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want my soul

  • Soul - Rocco DeLuca And The Burden
    "I can't believe you're saying That you've given to me all that you can I can't believe you're thinking At the top of your lungs this feels so bad All that i see What's left here for me I want your soul Give"
  • Soul - Sixpence None the Richer
    "Soul Music & Lyrics by : Matt Slocum tell me father are you riding on the fictional bus up to heaven above? do you listen to the angels on the outskirts... have they persuaded you? oh tell me father perhaps"
  • Soul - Urban Rock
    "Dont f**k with my heart Its hardly been used Dont want it all chewed up Or battered and bruised Dont waste it away Because i only have one Down want to look down and see that its gone I hope you understand While"
  • Soul - Kasia Stankiewicz
    "Hey, wake up When the light’s on He will .. For every day Hello You want to know how to not let go Want to see You wouldn’t just believe in love So why you give up why you give up why you give up my friend I"
  • My soul, my soul - Richard Thompson
    "My Soul My Soul My Soul Shes never going to shake it up Shell never be satisfied Shes never going to eye me right The way I want to be eyed The way she crimps her curls The way she calls that hog The way"
  • My Soul - Coolio
    "*Violins and pianos are heard, tapping, and a conductor clearing his throat to signal that he is ready* Chorus: Soul-oul-oul-oul-oul-oul-oul (My soul, my soul) My soul-oul-oul My soul-oul-oul (My"
  • My Soul - Forgotten Tales
    "Many countries I have crossed And many rumors I've heard All about me, they were talking Was that truth or stupid lies It appears that i am heartless Hidden in my evil beauty They say i have no feelings But"
  • I Care Soul Ii Soul - Soul II Soul
    "i would not want to live in a world say that i would not want to live in a world without you say that i love a higher love, so high a love it lets my spirit see i would not want to live"
  • Soul Of My Soul - Michael Bolton
    "We may be strangers We may be worlds apart sometimes And it's hard to accept The things we just don't understand So blind to each other We only see one side of nowhere Some things we may never know If"
  • Save My Soul - Fame
    "Oh yeah I've been running 'round I've been fooling myself all the time Oh yeah Ending up with questions Not finding any reasons or rhyme, oh Cause living here without you Is so impossible to do (yeah,"
  • Satisfy My Soul - Bob Marley & The Wailers
    "Oh please don't you rock, my boat (don't rock my boat) 'Cause I don't, want my boat, to be rockin' (don't rock my boat) Oh please don't you rock my boat, No no (don't rock my boat) 'Cause I don't, want"
  • Save My Soul - Alex Lloyd
    "Hey, there's a little light and shade. Broken promises were made but there's no one left to blame but ourselves, today. Hey, sometimes I want to disappear, escape from all the years, the secrets"
  • Baptize My Soul - Anastacia
    "You baptize my soul Want the world to know Yes you do You baptize my soul Gotta let it show Take me to the river and deliver me Oooooh ooh I just wanna celebrate another day with you We were meant to"
  • Ooh My Soul - Little Richard
    "Ooh! My Soul Little Richard Well baby baby baby baby, don't you know my love is true? Honey honey honey honey, said get off of that money. Love love love. Ooh! My soul. Well gimme gimme gimme"
  • Ooh! My Soul - Beatles
    "(Penniman) Ooh! My soul Well baby baby baby baby Don't you know my love is true? Honey honey honey honey Said get off of that money Love love love love Ooh! My soul Well gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme Gimme"
  • Satisfy My Soul - Bob Marley
    "Oh, please don't you rock my boat (don't rock my boat) 'Cause I don't want my boat to be rockin' (don't rock my boat) Oh, please don't you rock my boat (don't rock my boat) 'Cause I don't want my boat"
  • Bare My Soul - Mr. Mister
    "(One, two, one, two, three) I say these words to ring in your ears I want these words to sing to your soul To wrap around your eyes like a glimpse of tomorrow Today our joy outweighs all our sorrow I"
  • Sell My Soul - Midnight Oil
    "Let's begin, I am ready, let's begin Sell my soul to him Shed my skin, I just wanna shed my skin I don't wanna sell my soul to him Mechanize, city bursts and farmers die They cry Sleep face down in a goods"
  • Carry My Soul - Kelly Family
    "Nena Nena Nena Tereze Nena Nena Nena Tereze Yeah he, ho my name is Jimmy beep beereep beeb beeb Whatever you want to call me You know like the birds fly in the air That's how I want to be Free, free,"
  • In My Soul - Badi
    "feel the vibration, my soul awakened turn off the radio connect the pod start playing cause soul music is about risk taking and putting all my heart and soul into the creation so if i worry too much about"

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