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we can't dance

  • Why Can't We Just Dance? - Stacy Keibler
    "Don't you just wanna dance? Talking forever,but at least we're together. Wanting to be with you more and more. Isn't it time to go to the flo-or. (--::chorus::--) Dance Why can't we just dance"
  • You Can't Dance - Ricky Nelson
    "Playin' in a bar We were tryin' to get up They kept pullin' us down Said we loved the sound If you could just play somethin' we could dance to Play us another one Like the other ones Like the ones on"
  • I can't dance - Basslovers United
    "I. I'm a sexy girl, I'm a little pearl Workin' in my club and listen to the dub But boys watch out, I'm slowly getting out I'm more than just a toy, listen to me boy I can't dance with all your eyes All"
  • I can't dance - Hall Tom T
    "I can't dance and I never could, I guess my feet don't matchI've been thinking 'bout dancing with you, but I'm afraid of hurtin' my backI don't know what you're doing but I like everything you doJust for"
  • I Can't Dance - Tom T. Hall
    "I can't dance and I never could, I guess my feet don't match I've been thinking 'bout dancing with you, but I'm afraid of hurtin' my back I don't know what you're doing but I like everything you do Just"
  • I Can't Dance - Ricochet
    "She don't have to fake it That girl was born to shake it Stompin' on the hardwood floor Like she's gonna break it She's the main attraction How can I get in on the action Well there's only one way to get"
  • Dance - Darin
    "Girl I can't help myself I'm stuck on the view I like the way you do The tricks that you do You're flirting with the music Like it's your boo Got me lost in my fantasy Picturing you and me It's been a"
  • Dance - Giuffria
    "Hey Mac, pour me a jack, it's been a long, long day. Lady Luck dealt me some bucks. I'm gonna drink the night away. Say bye bye, no more nine to five, I did my time. So turn me loose, I got the juice. I'm"
  • Dance Dance Dance - Mary Mary
    "Chorus: Maybe you don't understand Why I gotta dance There was something had me down But it's over now I'm gonna throw my hands up Wave 'em all in the air 'Cause all I wanna do is Dance dance dance They"
  • Dance - Backstreet Boys
    "I saw you pull to the back And roll with the cream in the back I look at you, you look right back Like you wanna get funky I hit the bar, buy you a drink Feel you out to see how you think It's do or die,"
  • Dance - Rye Rye
    "Walk up in this party, I'm feelin' naughty I might hit the dance floor and freak up on somebody Don't know what I'm sayin', sayin', sayin', sayin', sayin', sayin' So you can put it into dance, dance, dance,"
  • We Can Dance - Excellence
    "We can dance We can boogie all night No more working 9 to 5 I hit the shower getting ready for tonight We're goin' out The club is jumpin' up and down Up and down I was ready around 10 My girl Sarah picked"
  • We Can Dance - Bon Jovi
    "I thought miracles were make believe It's hard to hold what you can't see I find the faith I need Every morning when you wake up next to me If all the shit we take for granted Took our train and left us"
  • We Can Dance - Silkk The Shocker
    "SILKK THE SHOCKER LYRICS "We Can Dance" Oh yeah, Don't think we making ends We down to get our feet dirty Do you wanna dance Do you wanna dance Do you wanna dance (nigga) I told you niggaz (gunshots) The"
  • We Don't Dance - Hopeless
    "Naw we don't dance We gangsta lean Get slapped up quick Sex machine You can't touch us Now come and love me now Come and love me now We point the fingers Away from the mirrors It may take several Or"
  • Dance dance - Thalia
    "Something's got control of me Feels like I'm in a trance Electricity runs through me Makes me wanna dance Take me in your arms 'Cause I wanna dance all night with you When you move I feel your magic running"
  • Dance - Chic
    "The Deal >From the Musical Chess -The American Communist, democrat An intriguing collusion Fair exchange - tit for tat Comradeship in profusion And the appeal, partner Of this deal, partner Is we all stand"
  • We Still Dance - Tickle Me Pink
    "When I gaze into those pearly blues, the dried up piece that I once knew, haunts me from our past. It's like a sickness that you can't delude. There's nothing more to hold onto, but the memory's fading"
    "I talk a lot of shit when I'm drinking baby I'm known to go a little too fast Don't mind all my friends I know they're all crazy But they're the only friends that I have I know I don't know you but I'd"
  • Shall We Dance? - Lee Hyori
    "waenji gulridamyeon nae namja yehgeh nal bilryeo dalla milhae jashin itdanundut narur gon nehjunun gurur igyeobwabwa ijen sonul jabgo nega gunundaero hamkkeh chumul chwobwa ee umaki nehgen yuilhan gihwaeyah narur"

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