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we need just fall thaat

  • We Fall, We Fall - Dead Celebrity Status
    "(Young Girls) We Fall, We Fall We Fall, We Fall We Fall, We Fall We Fall, We Fall The harder they come, the harder they fall. The quicker they come, the quicker they crawl. Dead Celeb's coming back with"
  • We Just Need New Stars - Martin Englert
    "One day the dark will take the light to fade our town The world we know will fall the skyline will be gone Now, we play with the physics, there's no limits, We just need new stars! Light can solve"
  • Need - Cindy Morgan
    "Paint me a window so I can seeOver the rainbow inside of meI needHow I needCrimson and clover, wagon and hayThese are some sweet things, so lovely and gayI need How I need'Cause I'm not the strongmanI"
  • We Fall, We Stand - Earshot
    "sometimes I feel like I'm losing it all abused and beat down and thrown to the wall how can they do this to someone at all, something so awful woke up this morning I hoped and I prayed nothing can stop"
  • (We Just Need) Time - Ronan Keating
    "We just need time, we just need time I beg to kiss your heart your hand to kiss your mouth I pray you'll look me in your eye and share your doubts I broke your heart a thousand times, let's work it out"
  • We Fall - Umbrellas
    "I saw you running through the fields Your hair was a mess and your face was wet Your body was trembling The summer's heat made your clothes stick to your skin I just didn't know where to begin I feel like"
  • We Need We - Brandon Hines
    "This is serious I think I love you more than me It doesn't end with us We can build a family Girl I love you much And I know everyone can see Girl you know with me we gon always be together You need"
  • We All Fall Down - Cavo
    "Everything is random, everyone is fake Everything we built will just disintegrate No one will remember, would anybody care If everything around us just disappeared? But don't let them change your mind I'm"
  • Until We Fall In - Amanda Marshall
    "La la la la la la, la la la la yeah owo yeah Every junkie knows the fix won't last Strung out but the keeps on coppin' Every politician with a shady past Hopes a love child don't come knockin' Every alcoholic"
  • We All Need Some Light - Transatlantic
    "Some people think Think they have none They might as well stay down Running in circles Like bulls in a ring 'Til the sword finds it's way down While the creep beats the rap on appeal And the cop who can't"
  • We Need One More Chance - Kitty Wells
    "We drifted far apart from each other but your love it didn't die within my heart You're asking me once more to forgive you I'll give you one more chance and pray that we will never part We need one"
  • Let's Just Fall - Reckless Kelly
    "sirens are screaming i can hear em' coming down hard it's time i was leaving warm up my getaway car i know you'd like me to stay but if i do they'll haul me away i won't go easy after all the time i've"
  • I'll Just Fall - Lucero
    "i think i'll just stay right down here on this floor 'cause if i get back up, i'll only fall down more it ain't the liquor; it ain't the beer that keeps me down it ain't the sad songs or the heartache it"
  • Fall, Fall, Fall - Razorlight
    "Midnights calling Are you close behind? Midnights calling Are you close behind? Trees without leaves and notes that dont ring Wine left to rot and a voice that cant sing And hours of making love in silence And"
  • Fall - Lunik
    "Why do I feel so alone when you're sitting here with me Why do I think that you don't need me anymore We're both feeling so alone I thought nothing would ever be between us but I was wrong Now hold your"
  • Need - Anything Box
    "Anything Box Elektrodelica Need (claude s.) All i need is under the spell of words, Always there, trying to remind me of What and who i am... All i need is high on the sea of stars, Shining down,"
  • Fall - Over It
    "Were we just broken-hearted when we spent, the night under the stars? Seemingly, your eyes focus on me and I wish that I could be... between all these lines the print is way to fine to read could we"
  • Fall - Get Over It
    "Were we just broken - hearted when we spent, The night under the stars? Seemingly, your Eyes focus on me and I wish that I could be... Between all these lines The print is way to fine to read Could we"
  • Fall - Slipknot
    "Talk to me Can you listen to me now Do you understand Can you identify? But it's as if you seem to make a small effort But you bend you're bending my mind and you try to suffocate And smother me Covered"
  • Fall - Buckcherry
    "Maybe I am lost and complicated, tell me are you sick of it at all, tied down, tore up, threw up, held up, sinking, you take me with you even though your done Loving you gave me a heart attack, now"

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