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we'll sail the blue ocean. I will go from everest to katmandu.

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we'll sail the blue ocean. I will go from everest to katmandu.

  • Katmandu - Cat Stevens
    "I sit beside the dark Beneath the mire Cold grey dusty day The morning lake Drinks up the sky Katmandu I'll soon be seeing you And your strange bewildering time Will hold me down Chop me some broken"
  • Everest - Ra Ra Riot
    "Haven't heard from you for days what went wrong? We waited for you in the dark for much too long Well, can't you see it in my face? I like the way it's been ?? Whoa, whoa, I need to let you go You never"
  • Everest - Ani DiFranco
    "from the depth of the pacific to the height of everest and still the world is smoother than a shiny ball-bearing so i take a few steps back and put on a wider lens and it changes your skin, your sex,"
  • Katmandu - Bob Seger
    "I think I'm going to Katmandu That's really, really Where I'm going to If I ever get out of here That's what I'm gonna do K-K-K-K-K-K-Katmandu I think that's where I'm going to If I ever get out of here I'm"
  • Sail The Ocean - Darin
    "Sometimes I feel caught in yesterday Because of all the memories that burn Where I will go, there is no return and time will heal my yearn I dream about the world and I'm still young I got to"
  • Sail the ocean - Darin Zanyar
    "Sometimes I feel caught in yesterdayBecause of all the memories that burnWhere I will go, there is no return and timewill heal my yearnI dream about the world and I'm still youngI got to live my life while"
  • Everest - Andy Stochansky
    "This I'll admit You are a wonder Blind to my kind Won't know my name And I would give up My world to meet you Just can't come up Don't know the way I'm losing air Don't know which way is up I'm losing"
  • Blue Ocean (Ft: Willow Smith) - Jaden Smith
    "Don't tell me you cried cause I know that you didn't Don't tell me you love me, I know I'm just trippin' Cause you tore down my ego, and I listened Why did I... listen? /2x Man I met a girl at Coachella I"
  • Ocean Blue - ABC
    "Well you took me home And you took me back But deep down inside The feeling just died and I Couldn't see why From indigo to royal blue I travel far but no one will do Anytime, anyplace Every shape every"
  • Everest - Cave In
    "I hear things I tried to say Echo back to me the opposite way Everything Ive read spinning round my head Lets escape to where the air is cold and thin OhI might have believed in a miracle once, Everest OhI"
  • Sail Away - Brian Wilson
    "When I desire company I leave my footprints on the sand by a reckless sea Hoping you'd come to me And we'll explore what might have been And leave the shore and give this tired old world a spin When my"
  • Ocean - Natalia Nykiel
    "Far away where the blue sky And the ocean meet Emndless summer And it still feels like it was a dream I used sing that song No one knows how far i will go But there are limits When it comes to what"
  • Ocean Blue - Alphabeat
    "It was when I was stealing Glances from you, It was when I was feeling, You stole from me too. Our glances stray and entwine, I take your hand and you take mine. And your eyes were ocean blue, And the"
  • Sail Away - Dreamtale
    "With the winds of fortune they went Out to the sea to find land of the free Set their sail for the setting of sun Placed their hope in the journey begun Hear the captain cry his commands Feel the swaying"
  • Sail on - Gamma Ray
    "I see your picture, laughter from yesterdaySilence all around me, except the voice from the tvAnd i still can't believe it's overBut time will heal all wounds i knowWe sail on to dreamland, we'll meet"
  • Sail Away - Deep Purple
    "If you're driftin' on an empty ocean with no wind to fill your sail, the future, your horizon, it's like searchin' for the Holy Grail. You feel there's no tomorrow as you look into the water below. It's"
  • Ocean - Pixie Lott
    "I'm an ocean pouring from my eyes Built a boat and catch the rising tides I'm so over yesterday, Now just watch me sail away on this ocean Oooh, the tears I've cried It's deep in the night I miss you"
  • Sail On - Sanctuary Rig
    "Through my silent contemplation you lie sleeping in my arms And your beauty almost more than I can bear In other-worldly isolation we are sheltered from the storm And the magic we have made will linger"
  • Ocean - Cold
    "If the wind could bring the rain I would save it all for you Make an ocean to sail away and begin again They said i could never change That i cant belong to you Than i watched you sip away in the"
  • Ocean - Tyr
    "Leave now never return, or stay and face the dark. Day of grief, disbelief, weak and weary faces Falling and they're gone, but still remain, and tales are fading faster. Glory days are few, and far between"

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