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we run the night

  • Night run - UFO
    "Love me tender, love me true Oooh baby what a song could do We were sharp like needles in the dark, no question mark My friend Billy was one of a kind Growin' up and runnin' wild We could take a sunset"
  • We Run - Shawn Mullins
    "In the town that Iwas born in There rides a boy and a girl in love And the answer came without warning Just like an angel from heaven above They run down moreland into the neon night They left the others"
  • Run - Diamond Head
    "The dogs are howling and the night is black enough to touch So hold up that fire burning flame of love And when the darkness comes like it does for us all You'd better run to my world And we'll never come"
  • Run - Dropbox
    "Well on my way I smell the rain Rumblins of a storm The cowards will run The warchild will fight Theyll bring the world to its knees How will I know Where will we go from here Ill tell you its not what"
  • Run - Cappadonna
    "Where you goin? Aren't you scared we'll get you? Look for me all you want, you're not going to find me Crack backs, heavy on the cash, all night at the drug site, we hung tight 3:00 in the night, ounces"
  • We Run The Night (Ft. Pitbull) - Havana Brown
    "When the sun goes down down down down Boy you’re afraid of die die And when the lights go out out out out Tell me do you know where to start. And when the gets loud loud loud That is when i feel apart And"
  • We Can Run - The Grateful Dead
    "We don't own this place, though we act as if we did, It's a loan from the children of our children's kids. The actual owners haven't even been born yet. Bur we never tend the garden and rarely we pay"
  • Run All Night - Rachael Cantu
    "follow me down to the parlor lets have another drink and lift those heavy eyelids my dear you don't need that much sleep and you know it's alright when you look me in the eye so stay with me 'til the"
  • Run By Night - Midnight Oil
    "I'm on the whiskey flying, and I'll run by night I'm on the whiskey running, and I'll run by night I'm on the winter cycle, shut my eyes to the bite I'm on the winter cycle, shake my fist at the bite I'm"
  • We Won't Run - Sarah Blasko
    "Pages turning Lights are burning See what you could not see It's plain as the day The night makes you pay For what was hidden underneath Longing to leave But begging to feel that Something will make you"
  • We Run This - Missy Elliott
    "My style cant be duplicated or recycled This chick is a sick individual Sick tape vol. 2 Believe it Ho Ho Let me switch up the game I drink that cognac Step back cause I might put it on ya I go"
  • We Can Run - Grateful Dead
    "We don't own this place, though we act as if we did, It's a loan from the children of our children's kids. The actual owners haven't even been born yet. Bur we never tend the garden and rarely we pay"
  • Run - Pat Green
    "Finally free Finally gone Finally breathing again Finally back on my own Well, I'm finally here in an otherwise empty room Where there's no one here to tear me all apart Tonight I'm going out and going"
  • Run Through The Night - Accept
    "After all we've done - our past is gone Future is no more - what it used to be When we have been more sensible And our world was safe I'm living in this empty room A room without a door I run through"
  • We Run - Sugarland
    "Snake oil and roses, pockets of dirt Hand of a fortune teller's song Young love shaking the earth Like a heart shot out of a gun Lips like gravity, pull me under Reckless weather on his breath Smells"
  • Run Jeannie Run - Jeannie C. Riley
    "I was born a way back in the hills in a shack the oldest child of ten On one hot and sultry day mama got sick and passed away Givin' birth to baby brother Ben I stood there and I cried as I watched my"
  • Run, Run, Run - The Supremes
    "(Brian Holland/Lamont Dozier/Edward Holland, Jr.) Girls, gather 'round me And hear the news He finally kissed me Oh, happy days My heart's gotta shout it I'll get my diary And write about it Well as"
  • Run - The Kinks
    "Remember how we used to laugh away those hours We would spend. We thought they'd last forever. Oh, Though I must go, I know the pain I leave, But oh, These things will change, 'Cause nothing last forever."
  • Tha Way We Run It - Mc Eiht
    "(feat. B-Real) Geah One two One two (check it out) One two One two (check it out) Uh I put years in this shit struggled to build the empire Just another brick in the wall you fall tired Who will be"
  • Run - Silkk The Shocker
    "(Silkk the Shocker) Hoody Hoo(gun shot) (Chorus) Run, run, run, run, run When you see us wit them guns niggas better fuckin' run Run, run, run, run I don't give a fuck where you from, when you see us,"

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