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  • Warheads - Extreme
    "''* "Recruit, when I give you the word, I want you to exit my building to the left, and hit the deck runnin'. I want you to fall in on those yellow footprints with your body at the position of attention."
  • Strategic Warheads - Terrorizer
    "Nations falling, to defeat burning ash, who's to blame human suffer, left in torture rise and fall, fear of war Fear the future of mankind nothing left but wasted years Can't escape, world downfall cut-throat"
  • Dildo - Warheads Dildo
    "Biddi Biddi Bo Bo MC Dildo do Coca Cola cola Biddi Biddi BO BO Boner Bonar I was walkin in the street when a giant dildo went up my nose Who Knows what it feels like to have a dildo in yo mouth Anthony's"
  • Funeralopolis - Electric Wizard
    "Funeral planet, dead black asteroid Mausoleum, this world is a tomb Human zombies, staring blank faces No reason to live, dead in the womb Death shroud existence, slave for a pittance Condemned to die"
  • The Virus Has Been Spread - Atari Teenage Riot
    "One touch away! the viruses spread! F**k the intellectual warheads! I said f**k them! All viruses spread! (? ) I missile the truth at you! (? ) I said - I missile the truth at you! Can you hear me? (x3) Terror"
  • After World Obliteration - Terrorizer
    "Nations falling To defeat Warheads crushing The Earth below Cries of help Burning flesh Suffocation No way out Suffering Deep in our minds After World Obliteration Super Powers Threat of war Politicians nothing"
  • Supremacy Through Annihilation - Malevolent Creation
    "Devastation now soon to be Abrogation the final decision Plans of hostility, strategies, with the utmost precision Decapitation strike, eradication of those in command Until you all concede, blood will"
  • Cosmic Winter - Helheim
    "At the edge of global destruction Victory for the hazardous powers Hunger, darkness and frost cause massextinction The cosmic spacerock-shower Scene of apocalypse-lifeless As the impact takes its toll Behold"
  • Nuclear Metal Retaliation - Impaled Nazarene
    "Satanic sonic attack Barbaric holocaust Given birth by fire Atomic fucking meltdown The end is at hand Go get fucked! Nuclear metal attack Attack is imminent 666 megawatts Detonating warheads Sluts want"
  • Revelation - Sacred Rite
    "Iron clouds of thunder, roaring 'cross the sky Speeding to the war-scene, many about to die Radiation warheads ready to destroy Like fire-breathing dragons, making all life void This is the ending of"
  • Empty Air - Flotsam And Jetsam
    "Feeling shellshocked Barbedwire, I'm torn apart Warheads dead ends Parties only we attend The runaround, out of ground Your god damned sympathy Wears me down! I've spent my life Reaching out to empty"
  • Burst Command Till War - Sodom
    "War! Nuclear warheads are ready to fight Total destruction the only might We are all suicide, without brain People are running and dying in pain Burst command til war! The overkill is near Nobody feel"
  • Burst Command Til War - Impaled Nazarene
    "War! Nuclear warheads are ready to fight Total destruction the only might We are all suicide, without brain People are running and dying in pain Burst command til war! The overkill is near Nobody feel"
  • The Very Same - Wall Of Sleep
    "We're forced to be the riders of stained glass skies Anyhow, anyway We're forced to be the bridlers of flight of minds Every time, every way We're forced to be bolts in a mechanism to run its own way Cogwheel"
  • Sex On The Flag - KMFDM
  • Fight The Oppression - Running Wild
    "Atomic warheads, weapons of all kind Invented to destroy, to find their victims, to grind Mendacious rulers, ministers of defence Leading you to war, can't you see where it all ends Total destruction,"
  • Iron Heads - Running Wild
    "One night they see light, Horizon is filled up with flames Destroying all the towns They left only dead and empty plains Invaders are coming from space To destroy the whole human race Fire on the cities"
  • Gears Of War - Megadeth
    "Gears of war... (x8) Ethnic cleansing with no defending These acts of genocide A fatal ending with no surrendering To cover up the crimes and lie (Chorus) Smart bombs, precision guided armament A more"
  • In for the Kill - Pro-Pain
    "ground troops are chasin the whites of your eyes close all the doors and take a word from the wise arm personnel and deploy in the sand drive like a knife through the heart of the land the heart of the"
  • All Good Soliders - Bad Religion
    "all good soldiers crack like boulders, the sun climbs up to a razor, violins, new boots, and numbers on a chain, all good soldiers all good soldiers fall in line, when they march and shout are a spectacle, marching"

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