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we stand nickelback

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we stand nickelback

  • We Stand - All That Remains
    "As if this could change us Our roots are deeper than that Born and bred the masters of Ourselves And of our hearts Take the best of me and Watch my world fall apart Still I remain steadfast in my"
  • Stand - Richie Kotzen
    "We all carry the cross and speak what we're taught Lies and money become the white man's god We've burned all our bridges one too many times The time has come now to draw the line You know you've got"
  • Stand - Petra
    "you had a blank stare-there in your easy chair you watched as things got out of hand but now your eyes blink and you begin to think of what could happen if you stand you think about the ground you might"
  • Stand - Poison
    "We all carry the cross and speak what we're taught Lies and money become the white man's god We've burned all our bridges one too many times The time has come now to draw the line Chorus: You know you've"
  • Stand - Matthew West
    "It was an ordinary morning At the school upon the hill The sun was slowly rising The flag was standing still And the students were rushing To face anoter day But in the middle of the madness There"
  • Stand - Alice Cooper
    "Yeah Stand Up Ha? What do you believe in? Ha? Yeah Stand Up Aha C'mon Just a face in the crowd Feelin' lost, down and out (Can you hear me now) Millions more just like you Afraid to do what they wanna"
  • Stand - Machinae Supremacy
    "We stand by our ways It is not just a game that we play Now you have forced our hand Right here we make our stand These walls can't keep us in (no matter what has been) This fight burns under my skin Our"
  • Stand - Santana
    "Love brings a change I wanna take a chance And let it grow I trust my feelings I wanna be with you Wherever you go Oh baby We're more than friends So precious it should never end Oh baby Can't help but"
  • Stand - Monday Morning
    "The restless wander never staying to weather through it all they're lost to question their soul direction the stones they run to fall never looking over a fading shoulder to see just what's become"
  • Stand - Kottonmouth Kings
    "If you dont stand, stand up for something Then you will fall, youll fall for anything, yeah Lifes kinda funny man Little crush you hear like this beer can Youll stop your soul and watch you blow away,"
  • Stand - Dechant Anne E
    "In the hallway of Roosevelt High School Michael and Susan arm and arm Nobody looked for nothing different Nobody looked for nothing new We thought they'd never fade But time it turns a page Family business"
  • Stand - Candlebox
    "Hey is there something you've got on your mind Can you speak a little bit louder Just wait listen close to these words and you'll find It gets harder to swallow their lies Stay all they ask is you follow"
  • Stand - Da T.R.U.T.H.
    "(feat. Flame & Lecrae) (Chorus) We gotta live it- oh If we don't live it- oh Then who's gonna live it- oh Stand for the truth- shawty We gotta walk it- oh If we don't walk it- oh Then who's gonna"
  • Stand - Meredith Brooks
    "I search through my mind And it's hard trying to find Words that we haven't said To tame the thoughts in your head I can only promise you That I will see this through Chorus You can count on me, you"
  • Stand - Bebo Norman
    "I'm walking in an open field looking for some space to fill I believe there's something left to hold So even when the sun goes down and there's no one around I'm standing in the freedom of my soul And"
  • Stand - Rebecca St. James
    "There is a time for healing There's a time for all purposes under the sun There's a time for laughter There's a time to let go and a time to hold on So we are here, but why are we waiting Why are we acting"
  • Stand - Kim Mitchell
    "We came here for some moral ground Too much quicksand in the shallow land We're in here and it's sunny and clear Sometimes it all gets so scratchy When the real world gives you an itch And yer due"
  • Stand - Kashmir
    "to stand, and walk again to forgive, and make amends we gain and share the trust we so sincerely wished would never add, until we stood and walked again we forgave, and made our love revive that would"
  • Stand - Jewel
    "Walk in a corner shop See a shoplifting cop See the old lady with a gun See the hero try to run Nothing's what it seems, I mean It's not all dirty, but it's not all clean There's children paying bills There's"
  • Stand - Quindon Tarver
    "Walk in a Corner ShopSee a Shoplifting CopSee the Old Lady With a GunSee the Hero Try 2 RunNothing's What It Seems, I MeanIt's Not All Dirty, But It's Not All CleanThere's Children Paying BillsThere's"

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