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weekend offender

  • Youth Offender - Cheap Sex
    "Why do we waste our lives? When we can be so much more Why do we have to settle? Why don't we kick down the door? We don't have to be a clone And we don't have to conform Don't have to be a drunk We can"
  • Young Offender - Pet Shop Boys
    "You may be broke now, and you may be bored Call you delinquent or leave you ignored You'll get what you want Drive to distraction, crash on the way Watch your reaction, wait 'til you say You'll get what"
  • Young Offender - New Order
    "Pictures of an image of a person who could not be blamed You are a colour and you are a number We need a sanction to see one another If I keep my distance in the season of this slender hell It's because"
  • Main Offender - The Hives
    "I'm on my way Can't settle down I'm stuck in the ways of being an ass And I got a lot of nerve that I'm ready to pass I'm on my way Can't settle down I'm stuck in ways of sadistic joy And my talent only"
  • Repeated Offender - The Rifles
    "Not one of my kind of people though that?s part of our lives Not one of the type of things that I like to do with my time And I don?t see and don?t believe he?ll ever get it right ?really? Not one of"
  • Sex Offender - Mr. T Experience
    "I saw you standing on the corner, you looked so big and fine I really wanted to go out with you, so when you smiled I laid my heart on the line You read me my rights and then you said; "Let's go" and nothing"
  • Repeat offender - Trapt
    "Where do I turnI'm always questioning my sanityWill I ever learnI have always stolen my identityAnyone forgiveAnyone forgetI don't want a life without respectLife without respectFeel there is no where"
  • Re offender - Travis
    "Keeping up appearances Keeping up with the Jones' Fooling my selfish heart Going through the motions But I'm fooling myself I'm fooling myself Cause you say you love me And then you do it again You do"
  • Weekend - Marquess
    "I call my baby on a Saturday night My girl, Ill take you on a midnight flight Hey mama, close the door But turn on the light Dont stay up for me Cause Im, Im taking a ride The funky drummers are slowly"
  • Weekend - Alvin Stardust
    "It's Friday night and ev'rything's right for the weekend. We propose that anything goes on a weekend. John called Ann and Jim got Sue and I made a date with little old you Off we went to make a big dent"
  • Weekend - Leszcze
    "Ja nie lubię poniedziałków Niepotrzebny jest mi wtorek W środę wolę iść do parku W czwartek sobie wolne zrobię Dzień powszedni mi spowszedniał W korku rano mina rzednie Ponoć praca uszlachetnia Kto wymyślił"
  • Weekend - 883
    "E' arrivata un'altra domenica dopo i pacchi del sabato sera dopo i due di picche in discoteca l'abbiam preso anche dalla cassiera e ci si trova un'altra volta al bar sigaretta dopo il caff con il mal di"
  • Weekend - Ladytron
    "When they come out to find you And they cannot describe you Someone somewhere has to buy you out of your weekend Friday is the fever And Monday the destroyer You are a permanent feature Perpetual"
  • Weekend - The Move
    "Friday night and everything's right on the weekend Crazy clothes and anything goes on the weekend John called in and Jim got Sue I made a date with a little ol' Jew Off he went to make a date on the weekend No"
  • Weekend - Michael Gray
    "I can't wait for the weekend to beginI'm workin all week long, i dream the days awayI wanna sing my song, so let the music playI have to get my kicks and fly tonightAnd when the clock strikes six on friday"
  • Weekend - Lorie
    "Y en a qui sont fous d'impatience D'autres disent, c'est sans importance Week-end idyllique Succs automatique Y a ceux qui draguent sur la plage D'autres s'clatent au bricolage Moi, c'est la musique Quoi"
  • Weekend - Bee Gees
    "Hello , I'm down Take me for this weekend I'm your to borror , tomorrow good friend And while I'm away All my love I'll send And thank you every Thursday for this weekend Hello sunrise , I must see your"
  • Weekend - Kelis
    "(feat. Will.I.Am) (IT'S THE WEEKEND! IT'S THE WEEKEND! IT'S THE WEEKEND! AND THEM FREAKS ARE COMIN'! OH! THEM FREAKS ARE COMIN'!) This is my song, this is my life, baby it's on Somebody told me, the"
    "We’re high as a celling Coz this is a weekend One more tequila Lalalala Got lost in that feeling And all the I needed Is one more tequila Coz we daring it down Every nights To feel alright"
  • Weekend - Dr. Dog
    "The weekend is coming soon Well it's time to pick yourself up off the floor Well let's grab a case of lager and some old beat up shoes Head down to the river I'll strap on a canoe We've got every kind"

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