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  • NBA - Joe Budden
    "Shoulda never put me on this beat Okay, yeah, normal baller We back on tizzy, on top Jump Off, Dub B, Jersey Stand up GO! Jump off you rap guys is a joke I'm here to take the scoring title without the"
  • NBA Superstar - Kool Keith
    ""And the Rockets in the penalty, and that's one of the things we talked about earlier. For a guy who you can see now is one of the greatest stars of the league, he is such a team first player, and such"
  • NBA live 2004 - Twista
    "Yeah, y'all ready to ball, are y'all really ready to ball? It's the Twista, EA Sports 2004, NBA Live And you know how it go down, check it You think you're too cold but I Think you need to go and grab"
  • Nba On Nbc - Chamillionaire
    "Play it..gon' break em' off something -Uh Treat me like a lawyer, the next time that you wanna book yo show 'cause if you didn't send me my dough I'ma be a no-show Slow-mo, you get screwed by ya label"
  • Nba - Jin
    "Uh Jin I treat this rap shit sorta like the NBA Everytime I spit a rhyme is like shootin' a jay F**k that scholarship shit my flow gotta be set Straight outta highschool numba one lottery pick I know the"
  • Turn It Up (NBA Remix) - Chamillionaire
    "(feat. Lil' Flip) Yeah! It's the name they say is running the game Chamilitary remain Flip in the building! Go ahead and hand over the torch Super producer Scott Storch And of course I'ma"
  • N.B.A. - Kool Keith
    "Yeah.. a message to the N.B.A. ("well that's alright") The National, Basketball, Association We begin ("well that's alright") Your man is a tourin nigga, six-foot-eight floss nigga who carries champagne"
  • It's In The Game (Nba Live 2003) - Fabolous
    "Yeah... DJ Clue...Dessert Storm...EA Sports...Come on NBA Live...2003... Fabolous...Who Gon' Stop Me!!? I hoop with the best of them swooped up the chest of them dunked on a bunch caught ali-oops"
  • We dwoje - 2sty
    "75 kilo wagi Pytają skąd ta ksywa No bywa Widocznie ktoś was tu wykiwał Kto? Bez wskazywania palcem I wyciągania blach Jak nie ja ot kto Jak nie ty to pewnie ja! Pierdole krople na szybach Bo to za mało"
  • We Got - Ludacris
    "(feat. Chingy, I-20, Tity Boi) DTP we got them guns that go... Yea I'm all about that pistol playa, cold blooded killa Niggaz recognize my name, I dub the young dealer You better tell ya man that"
  • We Got - Disturbing Tha Peace
    "I-20 Yeah, I'm on tha block that pistol-play a cold blooded killa/ n*ggas recognize my name/ I-dub, tha young dealer/ you better tell ya' man that wit' tha guages I'm nice/ I'll shoot up ya'll white"
  • We Made It - Juice
    "(Juice speaking) "They say there is no hope for the young generation. I beg to differ. I feel like we gon' go there, you know. You all just got to trust us. It's like they don't trust us. When you think"
  • Roll How We Roll - Master P
    "(feat. Afficial) Yall niggas can't roll how we roll Live how we live stroll how we stroll Yall niggas can't roll how we roll Live how we live stroll how we stroll I got a mansion in the hills"
  • We - Joy Williams
    "She's independent and beautiful Wish I could be like her She's got the girls and the boys So wrapped around her finger Rumor is she's some kind of dream Nobody knows she cries herself to sleep We are not"
  • We - Sum 41
    "Take everything left from meAll!To!Blame!How can we still succeed, taking what we don't need?Telling lies, alibis, selling all the hate that we breed.Supersize our tragedy! (You can't define me or justify"
  • We - Jan Howard
    "We walked the warm streets of Florida with sand in our pockets lots of times Walked the cold streets of New York with two guitars and a tin cup just for dimes We spent one winter in Winnipeg a summer in"
  • We - Neil Diamond
    "Love is all about chemistry Isn't something you go off to school to learn It isn't math or ancient history It's the kind of thing that comes down to simple terms It's not about you It's not about me Love"
  • We - Home Video
    "You've come so far, weary child We can feel the ache in your bones You've been dragging so long They never spoke your tongue We will shelter you There will be no more ridicule We will love you"
  • We - Sanctus Real
    "There's a familiar progression to similar lives that we all lead We're trying hard to become someone we can't be You won't find grace without honesty Everyone wants reality, so here it is; I believe that"
  • We - Silence 4
    "She doesn't know how much she helped me to grow And the words are lost in my mouth She taught me to look inside myself and she Doesn't know how much I hurt myself She and Me Me and She We aren't we Anymore She"

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