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  • Warriors - Savatage
    "As the edge of midnight falls The warrior stands alone Visions of the fighting past A thousands tales are told Immortal Let the battles of street life begin Don some leathers and chains They live their"
  • Warriors - Judge
    "Your sun is setting And the day grows late As we walk home This wasteland of hate There's people getting angry In the darkest hours There's blood on the streets The streets are ours Warriors, Never Forget"
  • Warriors - Freedom Call
    "At night, high up in the heavens we fight Faster than lightning we strike Like fires that rip through the night Surrounded by light Raging thunder in the skies Time has come to sacrifice We are warriors,"
  • Warriors - Lyfe Jennings
    "Now I was raised in the projects with no running waterNever really knew my fatherSister was a dancer,Granddad died of cancer,Momma was a gambler (uh huh)Ran with the pimps and the hustlers,Praying the"
  • Warriors - Salamandra
    "We have won, we have made it clear now It is time to go, battles farewell Going home, wounds still bleeding All the wounds will close as we get home Coming home, eyes wide open It is time to feast, enjoy"
  • Warriors - The Distillers
    "Your sun is setting and the day is late As we walk over this wasteland of hate There's people getting angry in these darkest hours There's blood on the streets and the streets are ours Warriors, never"
  • Warriors - Papa Roach
    "We are the warriors /4x It feels like we are headed for a meltdown I’m trying as you said things start to run out I know that there’s a really shitty system We’re breaking down the walls of this prison We"
  • Warriors - Hawkwind
    "We are the warriors at the edge of time We are Humanity's scythe to sweep this way and that And cut the Enemy down as weeds We are Humanity's spade to dig up the roots wherever they have grown We are Humanity's"
  • Warriors - Kymani Marley
    ""One time for my warriors,my last smugglers and all my buffalo soldiers One time for my warriors,my heat carriers and all my buffalo, yo One time for my warriors,my last smugglers and all my buffalo soldiers One"
  • Warriors - Helloween
    "Blackened sky a final flash Death is in the air Warriors without a face Destruction everywhere Bridge: Silent falls the hammer Noone hears the cries No escaping from this hell Your prayers won't be heard...so"
  • Warriors - Thin Lizzy
    "I am the warrior I serve the death machine Losers or conquerors All flash past on my silver screen Death is no easy answer For those who wish to know Ask those who have been before you What fate the future"
  • Warriors - I Am The Pilot
    "Just close your eyes And imagine how we could survive inside these lies The role she plays to try And hide the corrupted life she helped create Marks are left Theres no surprise with the pills she hides She"
  • Warriors - Gary Numan
    "I fall Down No control somehow No help Now My favour slides No one comes Here Now I'm feeding strangers Thin air Like cold death Here in my heart I fell for so long for you all I fell for so long for"
  • Warriors - Nine
    "(Bounty Killer) Dis iz de big bad Bounty Killa alongside Mista Nine And we always a shine, ah we are a one-of-a-kind We kill for a dime.. (aiyyo we gon' spark this up right now) Dis time, it's crime, and"
  • Warriors - Raunchy
    "I am the one that brings death and dirty girlsI am the future, the destroyer of all your worldsI am the one in your colossal skyI am you when you scream and wonder whyHell was made for heroesIn all your"
  • Worshipping Warriors - Sons Of Thunder
    "Ooooh auh! Holy, Holy God almighty Holy is the Lord Holy, Holy God almighty He was and is and is to come Holy! Holy! Worshipping warriors We worship the Lord Worshipping warriors We fight! For what's"
  • Brave Warriors - Wizard
    "The land, gloomy and cold; death lies in the air Human prisoners of the world; it's hopeless, grief and rage reign But four brave warriors will rescue the world They will fight against the darkness Searching"
  • Dream warriors - Dokken
    "I lie awake and dread the lonely nights I'm not alone I wonder if these heavy eyes Can face the unknown When I clse my eyes I realize You'll come my way I'm standing in the night alone Forever together"
  • Sayonara Warriors - Make Up Your Mind
    "hateshinaku hirogaru uchuu ni chiribamerareta hoshi-tachi wa JYUERII kawari no nai setsu nao inochi kimi no wasure mono wa ORE-tachi no mune no naka ni ikizuite iru ne mugen no matataki shizuka"
  • Nordic Warriors - Nachtfalke
    "Thousand warriors roaming through the northern lands and only related with Odin still. One thought drives them along to fight and die for their northern land war, misery, fear and death to spread it is"

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