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waterboys destinies entwined

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waterboys destinies entwined

  • Entwined - Lacuna Coil
    "And you take me over Over again Wonder how can I go on and on When you want to bury my passion You are the shell around and I cannot escape And I swallow my pride Entwined together now It's time to pass"
  • Entwined - Elegant Machinery
    "So many faces stained with tears deceit and confidence are walking hand in hand The need is great within itself an itching sense is trying hard to reach out Stay with them this time try hard to stay with"
  • Entwined - Coal Chamber
    "Could we please shut our mouths for a while. For only just a while I could take it. And if we could lay alone for a while. For only just a while I could take it. You have made me alright complete again."
  • Entwined By Vengeance - Vital Remains
    "Breath the air of the dawning winds Awakening the process Of unpure procreation Born to this world to cause your destruction Listen to our legion...Chanting thy name Listen to our legion...Chanting thy"
  • Blood And Grey Skies Entwined - Elend
    "Dying into a dance, Dismal the tide of woes, Your eyes still can't see A wave in the foaming streams Turned loose our prayings son. The crawling snakes of massacre mesmerize the worn-out. Blood And Grey"
  • From The Astral Plane... Entwined With Infinity - Diabolic
    "All our futures once were foretold First etched stone now carved flesh Despite our frail human stock We traverse the realms of death With knowledge bestowed upon us We proceed to forge our paths Despite"
  • The Man With The Wind At His Heels - The Waterboys
    "Theres a day for the king in his counting house Theres a day for the fool at the wheel Theres a day for the ships to go slouching south And a day for the man with the wind at his heels A day for the man"
  • A Life Of Sundays - The Waterboys
    "Hold me! Before I go under. Hear me! Before I drown. Sharpen! Your sense of wonder. Listen! To what I've found. Here we are again, Two old lovers, Two old friends, Just when you need them. A devil was"
  • Universal Hall - The Waterboys
    "I sacrifice my power on the altar of your love That it may be born again on another world In this library i could lose myself Transports, gateways on every shelf Dark words, bright words of ice and fire As"
  • Meet Me At The Station - The Waterboys
    "(Brother William's Memphis Sanctified Singers) Well if I get to heaven before you do I will meet you at the station when your train comes along I'll be watching and waiting, Mother dear, for you I will"
  • Soon As I Get Home - The Waterboys
    "(Roscoe Corner) I shall wear a crown I shall wear a crown When it's all over When it's all over I shall see His face I shall see His face When it's all over When it's all over I shall wear a crown I"
  • In Search Of A Rose - The Waterboys
    "Where will I wander and wonder nobody knows But wherever I'm a-going I'll go in search of a rose Whatever the will of the weather and whether it shines or snows Wherever I'm a-going I'll go in search"
  • Song From The End Of The World - The Waterboys
    "Here is the smell of seafood pie a broken tower on the open sky a chain of islands rolling west in sight of the house where we are guests A rambling old river twists through the fields ancient names imprinted"
  • A Man Is In Love - The Waterboys
    "A man is in love, how do I know? He came and walked with me, and he told me so In a song he sang, and then I knew A man is in love with you A man is in love, how did I hear? I heard him talk too much"
  • Bigger Picture - The Waterboys
    "I'm starting to see a bigger picture I'm beginning to colour it in I'm starting to see a bigger picture I'm beginning to colour it in My soul the sky, my heart a sun my mind a world - my only one My thoughts"
  • Strange Arrangement - The Waterboys
    "Its a strange arrangement I dont claim to understand it I know I created it But I never planned it Its a strange arrangement And Im not proud Well perhaps a little ashamed If ashamed is allowed At the"
  • She Tried To Hold Me - The Waterboys
    "She tried to hold me She tried to hold me She didnt know Love is letting go She said Im looking for perfection As she strode in my direction She cast her mantle round me, Said Im completed since you"
  • It's Gonna Rain - The Waterboys
    "It's gonna rain It's gonna rain A time is coming when you're Gonna have to taste your pain It's gonna break It's gonna break From the cities of the poor All the way to your front gate You're golden You're"
  • Sustain - The Waterboys
    "Blues are falling like showers of rain But I dont feel like crying Death is abroad this day But I dont feel like dying I learned how to sustain myself How to sustain myself in storms Her tongue was like"
  • Something That Is Gone - The Waterboys
    "Something that is gone Something that is gone Something that I had just yesterday but where I must have laid it I really couldn't say Something that was right but now is wrong Something that is gone Something"

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