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wearing the inside out

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wearing the inside out

  • Wearing The Inside Out - David Gilmour
    "From morning to night I stayed out of sight Didn't recognize I'd become No more than alive I'd barely survive In a word...overrun Won't hear a sound From my mouth I've spent too long On the inside out My"
  • Wearing The Inside Out - Pink Floyd
    "From morning to night I stayed out of sight Didn't recognize I'd become No more than alive I'd barely survive In a word...overrun Won't hear a sound From my mouth I've spent too long On the inside out My"
  • Wearing Out - Mr. T Experience
    "We used to be so happy Now it's wearing out that's why they say I have To break with the past do something new Sounds so good I wish I could Cause now it's wearing out I always say We'll find a way Doesn't"
  • Wearing Out My Shoes - Club Des Belugas
    "Strangely happy where I am, yet wonder what could be It's not a case of needing more, or wanting to be free I could go and just explore, sail the seven seas And know that I'd find nothing more, come back"
  • Wearing And Tearing - Led Zeppelin
    "It starts out like a murmur Then it grows like thunder Until it bursts inside of you Try to hold it steady Wait until you're ready Any second now will do Throw the door wide open Not a word is spoken"
  • Wearing me out - Track Fighter
    "Crossed her fingers slowly Take them off your mind Take these pictures And make them mine.. Chorus: It's wearing me out It's all just a dream You're lying to her You're lying to me (x2) I'm through with"
  • Inside Out - Korn
    "I like the way you're so fucked up Naked and wearing no makeup I watch your pulse beneath your skin Sometimes I wish I could crawl in I don't care what you talk like I don't care how you dress I don't"
  • Wearing Dangerous - Lux Courageous
    "She can't be staring I've got the warning bells round my neck But i'd sure like to see how she settles her head and how the morning light plays on her skin It couldn't hurt just to try it It wouldn't kill"
  • Inside - Inside Out
    "I want you to stay with me. To spend every day with me. I want you to be more than just a friend. I want you to let me in. Although you're above me. I want you to love me. I want you to need me. Take my"
  • Wearing Only Flowers - Big Head Todd And The Monsters
    "She's running on clean power She's wound up at the hip "Wearing Only Flowers" came in 27 to 1 I'd love a drink of water Take a little kiss Find a lovely lady - step inside, take a sip Atlanta turn around"
  • Wearing A Raincoat - They Might Be Giants
    "Wearing a raincoat is flying around in a plane Made of a raincoat But when you think of that You hurt your mind And you'll need a friend To talk you down Needing a friend to talk you down Is food that"
  • Inside Out - The Androids
    "I can't hide the way I'm feeling deep down inside Soothe my mind need to know that every-things alright I won't lie to keep things moving if it's feeling wrong But you know me without your hand I couldn't"
  • Inside Out - The Chameleons UK
    "Love and laughter fills his life today Dragged into this world and thrown away She never wanted you, better things to do You won't remember... Drawn to the door, whizzing through the week, Dancing round"
  • Inside Out - The Bouncing Souls
    "It's incredible we try to be apart of something It's amazing how we feel alone when we're never seperate It's so funny how we weave a web of our own destruction. Then we find in the end we fought so"
  • Inside Out - 999
    "Turn the wrong way your socks don't change Your shirt could too but the shoes are strange Eyes are facing the other way In backward talk you try to say You're so Inside Out Inside Out Inside Out Inside"
  • Inside Out - Phil Collins
    "Inside out, ooh you got me inside out Oh inside out, oh inside out Now everybody keeps on telling me how to be And everybody tells me do what they say Oh I'll help myself it's up to me and no-one else But"
  • Inside Out - Culture Beat
    "You turn me inside out Turn me inside out You tell me what it's all about To make the tears run dry You turn me inside out And I don't have the slightest doubt Cause I can see Cause I can see You can"
  • Inside Out - Prima J
    "When You Look at me Tell me what do you see Beyond these green eyes So much more to me Simplicity Much more that matters I'll wipe off my makeup Take off my pretty clothes I'll let my hair down baby Yeah"
  • Inside Out - Lillian Axe
    "You're taking our words You turn them inside out You're stealing our words For something to write about It's a secret joke to you To twist the facts all upside down But it's fallacy It's time you hear"
  • Inside Out - Camila Cabello
    "Mhmm Oh yeah, yeah, yeah I wanna love you inside out Wanna love you inside out Baby, give it to me, no doubt 'Cause I wanna love you inside out (yeah, yeah, yeah) I wanna love you inside out Show me"

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