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  • No One Else(Tribute To Weezer) - Piebald
    "My girl's got a big mouth, which means she babbles alot. She laughs at most everything, whether its funny or not. And if you see her, tell her its over now. I want a girl who will laugh for no one else. When"
  • The Christmas Song (Remix) - Weezer
    "You told me you would be here by my side Warming my heart on this cold winter's night Here I sit waiting beside the tree all by myself (by myself) You told me you would move heaven and earth Cheering"
  • Take My Place - Weezer
    "Decorate, celebrate, pave the way, and be on time Anyone can say time will unbrake If you wanna take away the pain Then Take My Place And change you're name for I can't wait I can't wait Don't hesitate"
  • The Cruise - Weezer
    "And we sing (out of tune) Come on! There's so many of you, so many people I see So many of you that I'd like to meet There's so many things we could do If you only knew Jump with you, sleep with you,"
  • The Love I'm Searching For - Weezer
    "I don't think, I'll find the love I want The love I'm searching for in this machine, oh The System's Failed, all the circuits blown And the message lost, in this machine oh Tried all the codes, all possibilities All"
  • The Sweater Song - Weezer
    "guy1: hey bro, how we doin man guy2: alright guy1: it's been a while man lifes so rad, this bands my favourite man don't u love em? guy2: ya guy1: ah man u want a beer? guy2: alright guy1: aw man hell"
  • The Wold Has Turned And Left Me Here - Weezer
    "The world has turned and left me here Just where I was before you appeared And in your place an empty space Has filled the void behind my face I just made love to your sweet memory One thousand times in"
  • The World Has Left Me - Weezer
    "The world has turned and left me here. Just where I was before you appeared. And in your place, an empty space. Has filled the void behind my face. I just made love with your sweet memory. One thousand"
  • These Days - Weezer
    "These days (these days) I may not be so happy Afterall (afterall) After all that I have gained I still feel sad When I'm all alone I may have failed back at the K I may not be so swift afterall All the"
  • We Go Together - Weezer
    "We go together And that's to stay And in the future We'll always play Looks like a big surprise Hands up, it's in your eyes We go together And that's for sure And in the future We'll still be pure Looks"
  • Worry Rock - Weezer
    "Another sentimental argument and bitter love Hugged without a kiss again and dragged it through the mud Yelling at brick walls and punching windows made of stone The worry rock has turned to dust and fallen"
  • Zep Jamb - Weezer
    "Alright Say baby Love me Lay your money down (Lay it double-down) Say baby Lay your money down Roll over You're playing dead Now served your need (Lay it down on me) Find someone else you can be 'Cause"
  • Queen Of Earth - Weezer
    "Queen of Earth Won't you stand by my side? We both waited for the bulk of our lives. Come with me We can build ecstasy. Never once have I felt quite this way Feel my heartbeat is just slipping away Won't"
  • Reason To Worry - Weezer
    "Never ending, never to begin again not something you can lose but something you can find another day goes into another day you've got something to do you've got something to find I've got no reason to"
  • Sacrifice (Unreleased Demo) - Weezer
    "Long ago you said to me, Boy you are the one. Now you gone and turned from me, Tell me what I've done Tell me what I've done When you made your sacrifice, told me it was true. Now I've gone to pay the"
  • The Story Is Wrong - Weezer
    "Don't you think that the story is wrong The introduction goes on too long You have to sing, but you don't know a song But it's not so bad It's not the same thing everyday And it's a clear and beautiful"
  • Superstar - Weezer
    "(Rivers "Who's Afraid to?") There used to be a better kind, of rockin' rolling super stars. They'd strut around and do their thing, All I know how to do is sing. And I don't do that so well, I never"
  • Untenable - Weezer
    "Why are you so untenable? I want to show my heart is full Come on and give me one small sign That I'm not just wasting time Logic is a useful tool When you live your life in school Come on and give me"
  • The Victor - Weezer
    "You like me I like you And we're lyin' beneath the sun The words that you told me have become A dagger in my back And the battle is all but won Cryin' for the victor cuz she's dumb Taking off your clothes"
  • Girlfriend - Weezer
    "I miss you And I wonder how you feel about me too Do you miss the way we would play And waste our time away? Suddenly, we're apart And I can't see you everynight Though we fight I love you so much Now"

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