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we a expression sometime different

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we a expression sometime different

  • Sometime - Geri Halliwell
    "Treat me kind, keep me safe Show me love, I'll embrace If you take me home Where I was born I'd find peace of mind, somehow Give me luck, show me grace Give me time, and little space If you take me back"
  • Different - Pendulum
    "We see the shadows that are falling from your eyes, Draining your face of everything but the disguise, Don't hide baby, let them see your true colours, Don't mind the camera, let them see your back out"
  • Youthful Expression - A Tribe Called Quest
    "Q-Tip: The taste of nuthin, this does somethin Moms that knows that, says I'm frontin Call me Smiley, cuz I'm wiley Livin life like the life of Riley Smokin blunts with a boy named Bud We cough up your"
  • We Different - Murder Inc
    "Word to God Yo yo yo I neva liked cha'll niggas Word to God, and I neva will 'Cuz y'all niggas is ass, y'all bitches We different, y'all niggas ain't like us We different, word to God, we murderers (Tah"
  • Different - Twiztid
    "We be the exact opposite From you ignorent counterfeit Normal mothafuckas so proud of the innocence Forever in this bitch Fuckin' with the dead With invisible X's in the middle of our foreheads Well what"
  • Different - Ms. Jade
    "Yo, yo, yo, why you looking at me? Why you looking at me? Why you looking at me? Why you looking at me? Come on; tell em Jade People look at me wrong cos I dress different Cos I talk different, cos"
  • Different - Goapele
    "(feat. Clyde Carson of the Team) (Verse one) I'm looking at you from a distance I'm wondering how all my feelings changed Do you remember even half the shit we used to do And how it used to be I"
  • Different - Egypt Central
    "Used to live my life for you Until my soul got tired Did all I was supposed to do I could fool a liar (Pre-chorus) Threw it all away Through it all to find redemption Gave it all away Gave it all to who"
  • Different - Sage Francis
    ""Nothing at last is sacred. Oh how the great have fallen What have I done to myself? It's been way too long!" We need to reacquaint. Things are different now, I ain't the same man I was Hi,"
  • Different - Robbie Williams
    "When I look you in the eyes, Something deep inside me dies, ’cause I know you won’t get better, better, better… You’d rather be right done with love, The only thing I understood Nothing’s ever good enough. I"
  • Someday, Sometime - Nothing To Lose
    "please someday please sometime i'm hoping but hoping's not enough maybe dreaming or make believing that she'll come my way this time i'm movin through the hard times through the good times i'll be there"
  • Sometime Faces - Buddha Monk
    "(Intro: Buddha Monk, (unknown singer sample), {computerized deep voice}) (Smiling faces.. smiling faces.. sometimes) Now tell me, just let me get you now Ya right there God {robberies} Innocent bystanders"
  • Sometime Other Than Now - John Hiatt
    "Maybe your mama didn't treat you right, Maybe her intentions weren't even very good Maybe my daddy lay awake at night Imagining himself in some other neighborhood Left to our own devices Like maybe"
  • Sometime When We Touch - Enrique Iglesias
    "You ask me if I love you, and I choke on my reply, I'd rather hurt you honestly, then mislead you with a lie and who am I to judge you, on what you say or do I'm only just beginning to see the real you Chours: Sometimes"
  • Something Different - Why Don't We
    "Look t us We could paint a perfect picture About us From you head to toe I’ll fit you Yeah we make the biggest fiction They believe it so I guess it must be real I know what you’re thinking I could spend"
  • Blank Expression - Lily Allen
    "Snow is falling all around Seven o'clock and the roads are blocked So i walk downtown There's no one else around I look in the bar and immediately I sense *daydream* Look at me girl as if i was some kind"
  • Without Expression - John Mellencamp
    "Have you ever ridden horses through a rainstorm? Or a lion through a busy street bazarre? There are many things I'd love to turn you on to But somehow I feel they're safer where they are Yes, there's"
  • Blank Expression - The Specials
    "Snow is falling all around Seven oclock and the roads are blocked So I walk down town Theres no one around I walk in a bar and immediately I sense danger You look at me, girl, as if I was some kind of"
  • Expression Eraser - Small Brown Bike
    "broken glass moves through me, calloused skin falls off of me, i crash to my knees. interiorly i bleed and i cry blood under the sheets. i'm breaking down, i'm broken down, i break my thumb, don't mind"
  • Final Expression - Unbroken
    "I can feel you reach out to me I can hear you scream out to me I feel so helpless why we both bleed bound to my mortality severed from all morality stabbed again by my own will witnessing our decent as"

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