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we are monster High polish

  • Monster - Monster
    "In the beginning everything was silence You could hardly hear a sound But suddenly you hear a noise that's coming You decide to check it out You can't believe in what your eyes are seeing You can't believe"
  • Monster - Artillery
    "Behind the little boy's eyes his name is written in blood There is not a clue in sight, not a moment of clarity Grew up to be a man behind the white fence, he rules and he stands Frowning at the happy"
  • Monster - My Ruin
    "DESTROY ME As WANT turns to NEED You MURDER ME Just to WATCH me BLEED I live inside... my own MAKE BELIEVE I SACRIFICE... what you can't see I'm HISSING MAD And I'm DRIPPING WET I have no FATHER I have"
  • Monster - Charlotte Martin
    "I'm so uncertain of what's growing in my head That's how it goes when there are ghosts to put to bed What does it want from me, certificates of certainty? There must be help around the bend Ooh, what"
  • Monster - Twiztid
    "Fuck you and you're platinum chains I'd rather rip out your intestines and wear it on my neck just the same Making a charm outta ya Brain And having the gall to give it away To ya moms and pops in a box"
  • Monster - MC Ren
    "I'm Ready.... big villain real nigga number one motherfuck guns, my voice bust they run child of the sun, Compton we run when bitches get up and boogie, you niggaz grap one who the fuck tryin' to fuck"
  • Monster - Lucky Dube
    "I had a dream last night One that will stay with me for a long time One that will stay with me, For as long as I live. We were living in a world, there was no pain We were living in the world there were"
  • Polish Girls - King & Krakowski
    "Polish Girls are nice and sweet and sexy Polish Girls are nice and sweet and sexy Polish Girls are nice and sweet and sexy Polish Girls are nice and sweet and sexy Polish Girls, damn, look so nice Polish"
  • Polish - Fugazi
    "Got with the program, Swallowed it whole, Sugar made it easy, Ice made it cold. Reached out and touched them On a tv screen, Broke out the polish, Scrubbed it clean, That dirty machine. This"
  • We Are All Monsters - Sesame Street
    "Blue Monster: (to Green Monster) Green Monster: Elmo: Gray Monster: (music starts, they all start dancing) Blue: I am blue Green: I am green Elmo: I am red Gray: I am gray Blue:"
  • Monsters - Matchbook Romance
    "Girl, what's come between you and me? Look right through me. I'll let it go into your pants I can't help this feeling any more I won't go anywhere Maybe you'll see me Ohhhh... Yeah We are We are the shaken We"
  • Monsters - Gothminister
    ""Why do you believe in monsters?" We have been locked up in this evil house It is where you live with your wicked monsters We are the prisoners of death and decay It is where you live, but your dreams"
  • Monsters - Funeral For A Friend
    "Scattered seeds and breaking storms Won't make a decent lie for you Naked and with every breath you climb the stairs Step by step and I don't need this And I don't need to be saved Five steps away from"
  • Monsters - The Gathering
    "All you need all you need All you need Is all is now All you need all you need All you need Is not what youre getting All you live all you give All you live Fits in a teardrop If you come closer Ill show"
  • MONSTERS - Sarah McLachlan
    "When we were young there were always creatures lurking under the bed A thousand year old dragon lived deep in the lake and he said don’t be afraid So you dove in He seemed so sweet and lovely he made"
  • Monster High - Ewa Farna
    "Już czuję ten dreszcz! Idziesz mrocznym korytarzem Słyszysz szepty, widzisz ludzi tłum Ty wiesz, że jesteś inna Wyróżniasz się i to jest urok Twój Przewrotny styl masz, tajemniczą wciąż grasz Zabójczo"
  • We Built A Monster - Thea Gilmore
    "Stretched between the lamplight and the cigarette ash In the corner of the city where the markets crashed There are boxes of the lonely here and fires of hope We built a monster We built a monster You"
  • Monster Men - Iggy Pop
    "Pop Five little monsters were riding through space Their spaceship broke and they fell into this place They gotta get out but they don't know how So they're waiting and waiting in a creepy creepy house The"
  • Tiny Monster - Abney Park
    "Conceived in darkness, late at night The creature turns out the light Slowly, creeping near Whispering in her ear They take there cloths off, kiss her neck Her nerves are trembling, she's a wreck Backs"
  • Unkillable Monster - Marilyn Manson
    "How the fuck are we supposed to know when Im a monster, the way you refuse to die? how the fuck are we supposed to know if were in love or if were in pain Im a tightrope walker "

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