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we find love

  • Find love - Mans Zelmerlow
    "Trying hard to make it through the day I wish we could be okay,okay yeah. I hope this feeling fades away I can't hide it. I told you we would find a way I lied and said it's okay,okay yeah. Pretending"
  • Find Love - Shawn Mullins
    "Stop regretting all the years inside your head Not forgetting there's some truth to what you said And you know now that I gotta keep rollin' on Here we go now We're driving through another dawn Someday"
  • The Day We Find Love - 911
    "Don't you worry, I don't mean to make you sad My tears will soon be over With your conscience clear for a new life ahead Don't be sorry, I really need to hear the truth But the only thing I'm asking, 'cos"
  • All We Ever Find - Tim McGraw
    "Say exactly how you feel Right now you're free to say it all There is no one here to judge you I only love you You're free to close your eyes and fall You can trust me, this is real Say exactly how you"
  • Gonna Find Love - Billy Gilman
    "hey girl take the wheel, i cant drive anymore what i want is to park this car when im with you and wait til the cops come around gonna find love if we keep this up cant stop, we feel the rush if we keep"
  • Search Find - Bee Gees
    "Don't let the day keep movin' on with tears and pride They hide the sun Look to the road that lies ahead I'm turnin' to the dream we left to die Dyin' alone, cry for the moment you passed me by Baby I"
  • Search, Find - Bee Gees
    "Don't let the day keep movin' on with tears and pride they hide the sun Look to the road that lies ahead I'm turning to the dream we left to die Dying alone, cry for the moment you passed me by Baby I"
  • Find Me - Graham Colton Band
    "There's no more incense burning in the room There's no more suspense before we touch And all the time spent to make you happy And all I find then is what I wanted was You and only you I try to say good"
  • Never Find - Jah Cure
    "Tadatadatada Tadatadatadadadadad, yeah Cure again Come to give you more again Yeaah heey You'll never find No one in this lifetime to love you like I do So never mind Things that people say that I'll"
  • One Find - Jason Mraz
    "One (...) going down, And then you slipped away, One stop at a time (out of town), We'll meet again someday. Cause I, I believe in love, I still wish on, Stars above, I believe in love songs, Yes, I think"
  • Find Me - David Gates
    "The skies are not as blue, when you're not with me The stars, they never seem to shine as bright And the hours crack like days across the ages And a year or two pass by with every night. It makes me know"
  • Find me - TeZATalks
    "Theres no rules to how death may come find me I ain't scared I just feel like that time is running out so i can’t stop for no one will someone press pause and kindly remind me Theres no rules Lost I"
  • Find Away - A Tribe Called Quest
    "Now you caught me heart for the evening Kissed my cheek, moved in, you confuse things Should I just sit out or come harder? Help me find my way Messing me up, my whole head Teasing me, just like Tisha"
  • Find - Lifetime
    "Take me to a place where i know i belong take away my anger and replace my hate with love find my reason hiding behind my second skin find what is pushing me, it starts from deep within take apart my insides"
  • Don’t Find Another Love - Tegan & Sara
    "Won't you tell me what you want from me Don't you know that I'd walk across the sea Just to be with you Just to see it through You can find me on the extra night You could talk me off the ledge tonight If"
  • Love Will Find Away - Heather Headley
    "GIRL: In a perfect world one we've never known we would never need to face the world alone They can have their world or create a home I may not be brave or strong or smart But somewhere in my secret heart I"
  • You'll Find Better Love - Tim McGraw
    "When all our tears have reached the sea Part of you will live in me Way down deep inside my heart The days keep coming without fail No wind is gonna find your sail That's where your journey starts *Chorus* You'll"
  • Somebody find a new love - Dave Clark Five
    "Somebody help me find a new love Somebody help me find it soon Somebody help me find a true love 'Cause your love's grown so cold No use you sayin' you still want me The love we had faded away I don't"
  • Love Can Find A Way - Man
    "So you think you're pretty swell my friend You must have known our time would come to an end People always have to wait just to see If parting brings the opportunity To live life, only, no strife Love"
  • Love Will Find A Way - Bardot
    "Bardot Play It Like That Love Will Find A Way Thanks to michael2001_@hotmail.com for these lyrics. Picture walking, a dusty road Summer breeze on my body flows Dreaming of a blue horizon Meet me where"

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