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wally lopez jamie scott

  • You Can't Stop the Beat (ft. Jamie Scott) - Wally Lopez
    "You always take your pretty face Everywhere that you go Make up hides that bitter taste Every time you say no I just want to make you smile Over and over and over Could you stay here for a while? You"
  • So Far Away (feat. Jamie Scott & Romy Dya) - Martin Garrix & David Guetta
    "light them up /2x tell me where you are /2x summer nights, bright lights and the shooting stars they break my heart calling you now but you’re not picking up shadows so close of that’s a still enough light"
  • Wally - Sesame Street
    "Phil Harmonic: (in audience, to uncle) Now, you mustn't snore during the performance, Uncle Donny. Oh! (turns around) Ahem ... Hello, I'm Phil Harmonic, and today, live from the Nestropolitan Opera we"
  • Wally - Aslyn
    "Dear Wally, i'm writing this letter sincerely. To tell you you're the "sweetest boy i've ever known." Remember that USO when we met. You almost didnt go. Well, me and your two sons are very glad you did. When"
  • Wally, Wally, Wusch - Ulrich Roski
    "Hello Guys and Girls, heut' geht's unheimlich los, alle Fans machen sich auf den Weg In die supergroovy-zippady-zappady Teeniepopper-Diskothek Und Jeder, der mit Glck und etwas Handgeld, die Gesichtskontrolle"
  • Scott - Deathray
    "scott if i ever see you i am gonna kill you and then... i will get sent back to jail the pope'll send the bail in tens... and twenties cause his god is funny spent all my f***in' money and i still feel"
  • Angel Lopez - Angel Lopez
    "Te odio cuando antes yo te amaba, y te desprecio cuando antes te deseaba y me dejaste solo cuando te necesitaba, y me dejaste solo y me rompistes el alma (Estribillo) Y yo Ójala q te vaya mal que te hagan"
  • Astra Wally - Remedy
    "(Rose Tattoo) Astra Wally he's a real mean cat He gets around with caps in his hat He looks at pain with a nod and a wink Oh Astra Wally you're a super fun thing Astra Wally...you super fun thing Astra"
  • Oochie wally - Nas
    "Oo-chie wally wally, oo-chie bang bang oo-chie wally wally, oo-chie bang bang oo-chie wally wally, oo-chie bang bang oo-chie wally wally He really really really fucked my coochie He really really really"
  • Ouchie Wally - Nas
    "Artist:Queensbridge's Finest Song: "Oochie Wally " Album: Nas and Ill Will Records Presents: Queensbridge's Finest [1st chorus] oo-chie wally wally, oo-chie bang bang oo-chie wally wally, oo-chie"
  • Oochie Wally - Bravehearts
    "(feat. Nas) (1st chorus) oo-chie wally wally, oo-chie bang bang oo-chie wally wally, oo-chie bang bang oo-chie wally wally, oo-chie bang bang oo-chie wally wally (2nd Chorus) He really really really"
  • Oochie Wally - Qb's Finest
    "Oh yeah muthafucka that's that shit oh, com on, yea ladies make it hot, thugs make it hot, make it pop. [1st Chorus] oo-chie wally wally, oo-chie bang bang (Bravehearts) oo-chie wally wally, oo-chie bang"
  • La Wally - Sarah Brightman
    "Ebben? Ne andr lontana, come va l'eco della pia campana, l, fra la neve bianca; l, fra le nubi d'or; laddove la speranza, la speranza rimpianto, rimpianto, dolor! O della madre mia casa gioconda, La"
  • Mary Lopez - Billy Crawford
    "yeah,ahh,yeah been searching for a friend of mine we used to hang out all the time i called her up on the telephone it was someone elses home ? like the sun, didn't rain when she smiled that smile that"
  • Oochie Wally - Chamillionaire
    "A-Keem drunk gleam Unlock, pop the scene Kickers soundin' like my trunk just swallowed a soccer-team The candy-berry drop Sittin' outside the Merriot Is what got ya miss very hot Tryna give me the hairy"
  • Wally Raffles - You Am I
    "Walter quit the RAF When there was no good air left. Made it back to the clan. The dog, the wife, the betting slip wet in his hand. And no one's listening. To the boys Tim, Jaimme and Gab. Keeping him"
  • Uncle Wally - Umphrey's McGee
    "Leave it on... A note to pass... Often untold... The only thing we've clung to is not our own. Leaving on... Remove the path... The plot is then sold. The only thing we've clung to is not our own. And"
  • Gato Lopez - Ska-P
    "l nació en la calle, no pudo elegir entre escombros y basuras tuvo que vivir la calle le hizo fuerte, all se rebeló y es que, to, no hay dinero. ES UN GATO OBRERO ! Su madre callejera, su padre siams"
  • Jamie - Ray Parker, Jr.
    "*Jamie used to be my girl She used to be my girl It's hard to imagine her With someone else besides myself Watch what you say about Jamie 'Cause she used to be my girl I don't want to see her kissing On"
  • Jamie - Ellegarden
    "Stay away I'm in a bad moodI know why but I can't explainYou don't mindIt's not your faultIt has nothing to do with youSo try not to say anythingIt will not work anywayAll I crave is my own destructionOh"

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