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we're going for a ride

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we're going for a ride

  • We're Going Over - Spirogyra
    "Leicester Square Lady You've had your heyday blow! Down in the distance, there's a resistance know! You cannot see me, you cannot be me so go! Over the valley coming a sudden snow Shatter the evening,"
  • Sugar We're Going Down - Fall Out Boy
    "Am I more than you bargained for yet? I've been dying to tell you anything you want to hear. 'Cause that's just who I am this week. Lie in the grass, next to the mausoleum. I'm just a notch in your"
  • We're Going To Ibiza - Vengaboys
    "Hello party people! This is Captain Kim speaking Welcome aboard Venga Airways After take-off we'll pump up the sound system Cause we're going to Ibiza! I don't wanna be a busdriver All my life I'm gonna"
  • We're Not Going Down - Sahara Hotnights
    "We're not going down on our knees for your sake Straight on that's the way we know what it takes We've made up our minds and we're back on the scene No use for bad advice 'cause we know what we need "
  • We're going to live - Heaven 17
    "I don't care about life Or the world around me I've got a place to go I don't care what you say Words cannot harm me You're going down below Come and join the fun on the way to heaven Come and talk to"
  • We're All Going Down - Butch Walker
    "Burnt to a crisp i cant sleep from the sound Of the train of thought inside of me So i grab the keys as the clock It starts to smile 5 in the am seems so surreal Where the red lights are friends With the"
  • Ride - Ryan Malcolm
    "Ohhowooah. Hot summer night, lets go for a ride. Lets leave the city lights behind. Turn the radio on, there's a Sheryl Crow song And she's soaking up the sun. Shine on, shine on, and on. It's time,"
  • Ride - Supreme Beings Of Leisure
    "The walls you walk through in your sleep The map you had but couldn't keep Seems it's never as you planned That's a lie you understand Every fork in the road you choose Some you win some you lose It's"
  • Ride - Live
    "In the east, they can meditate They can recreate the sound of OM and bring us home I think I'll go there someday Maybe for a holiday Maybe just light a candle Take a seat for the ride And you don't"
  • Ride - Shelly Fairchild
    "You make me wanna buy a big Harley Deck it out in steel and chrome Trade in this old car; this old house Who we are and just be gone Oh baby yeah long gone Crank it up and let it roll Leave the grove"
  • Ride - Billy Crawford
    "I'm gonna take you for a ride with me, tonight There's something that I want to say to you girl Straight from my heart I'll never gonna hurt you, Shake up your world Like he's doing Just tell him that"
  • Ride - Blazin' Squad
    "Baby We Can Ride Got My Car Parked Right Outside I'll Even Let You Drive That's Cool With Me Yo When U Hear Da Horn It Means I'm In My Ride Outside I Got My Boys Rollin Wit Me, Bring Ya Girls Tonight But"
  • Ride - Goddess Of Desire
  • Ride - Foxy Brown
    "Let's get it hype, nigga Let's get it crump Yeah, yeah, yeah Pass me them swisher sweets, let's get it crump If a nigga disrespect me i'mma prove my shit and dump Blast ryhmes like I pump, turn your"
  • We're going outside - Tweenies
    "Hey, hey we're going today It's time to take a trip with the Tweenies Hey, hey it's a beautiful day Come on take a trip with the Tweenies We can run about the roundabout Swing and slide It's fun outside"
  • Going down - A
    "Suck it up, we're going down 30 seconds 'till we smash into the ground The passengers have lost their smiles Soon their bodies will be wreckage spread for miles I'm in the shit, knee-deep in it, I think"
  • We Don't Know Where We're Going - Nana Mouskouri
    "For every smile in the world There's someone out there crying And eacn time something is borne There's something dying Still the rivers keep flowing And we don't know what it is And we don't know where"
  • Turn It Up (We're Going Down) - Crowned King
    "So turn it off now It's never as it seems You're so absurd, so old They swear they won't do ya Swear they won't do ya wrong Are you with me Said are you with me Cause everything is coming down, (they"
  • We Went For A Ride - Fefe Dobson
    "We went for a ride Undercover of the twilight And the traffic on the road And there's only you and I I hope we never get back home 'Cause I'm feeling serenaded By the coming of the night And I wish we'd"
  • Cocaine (We're All Going To Hell) - Strata
    "She draws the costume correct in thick, black and red eyeliner. She's too young for the club but the guys at the door don't mind her. The boys are all lining up for their chance to wine and dine her. She"

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