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we have cake to make litwa 2014');

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we have cake to make litwa 2014');

  • Cake - Mojo Stuck
    "Never liked Dr. Seuss, Mother Goose. Listen to the old school to get loose. Don't write simple riddles to make you giggle, came to throw down make your ass wiggle. As Sir Nose, he said he'll never swim, but"
  • Cake - Pete Rock
    "I'm all about makin it happen can it steady yappin cheddas stack cap I get it crackin bringin the action center of attraction late night on the creep trashin mashin on the party crashin rap with a passion not"
  • Cake - Lloyd Banks
    "(R&B Sample) (Money, money, money, money, Cake!) I need the cake nigga! Verse 1: Lloyd Banks] (*R&B Sample) The unit don't play (Uh Uh!) we rap but we strapped (Yep!) Buck got the shotgun 50 got the"
  • Cake - Finger Eleven
    "I know you won't forget the days. I know you'll never let them live down the days, When they, they make you feel their pain. And you will never, never forgive it. It must have been so hard for you, Why"
  • 2014 - Tha Alkaholiks
    "The year is 2004, people talk about war I had to hit the floor when the bombs began to pour Ten minutes ago I was mad cause my stomach was grumbling Now the whole world is crumbling I hear people scream"
  • Cake & Ice Cream - Tank
    "Haha Ungh! Once a-muthafuckin-gain, me an my nigga Silkk We gon' show y'all how we mobb No Limit for life, how we do this shit West Coast style nigga, from down South, to the muthafuckin hills Y'all"
  • Wedding Cake - Connie Smith
    "Don't be troubled bout me cause I'm tired From working round the house when day is done Don't think you've failed cause you can't afford That dishwasher to make my life more fun You know the measure of"
  • The Cake  - Lloyd Banks
    "(feat. 50 Cent) I Need The Cake Nigga G Unit Dont Play We Rap But We Strapped Buck Got The Shotgun 50 Got The Mack Spida Got The Sweeper And U Bound To Hear It Clap U Wont Have Another Birthday"
  • Disaster Cake - Cher
    "If you're gonna make an omelette You gotta break an egg You wanna be in showbiz Then you gotta break a leg Babe you're heading on a journey I hate to see you make Cause the only food they sell there Is"
  • Birthday Cake - Cibo Matto
    "Shut up and eat! Too bad, no bon appetit! Shut up and eat! You know my love is sweet! Yes, I'm cooking for my son and his wife It's his 30th birthday Pour berries into my bowl Add milk of two months ago "It's"
  • Birthday Cake - Venus Diode
    "Well hello, my name is Captain Symmetry, and I would like to welcome you to my party. To the left, a door with 70 snakes in it, to the right, well... Please help me cut my baby's cut hand. This ship"
    "I had a feeling that I wanna go loud Make my move and let it all get out I got a feeling that I wanna go wild Take my hand, Baby I got all night Take me now, you know I want you Hold me now, cause I can't"
  • Discoteque (Litwa, Eurovision 2021) - THE ROOP
    "Ok I feel the rhythm Something’s going on here The music flows through my veins It’s taking over me It’s slowly kickin’ in My eyes are blinking And i don’t know what is happening I can’t control it Don’t"
  • Real Girls Eat Cake - The Janoskians
    "Hey girl, I see you made an effort with your lipstick, But you got some on your teeth You fucking dipshit, You’re like a hot mess and I like it (yeah, yeah, yeah). Let’s go, When we go out we make a great"
  • Warriors (2014 World Championship) - Imagine Dragons
    "As a child, you would wait And watch from far away. But you always knew that you'll be the one that work while they all play. In youth, you’d lay, awake at night and scheme of all the things you that"
  • Cake Is Love - Puffy AmiYumi
    "La la la la Itsumo sasoi wa terefon kooru Deito no basho wa doraibuin Futari de suwaru suiito haato bokkusu Mado no katachi wa remonpai Anata wa hieta meron juusu Doresu no mune ni fanshii roozu Futari"
  • The Wedding Cake - Connie Francis
    "Don't be troubled 'bout me cause I'm tired From workin' 'round the house When day is done Don't think you failed me cause you can't afford That dishwasher to make my life more fun You know, the measure"
  • The Wedding Cake - Riley Jeannie C
    "Don't be troubled 'bout me cause I'm tired From workin' 'round the house When day is done Don't think you failed me cause you can't afford That dishwasher to make my life more fun You know, the measure"
  • Here On Earth (I'll Have My Cake) - Crash Test Dummies
    "Some folks say that life is just a veil of tears Not me man I can't pack enough into these years I don't care if it's spring summer winter or fall Make no fuss about the seasons, 'cause I like 'em all Here"
  • 2014 - God Dethroned
    "In 2014 they take the world by storm.We don't know who they are, but they'll come that's for sure.2014The dawning of a new day.Take the world by storm.All is lost and gone.There's story in the bible, it's"

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