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we are young some night

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we are young some night

  • We Are Young - The Moffatts
    "Do you remember me, cause I remember you I was a little scared I never knew what I could do It was like a light In the middle of the night when I realized That fear was something I could lose I'll never"
  • We are young - McFly
    "Listen We got a situation; we're always putting us down We are the generation, can't keep us underground Is it my imagination, or do you feel good? We're on a one way mission; we should take it all night,"
  • We Are Young - Little Mix
    "Jesy: Tonight All: We are young Jade: So let's set the world All: on fire Perrie: We can burn All: brighter , than the sun Perrie: Give me a second I, I need to get my story straight My friends are"
  • Some Days Are Long - Holly Throsby
    "All these times behind us they go on by so fast We like this fine old house around us Look at how it lasts, just like us it lasts So I hold on to you 'cause I get so frightened that I just can't get"
  • Night Is Still Young - Billy Joel
    "Come out Virginia, don't let me wait You Catholic girls start much too late Ah but sooner or later it comes down to fate I might as well, will be the one Well they showed you a statue and told you to pray They"
  • We Are Young - 3OH!3
    "Windows down Pedal to the sneakers Turn up the volume Blow out the speakers Best clothes on Goin' down on fire Turn the lights off Turn the music higher I broke free, castaway Won't find me And now your"
  • Young - Chesney Kenny
    "Chesney Kenny No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems Young Looking back now, well it makes me laugh We were growin our hair, we were cuttin' class Knew it all already, there was nothing to learn We were strikin'"
  • Young - Kenny Chesney
    "Lookin back now, well it makes me laugh, we were growin our hair, we were cuttin' class, knew it all already there was nothing to learn, we were strikin' matches just to watch 'em burn. Listen to"
  • Young  - Kenny Chesney
    "Looking back now, well it makes me laugh We were growin our hair, we were cuttin' class Knew it all already, there was nothing to learn We were strikin' matches just to watch 'em burn Listen to our"
  • Night Is Young - Love Like Blood
  • Night Is Young - Nelly Furtado
    "Visions of you Visions of me Everything we wanted I wanna be frozen in time Forever in this moment How you wanna be? What you wanna do? Don't you know you make me feel So alive What you wanna do? What"
  • We Are Young (feat. Janelle Monáe) - Fun.
    "Girl give me a second I, I need to get my story straight My friends are in the bathroom getting higher than the Empire State My lover she’s waiting for me just across the bar My seat’s been taken by some"
  • Stay Young - We The Kings
    "Let's burn our dreams into the skyline tattoo our sweat in tears forever you and I hold your breath till we cross the sundown this is the moment time is racing slow it down cause you, a feeling i can't"
  • Young Country - Hank Williams Jr.
    "we are young contry, we are the pride the sons and the daughters of American live our hair is not orange, we don't wear chains and spikes but we know how to have fun, come Saturday night we know what's"
  • Young Nation - Aaliyah
    "Young nation under a groove Keeping it smooth with a jazz attitude Young nation under a groove, Keeping it smooth As I'm strolling down the block with really nothing on my mind Laid back and I'm just"
  • We Are The Young - Dan Hartman
    "We're the ones With the runaway eyes We're the ones Who can improvise Give us room And a hot situation We believe in Positive stimulation (We are the young) We are the young With the modern attitude Breaking"
  • Young ladies - Guru
    "featuring Big Shug, Kool Keith, Patra Yah this is the real vibes OK? To all the man and the 'oman dem out there This the word The original jazz and the reggae vibe Yah watch this ( Young ladies, fly"
  • Young Love - Nature
    "When you thought it was no love It's always love around the world When you think it's no war It's always war (Verse 1) Ayo, ayo I almost got caught by this young bitch, a dumb bitch I offered her ones,"
  • Young Man - James Young
    "People say with age there comes experience But answers seem more distant every day The good news and the bad news come together What politician played this trick you say? Who can we get to win the fight? A"
  • We are young (Deutsche) - The Moffatts
    "Erinnerst du dich an mich, wie ich mich an dich erinnere? Ich hatte ein bisschen Angst, ich wusste nie was ich machen konnte. Es war wie ein Licht, mitten in der Nacht, als ich realisiert habe, dass Angst"

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