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we're going ride, ride

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we're going ride, ride

  • Ride Cowboy Ride - Nickel Creek
    "Up in the morning at the break of day You'll hear a big bearded cowboy at the chuck wagon say "Gather 'round boys, the coffee's hot on the fire There's a full day of branding, we're heating the iron I"
  • Ride - Supreme Beings Of Leisure
    "The walls you walk through in your sleep The map you had but couldn't keep Seems it's never as you planned That's a lie you understand Every fork in the road you choose Some you win some you lose It's"
  • Ride - Live
    "In the east, they can meditate They can recreate the sound of OM and bring us home I think I'll go there someday Maybe for a holiday Maybe just light a candle Take a seat for the ride And you don't"
  • Ride - Ryan Malcolm
    "Ohhowooah. Hot summer night, lets go for a ride. Lets leave the city lights behind. Turn the radio on, there's a Sheryl Crow song And she's soaking up the sun. Shine on, shine on, and on. It's time,"
  • Ride - Shelly Fairchild
    "You make me wanna buy a big Harley Deck it out in steel and chrome Trade in this old car; this old house Who we are and just be gone Oh baby yeah long gone Crank it up and let it roll Leave the grove"
  • Ride - Blazin' Squad
    "Baby We Can Ride Got My Car Parked Right Outside I'll Even Let You Drive That's Cool With Me Yo When U Hear Da Horn It Means I'm In My Ride Outside I Got My Boys Rollin Wit Me, Bring Ya Girls Tonight But"
  • Ride - Billy Crawford
    "I'm gonna take you for a ride with me, tonight There's something that I want to say to you girl Straight from my heart I'll never gonna hurt you, Shake up your world Like he's doing Just tell him that"
  • Ride - Goddess Of Desire
  • Ride - Cathedral
    "Lack-lustre vacuum magnetises the land,scopeless material in ruthless demand,concrete spectacle superficially grand,divine animation buried in sight. We'll rise from the ashes of stagnation,crystal warriors"
  • Ride - Foxy Brown
    "Let's get it hype, nigga Let's get it crump Yeah, yeah, yeah Pass me them swisher sweets, let's get it crump If a nigga disrespect me i'mma prove my shit and dump Blast ryhmes like I pump, turn your"
  • Eskimo Ride - Ima Robot
    "whether we are together we weather the party together it's better, better with the lights off maana, we don't know what that means all aboard! we don't care where we're going as long as we don't arrive we're"
  • Tightrope Ride - The Doors
    "You're on a tightrope ride, nobody by your side Well, you're all alone, gotta find a new home Don't go over the line. You better keep on time Or you'll lose your mind on your tightrope ride Watch out,"
  • Ride It - Regard
    "it’s been a month and twenty days and we’re going round and round just playing silly games now you’re saying slow it down not right now then ya wink at me and walk away let it be, let it be let it"
  • Ride Child Ride - Poison
    "Well I'm sitting here this evening I've got some old friends on my mind, yeah I do Yeah, me and Slick and Davy saluting Mr. Daniels For the very first time We was jamming to old Jimi, singing Purple Haze,"
  • Ride Natty, Ride - Bob Marley
    "Dready got a job to do And he's got to fulfill that mission To see his hurt is their Greatest ambition But we will survive In this world of competition 'Cause no matter what they do Natty keep on coming"
  • Takin' A Ride - The Replacements
    "Stay right there, go no further Don't get a doctor, don't get my mother It's too far to walk, gotta decide Turn around, we're takin' a ride So take another pill from your purse Take a little ride in a"
  • Ride the wind - Demon
    "Just crashed out of the city On a brand new pair of wheels And this world's lookin' so pretty When your strapped to the mare of steel We live everynight, we live everyday We live hard and fast there's"
  • Take A Ride - The Isley Brothers
    "Listen Baby You need direction, Love and Affection Someone to be there, a man that truly cares Put your trust in me, and I will set you free I know of a better place And I happen to be going that way (Chorus) Take"
  • Hip Hop Ride - Da Youngsta's
    "(Qur'an) As I flip it again, I'm on the loose Watch me, nah man, hold up, no... As I flip it again, we're on the loose Watch us set the trend for the 9 double deuce Check it, to the boogie the up jumps"
  • Ride On - Parliament
    ""Ride On" Ooh, doin' the ride on Uhh, uhh, doin' the ride on Put a hump in your back Shake your sacroiliac And ride on Let's take a ride Ride on Baby do the ride on Mama do the ride on Ride on (x2) Doin'"

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