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we wen falling love

  • Falling - Weeping Willows
    "It seems like we've run out of words of praise There's nothing left for us to say In the beginning there was lust but now The thrill has gone away You had my heart and now I want it back We're nothing"
  • Falling - Angelo Badalamenti
    "Don't let yourself be hurt this time Don't let yourself be hurt this time Then I saw your face Then I saw your smile The sky is still blue The clouds come and go Yet something is different Are we falling"
  • Falling - Julee Cruise
    "Don't let yourself be hurt this time Don't let yourself be hurt this time Then i saw your face Then i saw your smile The sky is still blue The clouds come and go Yet something is different Are we falling"
  • Falling - Leblanc And Carr
    "I think about winter when I was with her and the snow was falling down Warmed by the fire I love being by her When there's no one else around and I'm falling, woah, I'm falling I'm falling in love with"
  • Falling - Ben Kweller
    "Wind is cold alright back in Dallas When neon light from the building Lets you know you're home You'd go way back when If you wanted to be my friend Do you call me I'll understand it's true I don't feel"
  • Falling - Guilty By Association
    "*Verse* Sometimes we have to do things we dont wanna do Like saying goodbye to someone you love, and who loved you It breaks your heart up inside But, you couldn't let it go on, you couldnt hide You try"
  • Falling - Eric Daubney
    ""Falling" Eric Daubney Whatever Turns You On 2006 Eric Daubney, SoundCore Records The night is young The air is cold Thinking about you's Never getting old And even though your gone I'm never letting"
  • Falling - Brooke Hogan
    "I've been around him and i know what he's about. Shining those fancy things but it's not what he's made out of. He takes good care of me and loves me when im down he's my best frienemy and damn he makes"
  • Falling - Montell Jordan
    "(feat. Flesh-N-Bone) Come and feel my thug love baby This feelin'll get you with me It'll drive you oh so crazy Cuz I've been watchin' you lately lady Round and round the world we go To the next show Bless"
  • Falling - Emo Side Project
    "I've had the same dream every night; Me and you on a plane. And I keep waking up before we crash, But right before I do, you whisper We could've had something, We could've had something more than"
  • Falling - Project 86
    "Sold to the man in the back As I rise on his wings And kiss the stars I am king for today King for a day As I sing and dance Watch my soul fray Sold to the man in the backDon't forget... To wash your hands"
  • Falling - Yukmouth
    "Do or Die in this bitch Yes, do this for my soldiers (Do or Die) What? I've had more up and downs then a rollercoaster (what up yo) Shit but we gon ball again What? If I ever stop falling I got so many"
  • Falling - Over The Rhine
    "(Death of a tree)I'll awake to find your lovefalling like leaves to the groundI'll awake to find your lovefalling like leavesyou will look to find me downupon my knees without a soundyou will look to find"
  • Falling - Alesso
    "Right here, right now! Is all we need Relax your mind and set it free Be all you got Be all I see The way you move The way you feel! Look at me I’m fallin’, fallin’ Feelin’ like I’m love blinf Takin’"
  • We Make Love Falling - Rainbirds
    "Don't you notice something different tonight Look here, I took off all my clothes And you may touch me anywhere you like Oooh, everywhere you like me If you are somebody different tonight Than you were"
  • Wen Im Ere - Roll Deep
    "(SCTRACTHY) *chorus* rest in the game, it was bate who was gonna be ere? (eeee heeee) roll deep is the name n were up for awards all year (eeee heeee) wen u get here, haterz wanna end your career but"
  • Uta wena - Kingston Trio
    "Ameniza bala la la, ameniza bala la, la, ameniza bala la, la, ameniza bala la. (Counter melody) Uta wena, uta wena, bawo we the uka da a banto kwakho. Waba dala, waba dala baba bini, bayindo da ne nha"
  • Falling For You - Mortal Love
    "As the signs grow stronger And our fate clearer Take no precautions Follow your leader As our love grows deeper And we fill each other Still admire the darkness Let it become larger As life drifts further Our"
  • Falling on love - Irene Cara
    "Falling in love is just the sort of thingThat we should doLike actors on a stageLet's take our cueAnd fall in loveFalling in love is just the sort of thingI had in mindMy feelings seek the wordsThat can"
  • Falling In Love - Cigarettes After Sex
    "when i hold you close to me I could always see a house by the ocean and last night I could hear the waves as I heard you say: “All that I want is to be yours” falling in love falling in love deeper that"

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