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  • We Are - Ana Johnston
    "See The Devil On The Doorstep Now (My Oh My) telling Everybody Oh Just Have To Live Their Lives sliding Down The Information Highway buying In Just Like A Bunch Of Fools time Is Ticking And We Can't Go"
  • We Are One - Ziggy Marley
    "There is a knowledge we all know Yet we don't know, yet we don't know There is a knowledge we all know Yet we don't know, yet we don't know We are one There is a spirit we all know Yet we don't know,"
  • We Are One - The Offspring
    "We are one with ourselves We don't give a shit about anyone else Well it won't be wrong until our day in the sun is gonna stop The walls come tumbling down We are one We are free We are headed for obscurity We"
  • We Are One - Kiss
    "You are not alone and how long can you run It's much to late if you dont know what you've got 'til it's gone Once upon a time you were a child but that was yesterday Believed that magic in your heart would"
  • We Are One - Alicia Bridges
    "You sleep just like a baby After you've been holdin' me With tenderness and with love And as I watch you sleepin' My heart builds up with feelings That make me cry the tears of love We are one You and"
  • We Are One - Rob Rock
    "We have ignored all the signs Humanity has lost its way The power is within us to turn back the tide And liberate ourselves if we can unite This is the war that we must fight! The old way is dead; the"
  • We Are One - Melissa Dori Dye
    "take me by the hand regardless of you fear we only live once take me as i am give love and understanding if you've ever loved me and you will see to them there is no difference but to me there is that"
  • We Are One - Buckethead
    "Sending a beating to go Send the battle the leaders is ready to roll Send the beating to home Send the battle the leaders are ready for war Well you know That we are one Sending a beating to go Send"
  • We Are One - Ginga
    "We are one Steps and moves If you never play, you never lose And we play songs To help us sing Turn around slow and watch the ceiling spin The sin of your skin feels Like nothing I've ever dared to know We"
  • We are one - Serj Tankian
    "Sending a beating to go Send the battle the leader is ready to roll Send the beating to home Send the battle the leaders are ready for war Do you know? That we are one! Sending a beating to go Send the"
  • We Are One - Westlife
    "Two very different people, too scared to get along, Till two hearts beat together, underneath one sun, One very special moment, can turn a destiny, And what some would say, could never change, has changed"
  • We Are One - Kelly Sweet
    "Didn't need to ask Don't know the reason Everything that I believe Is right here Not thinkin' 'bout tomorrow Couldn't catch it if I tried World is spinning too fast So I'll wait 'til it comes to me I am"
  • We are one - Same Difference
    "I've followed my dreams, as long as I remember. No matter the pain, no matter the rain fall. (Ohhhh) Th road has been so long, so uncertain. Looking back at what we've done. Chasing devils on the run. It's"
  • We Are One - Dina Carroll
    "Did I hurt you baby With the things I said And if you are willing Will you please forget 'Cos we've been together For so very long And what I'm telling you is I was in the wrong So I need you now More"
  • We Are One - The Veronicas
    "Don't know what we're fighting for Who'd have known we'd fall A second's too late Crashed down one foot below the ground Did you hear the sound Of a smile that is fading? When will it go? When will it"
  • We Are One - Jane
    "I've been to many places I keep seeing the same old faces Don't know how much is true Cos I lose myself when I think of You You I walked around the edge And I grew some roots in the talking heads The"
  • We Are One - Freedom Call
    "We search a golden land So far away from home We ride until the end Into the eye of the storm Glory forever, eternity endeavour Shades of darkness, for all the fallen heroes Fly over seven seas Go where"
  • Co - Ascetoholix
    "Tak jest... jak woda z ogniem, wróg z wrogiem, my i ekran TV, los się ożywił i dziś mnie to nie dziwi. Nikt z nas się nie oliwił żeby ktoś nam piątkę przybił, rap wycelował w nas, nie chybił. Gramy pierwszy"
  • Co - Peja
    "(Gościnnie Da Blaze) Coś we mnie ciąży w głowie dzieje się wciąż Tybit bardzo dobrze znany drąży mózg wypalonyto kawałek hardcore'u głowy wytężnej zatembo strzelam słowami jak poganiacz niewolników batemzatem"
  • We Are The One - Avengers
    "We are the leaders of tomorrow. We are the ones to have the fun. We want control. We want the power. Not gonna stop until it comes. (chorus) We are not Jesus Christ. We are not fascist pigs. We are not"

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