, wild young men they like to have a good time. They chase too many women, they drink to much wine. Going for a wild ride stomping on the gas Walking on the wild side living"
  • Wild Wild Young Men - Charlie Daniels Band
    "Wild wild young men they like to have a good time They chase too many women they drink to much wine Going for a wild ride stomping on the gas Walking on the wild side living way too fast Playing in hot"
  • Wild Days - Fool's Garden
    "(Hinkel / Freudenthaler) The sky's blue The water's blue too My baby's walking away Out of the blue ?into a fuckin' day She feels good and she feels sorry for me She tells me "honey don't worry" But I"
  • East at easter - Simple Minds
    "We go walking, hand in hand All across the land it's East At Easter People walking hand in hand When ships are moving south it will be East at Easter We will rock you, rock you little child We will rock"
  • East to west - Casting Crowns
    "Here I am, Lord, and I'm drowning in your sea of forgetfulness The chains of yesterday surround me I yearn for peace and rest I don't want to end up where You found me And it echoes in my mind, keeps me"
  • To The East - Electrelane
    "You didn't know where to go Walking around in this flag-waving town I saw you waiting for a train And you disappeared Your face pressed up to the window You went so far away And I want to come there too I"
  • East Of Eden - Dead Can Dance
    "I was told this in a distant land where tortured Souls have to fight together in anguish And the scenes of the show are of a cruel and violent nature Scenes of pain and cruelty are there to be seen The"

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