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we wanted to find the future

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we wanted to find the future

  • Wanted - OneRepublic
    "she said: “Every time I close my eyes I feel like I could disappear I could overflow and ocean whit a cavalcade of all my tears and I know it sounds dramatic but that’s just how it feels” She said: “I"
  • Wanted - The Style Council
    "There's a girl in my office She keeps on stopping Right in front of my eyes Though I try and try I can't hide anymore Letting my feelings speak for me But when I try to speak My tongue gets weak I stay"
  • Wanted - Halo James
    "(It's all they possess) Some people want to find a place among the rest (It's all that's left) There's a face In the windows of the world There's a voices In the pages of their heart that says I don't"
  • Wanted - Forty Deuce
    "I pick up the telephone and I hear about all that you have done I turn on my television and see what you have become I could say that I'm happy for you, but I I wanna know... How does it feel when you're"
  • Wanted - Magno
    "(*talking*) Yeah, you know how it is to be wanted When you doing your thang, these haters want ya The laws want ya, bitches want ya co-tail niggaz (Hook) My partnas taking shots at, haters sending cops"
  • Wanted - Beanie Sigel
    "Wanted, 100 miles and runnin' Through the rain and the sunnin, when them feed folks comin Keep your head up youngin', gotta keep ya heads up youngin' The streets'll give your head up youngin' Listen, flip"
  • Wanted - Compton's Most Wanted
    "Just like a prisoner, because I'm brown with some black skin A fugitive, running cause I just won't give in. and its hard when it's black on black. Gotta blast another brother trying to scheme on my stack. For"
  • Future Of The Future - Everything But The Girl
    "I wanted everything for a little while Why shouldn't I? I wanted to know what it was like But I pushed you too far I know And you started laying down the law Till I didn't love you any more Now"
  • Future - Khalil x Kehlani x Justin Bieber
    "(It's too easy) Future, such a great future Oh, baby, we'll see what the future holds for us When it's raining, it's pouring, Hw do I always end up the enemy? How do I wake up in the morning? You're"
  • Future - Madonna, Quavo
    "Not everyone is coming to the future, Not everyone is learning from the past Not everyone can come into the future, Not everyone that's here is gonna last (Gonna last) Not everyone is coming to the future,"
  • Future - Jackie Boyz
    "Would you believe me if I told you That I can see into the future I'm not the type to feed you lies I will tell you the truth Fate has brought me to you Oh right. I'm your future I came from a thousand"
  • Future - Urban Dub
    "Let the word spread out like fire Building bridges to unite one blood Let the youth receive and see There's more to life than this tragedy I'm gonna be choosing to survive Refuse to stand aside We lift"
  • Future - Colony 5
    "Tragedies and suffering I hear them scream screaming for help The prophets preach the end of the world only fools believe their words No truth without evidence it's easy to lie who can seek the answers who"
  • Future - Golden Earring
    "You better get out of the line of fireIf you wanna stay aliveI always knew it would take a liarIn this brave new world to surviveIt's gonna happen in the futureIt didn't happen in the pastRule and divide"
  • Never Wanted - Why Store
    "Fly away, take my hand When we leave you'll understand A true belief is hard to find You will see, it just takes time Baby but I never, ever wanted your love Baby but I never, ever wanted your love Slight"
  • Whenever We Wanted - John Mellencamp
    "We weren't afraid of nothing Wasn't nothing we couldn't do She held her breath once for seven minutes And never turned blue She could burn a woman down If she felt she'd been unkind or if she thought"
  • Future - RAMP
    "What is ours... What is ours... Slowly as some actions save quickly man destroys Possibilities to embrace a future joy Crime... Crime... Profits raise inhuman race seller's of our youth Desert seas"
  • Salt Future - Rocket From The Crypt
    "We are the wanted from yesterday's wreckage. We buy what's wasted and sell it back. Dry heaves are boring, I'm sour, let's watch it. Gutless and tasteless, cut it some slack. There'll be time, yeah, there'll"
  • Back To The Future - Futuristic Sex Robotz
    "If my calculations are correct, When this baby hits eighty-eight miles per hour, You're going to see some serious shit. My flows hit you at straight eighty-eight, Miles per hour that's enough to generate, One"
  • Blatz To The Future - Blatz
    "walk through the filth you will find me there needle hanging from my vein I own you I own your emotions i can make you love i can make you hate you are within me you are within me we are one the punk"

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