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we cant find out

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we cant find out

  • Find Out - Aceyalone
    "party people, your dream have now been fulfilled get out your seats and lets get ill well its time for underground flavor hip hop make ya change yo behavior Now for you rock-n-roll heads or you ravers You"
  • If i cant find the words - Ronan Keating
    "If I cant find the wordsOh oh oh ohWaitin for this feelinThat Im drownin in to subsideYou make me swim like a beginnerLike Im new at lifeAnd all these words dont come easyNo they always seem to stallThere"
  • Find Out - The Connells
    "You're thinking everybody needs to know What sets you so far apart. On a hunch I think I could show But we'll let you keep the part. You gotta pull it off When we least expect it. Really need to see"
  • Find Out - Connells
    "You're thinking everybody needs to know What sets you so far apart. On a hunch I think I could show But we'll let you keep the part. You gotta pull it off When we least expect it. Really need to"
  • Find out - Irish Celebration
    "Youre thinking everybody needs to knowWhat sets you so far apart.On a hunch I think I could showBut well let you keep the part.You gotta pull it offWhen we least expect it.Really need to see your face"
  • Why Cant We Get Along - 112
    "*Verse 1* is it me.. who'll never comprimise, wanna see things thru my eyes.. which means it's my way or is it you.. who's always shutting down, never wanting to talk about, the problems we got. or is"
  • You Cant Hurry Love - Diana Ross & The Supremes
    "You Keep Me Hangin' On Artists: The Supremes (peak Billboard position #1 in 1966) Words and Music by Lamont Dozier, Brian Holland, and Eddie Holland Set me free why doncha babe Get out of my life why doncha"
  • Let's Find Out - John Berry
    "How much woman can one man take Can I be more loved than I am right now Can we go for broke and our hearts not break Oh I don't know but let's find out How much dreamin' can one man do And every dream"
  • I Can Hear You But I Cant See You - Swing Out Sister
    "(Swing Out Sister) Here and now Cold as the light of day Seems like life slipped away Like tears in the rain What each heart had in store Isn't there anymore And no-one seems to know what it is they're"
  • Oye ni canto - Gloria Estefan
    "Take me... only for what I am You've got a right to speak your mind You've gotta take a stand No one... has the right to say This is right or that is wrong It isn't just one way Find common ground Go in"
  • I Cant Explain - Starmaker
    "There's a silence it's growing Between us seems both you and I know The words unspoken The questions hanging in the air now I can't see how we're getting anywhere There's a line between love And something"
  • Cant Hide Love - Earth, Wind & Fire
    "you know it's true, but you try to hide You turn down love like it's really bad You can't give what you never had Well bless your soul, you can fool a few But, I know the truth and so do you You"
  • Gonna Find Love - Billy Gilman
    "hey girl take the wheel, i cant drive anymore what i want is to park this car when im with you and wait til the cops come around gonna find love if we keep this up cant stop, we feel the rush if we keep"
  • Find A Way - Big Brovaz
    "Man Im so broke it aint a joke Some people got rims I got spokes Im working with change they got notes And I dont know how much longer I can cope Im about to fall over the edge Im in deep way over my head When"
  • Find My Way - Lil' Flip
    "(feat. Robin Andre) Tell me why I cant see where I'm goin No When everybody else sees Where I'm comin from And I don't know why I travel down these dead end roads I gotta turn this car around and find"
  • Still Cant Find The Phone - Gene
    "Onwards to the city Where new money awaits Far further from the clatter Of your past life's mistakes I've seen this all before I know what can happen When you're honest and true It's too late to change"
  • Don't You Wanna Find Out - The Pigeon Detectives
    "They say we look pretty good together, Well, don't you wanna find out, don't you wanna find out, I know you think you're oh so clever, Well, soon you're gonna find out, soon you're gonna find out. That"
  • Cant Get Enough Of Your Love - Barry White
    "Ooh...ooh...ooh...ooh...ooh...ooh...ooh...ooh...ooh... Ooh...ooh...ooh...ooh...ooh...ooh...ooh...ooh...ooh... Oh, we, oh, we better try Try to get ourselves together, baby Oh, girl, I swear Ive got"
  • Find Out - Porter Wagoner
    "Find out find out after you find out how true love is to find Then you'll come back and be happy with mine Someone filled your darling's head with story About how greener grass grows somewhere else And"
  • Find Out - Big D And The Kids Table
    "i gotta find out why i'm sticking around i gotta find out why i'm always being pushed down, i gotta find out (get out, get out) i gotta find out (get out, get out) i gotta try and find a friend i gotta"

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