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weedend WAITFOR DELAY '0:0:5

  • Delay - Chiasm
    "I thought there was a place Where stars shone bright with grace And rain fell slow to time While wind dispersed its seed And now I learn I can't revive the past I've lost And I shall pay the cost Disuaded"
  • Delay - Kate Miller-Heidke
    "I don't delay When it's your car My driveway You know I can't say no But this is not good love So what are you so afraid of That the big bad lonely wolf is coming to knock you down Why did you come"
  • Delay - Magic Dirt
    "Don't you trust me Be the first one to open your eyes Don't do this to me He's naive to all of your lies Hoarse is the one Who cries between her thighs Do you think I've come this far Because I haven't"
  • That Big 5-0 - Stan Ridgway
    "Yeah! Bring me water, bring me coal We just missed hittin' that telephone pole Yeah, we're fallin' down in a cactus patch When it get dark, you light the match Yeah, and I'm happy for it Keep a-rollin'"
  • +-0 - Kotiteollisuus
    "Taon yksin sieluni mustaa varjoa muotokuvaa mustemmaksi muuttuvaa ei keskenerinen kuva lmmit ei se tuo varjon valtaan lohtua Hyvin osasin kyll alkaa kunpa osaisin joskus lopettaa miksi jatkaa matkaa,"
  • 2-6-5-8-0 - Kim Wilde
    "Written by Ricky & Marty Wilde I watch a man sitting down the park The flashy suit manufactured by the makers He's got a pen and he circles an add It makes him laugh 'cos he's reading dirty papers 2-6-5-8-0 She"
  • 0-0 - Fear Factory
    "LONG LIVE THE NEW FLESH! Where evil dwells Northport, L.I. Mutilation Murder Grisly sacrificial slaughter Knights of the black circle Stabbed him in the woods At the sound of crow-call (croak-all) He said,"
  • Rain delay - Rain Delay
    "I bless the rain delay, as I bequeath my yesterday.Rain ends, hope fades. We gather at the runway.I have nothing to declare, so empty-handed.I was declaring myself as a martyr, when she said:"Embrace me,"
  • 5.0 - GUWER
    "życie kolorowe jak wesołe miasteczko nie potrafię narzekać, gdy pod blokiem 5.0 w miesiącu 5.0 powiedz jak mam czuć niemoc zrobiłem tyle a nadal lecę pod presją nigdy nie wierzyli ze zrobię tracki na"
  • 0 0 Zen - Axel Bauer
    "D'où vient ce vertige ? En l'an 3000 et des poussiéres On s'arrache de la terre Dans les vapeurs cosmiques A la soute les ombres malsaines A la proue notre vierge noire et querelleuse Brutale et païenne Ouvre"
  • Fatal Delay - Ultimatum
    "Violence, hate, and rage they infiltrate my thoughts. I've had it with this world and I don't need your God. Hypocrites and liars that's all you really are. Religionists and lunatics I've seen it from"
  • Muori Delay - Verdena
    "Muori delay non ci si tuffa in lei Ominide la mia attitudine (chi se ne frega) Muori delay trovi rifugio in lei vero che il nero buio fono Sento che durer un po' deriso dalla folla il clown Conto che"
  • Present Delay - Meja
    "No need to over do it we might as well go thru it Cuz I hear that youe down and I know what on your mind You think you got the answers but you don even know the questions when you say that youe right could"
  • Valentine's Delay - The Higher
    "The clock is running out of time again, I said and I need to feel important Reaching up I gotta get this of my chest, They call this a final warning I'm so tired, but I cannot fall asleep I'm so hungry,"
  • Fatal Delay - Vengeance Rising
    "(L. Farkas / R. Martinez) Violence and terror, a world that's filled with hate And nuclear warfare, that will not annihilate you Destruction of the flesh leaves the spirit to live on There will be no"
  • Delay Lama - Modwheelmood
    "Now you're safe, yes you're safe at least this time You're on it, you're on it can't you tell By the way that I look you in the eyes Sorry, are you worried? I am safe, yes I'm safe, some piece of mind"
  • Valentine's Delay - Higher
    "The clock is running out of time again, I said and I need to feel important Reaching up I gotta get this of my chest, They call this a final warning I'm so tired, but I cannot fall asleep I'm so hungry,"
  • Primavera 0 - Soda Stereo
    "Fluorecente azul Luz que baa mis sentidos Donde todo empieza a ser real Siempre vuelve a dar Nuevas chances una vuelta ms Entera Nena tal vez fui Un sueo de otro Un rumbo incierto La verdad es que nadie"
  • 3:0 - Arka Noego
    "Pierwsza pokusa, pokusa chleba, Diabeł mnie kusi, chleb zrób z kamienia, Gdyby nie Jezus, umarłbym z głodu, Razem wygramy, ruszamy do przodu! Nasza drużyna wygrała mecz Jest 3:0 pokusy precz! Druga pokusa,"
  • 2-0-0-9 - Familia HP
    "DWA bo jest nas dwóch co to rozkręcali serca temu oddali , bez żadnych chwytów tanich bez parcia na szkło, bez ciśnienia na media muzyka dała nam to, czego nie da nam komercja ZERO bo dziś już nie mam"

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