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wasting my time jack white

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wasting my time jack white

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wasting my time jack white
  • Jack Johnson Wasting Time
    "Yeah And I'm just a waste of her energy And she's just wasting my time Mmmmm So why don't we get together And we could waste everything tonight And we could waste and we could waste it all, tonight Yeah And"
  • The White Stripes Wasting My Time
    "And if i'm wasting my time then nothing could be better than hanging on the line and waiting for an honest word forever And if you're saying goodbye please don't you think me bitter for recalling every"
  • Zwan Wasting Time
    "in between dim hours in between dull days i'm out counting flowers i'm still chasing faith mistake me for a pilot mistake me for a face you know consider this old conscience let no trouble come my way wasting"
  • Waylon Jennings Wasting Time
    "I've been thinking it over wondering what to do Up to now I've been leaving it up to you But you'll always be the way you've always been I ain't got the time to go through that again I've been wasting"
  • Blink-182 Wasting Time
    "I'm wasting time thinking about a girl And stealing her away from her world She and I would run away I think of all the things that I'd say We'd talk about important things And I picture it in my"
  • Blink 182 Wasting Time
    "I'm wasting time thinking about a girl And stealing her away from her world She and I would run away I think of all the things that I'd say We'd talk about important things And I picture it in my dreams She'd"
  • Hanson Wasting Time
    "Then I saw your face Suddenly I'm losing faith, yea The words are few to place Give up, give out, giving no big disgrace, yea Let's stop wasting time Let's stop wasting time Say your mind But you can"
  • Judybats Wasting Time
    ""There's a gentle artifice to loving That to it all we gently bring You know, I learned how to kiss you Watching old movies starring James Dean And the candles we light For atmosphere are mostly made in"
  • Mest Wasting Time
    "I'm waiting, I'm lonely, you faded, I'm jaded, Trying to hold onto the things that were once mine. There's to much time, wasting my time. My mind goes blank I can't think of nothing but you, I've waited,"
  • Red Wasting Time
    "You found me here, waiting for your chance You would reach inside and take all of me You watch your lies smother me again But now you can't! Don't even try your wasting time Jump back I'll beat you"
  • GOB Wasting time
    "First things first You're just so clueless You're a piece of shit You're so weak I'd hate to be stuck on your side And if I was I'd probably have to quit Because it would be a waste of time So two faced"
  • Thirsty Merc Wasting Time
    "All is fair I'm trying to make you notice me but you don't care You play me like a broken game of Snakes and Ladders Or cards or piano or a record that's been thrown in the trash I like you I've"
  • Face Tomorrow Wasting Time
    "I am wasting time, I realize I can't control this rage I'm telling you for one last time that it's not just you who changed using a masculine tone, I'm screaming out loud on my own waste it all, break"
  • Freya Wasting Time
    "Wasting Time Time just rushing by I don't have a clue which day it is I get carried away but strangely I don't mind 'Cause the days I've spent have been with you And it's great to waste time like this I've"
  • Kid Rock Wasting Time
    "I'm a pimp and you can check my stats And rollin' a Fleetwood that's how I mack I rock all the tracks, so the world knows I love all the girls smack all the hoes Show love to those who come real with it Life's"
  • The Jayhawks Wasting My Time
    "And I won't be coming home I've found my way I've found out everything I won't be coming home I lost my way I lost it all again I'll be myself, wasting my time away Free myself, wasting my time away Wasting"
  • Kenny Price Wasting My Time
    "Wasting my time again asking you to stop seeing him I've told you goodbye for the last time but I'm wasting my time again This thing that you're doing's a sin how could you leave me for him Somehow I wished"
  • Default Wasting My Time
    "Well I don't want to see you waiting I've already gone too far away I still can't keep the day from ending No more messed up reasons for me to stay Well this is not for real Afraid to feel I just hit"
  • Kosheen Wasting My Time
    "That's what he said Clever when you talk Pretty when you sleep Started seeing red Give it all away Too precious to keep Don't make any doubt That you can undo Don't be surprised If I don't talk to you chorus: Don't"
  • Spice Girls Wasting My Time
    "Baby who Was the one that treated you so bad That you Felt that you had to do to me what she had done to you Now you prove Everything that my friends had told me about you Was true Now it's over and we're"

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