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wave to wave

  • Wave - Crystal Fighters
    "We’re here, our way Hear the same groove Get on the wave, universal suns One thousand suns With the power of one thousand universes from the mind of one In the galaxy of truth, your stars are ours Your"
  • Wave - Arashi
    "WAVE! WAVE! WAVE! nagisa ni tateba kimi no natsu rainen mo koko de aeru yo nette aa setsunai ne mou ichido kimi wo dakiyoseta hitomi yureteru nami no ue ochiru hanabi ga kieru mae aa mijikai ne ashita"
  • Wave - Alejandro Escovedo
    "Wave goodbye Everybody waves goodbye Climb aboard the train Turn and wave goodbye again Some go north, some go south Maybe east, some left out Some are rich, some are poor But everybody's got to wave Wave"
  • Wave - JoEveritt
    "the miles of a million roads makes me sad, I think so I wanna walk away, say, stay everyday I age a bit the world's a counterfeit scene, so mean away, away, you'll see me fly but I won't stop to wave today,"
  • Wave - Mr. Vegas
    "Intro: All me gal dem, Mean why yuh follow me, All me gal dem, Once again dis ah Vegee, All me gal dem, From yuh know yuh nuh moley, Get ah, get ah, get ah get ah get Chorus: Get someting and wave,"
  • Wave - Patti Smith
    "hi. hi. i was running after you for a long time. i i was watching you from. . . actually I've watched you for a long time. i like to watch you when you're walking back and forth on the beach. and the way"
  • Wave - Sergio Mendes
    "So close your eyes For thats a lovely way to be Aware of things your heart alone was meant to see The fundamental loneliness goes Whenever two can dream a dream together You can't deny don't try to fight"
  • Wave - Frank Sinatra
    "(A.C. Jobim) So close your eyes, for thats a lovely way to be Aware of things your heart alone was meant to see The fundamental loneliness goes whenever two can dream a dream together You can't deny,"
  • Wave - Quo Vadis
    "From time to time Such a day returns Not knowiing from here Indecision appears Sad moments hard time Sad moments hard time Through grey streets Melancholy passed by Through grey doors Nostalgy come through Sad"
  • Wave - Beth Orton
    "If I were a wave - you’d have caught me If you were my light - I would fade If you were the sea - you’d not turn your back on me I’d shake your fury - right out off of me I was crying out for you, before"
  • Wave - David Sylvian
    "It seems that I remember I dreamed a thousand dreams We'd face the days together No matter what they'd bring A strength inside like I'd never known Opened the door to life and let it go This sun may shine"
  • WAVE - 2020
    "To 2-0 To 2-0 To 2-0 To 2-0 To 2-0 To 2-0 spytałem zioma czy chce mi wbić nie miałem kwitu on cest la vie my chcemy wyżej, nie chcemy niżej oni są w miejscu sinusoid on skupuje fanty wszystkim co byli nie"
  • Wave - Clouds
    "He comes in waves Crashing on me Climbing that wall He loves to fall Reaching for the top Breaking away See your shadow fall She wears smoke rings On her fingers Made by his lips All hers to kiss Swelling"
  • Wave - Atrox
    "Waves wander the sea Millenium mirrors reflect Disappearing without a trace When time was restrained to descent The ocean disappeared and vast deserts They were revealed We sank into the desert The Dreamking"
  • Wave Upon Wave Upon Wave - Biffy Clyro
    "Why bother talking, if nobody's listening Blame it on the final, phase of your induction Why bother talking, if nobody's listening Name it as a first-born, the firstborn is dead Theres a knife in my hand Covered"
  • Wave On Wave - Pat Green
    "Mile upon Mile I got no direction Were all playing the same game Were all looking for redemption Just afraid to say the name So caught up now in pretending What were seeking is the truth Im just look"
  • Wave Over Wave - Great Big Sea
    "Oh me name Able Rogers a share man am I On a three-masted scooner from Twilingate Isle I've been the world over North, South, East and West But the middle of nowhere's where I likes it best Where it's"
  • Meditation (Wave Upon Wave) - Arlo Guthrie
    "words and music by Arlo Guthrie Loving in golden temples, my love Is flowing on heavenly seas The silent commands and heard throughout the lands And are weaving his patterns with ease All of the beautiful"
  • Heat Wave - Ella Fitzgerald
    "We're having a heat wave, A tropical heat wave, The temperature's rising, It isn't surprising, She certainly can can-can. She started a heat wave By letting her seat wave In such a way that The customers"
  • Brain wave - Sugababes
    "BRIDGE:its a brain wave i'm not gonna let you get to my brainyou baybe messing with my mindbut it wont work CHOURUS:its my brain waveand now i' gonna leavecos got this brain wave i've stuck with you"

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