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  • Weightless - Wet Wet Wet
    "Its the firing line again And Im waiting in the blind fold Every feeling has been erased And Im floating on the wind of despair Theres a fine line between us Like a mountain and a land slide Im way up"
  • Weightless - Sissel
    "Weightless (Rick Chertoff/David Forman/Rob Hyman/Gary Lucas) All of my life I have been waiting Wondering what I will do All I can feel Is my heart beating Time and time again for you And Im weightless,"
  • Weightless - Prefab Sprout
    "Who was Yuri Gagarin? He was the first man in funky bass... space Somewhere among the stars tonight my heart Floats like a Russian satellite Weightless Love is a pure sensation Weightless I feel like"
  • Weightless - K-Otic
    "(I'm going to make you weightless.) I know just what you want, 'cause i've been living inside your dream. I am all you ever needed, And more if you want me to. 'cause Ican take you higher. Come dance with"
  • Weightless - Pigface
    "you can speak the bigger eves are lies the silence burns you, you can close your eyes waiting to be over, to be over you can beat the bigot man the sucker of his slaves undecided, undecided, and injured"
  • Weightless - Old 97's
    "Weightless I reckon Heaven is a place Where time is nonexistent, yeah And the things that are important, yeah "
  • Weightless - Bosson
    "I'm gonna make you weightless (I'm gonna make you weightless) I wanna watch you fly to the sky tonight I know just what you want Cause I've been living inside your dreams I am all you ever needed And more"
  • Weightless - Chris Whitley
    "The ground gives as you go With all them secrets that you know As if to give nothing away Of the signals you obey You're weightless as a child Falling from above Are helpless to your size Lonelier than"
  • Weightless - My Ruin
    "talk to me, tell me i'm not skinny but you think...i'm so pretty ''rockstars have to be thin i'm afraid'' you wanna know...how much do i weigh? what!? weightless you can't market me! faceless so blind"
  • Weightless - Nada Surf
    "Outside just killing time and making noise And outside the daylight comes, the daylight goes and weightless If its weightless it makes no stairways to stairs that go nowhere and dont dream, that is a dream"
  • Weightless - Ellis Paul
    "She's trying to define her faith like it's some role that she's playing I tell her, "You remind me of someone else..." But who it is I'm not saying "Hear me out," she says, "I'm getting older, I don't"
  • Weightless - See Spot Run
    "I know it's not always a party Living with a guy like me who's always in outer space Maybe I don't know what's good for me I never thought a girl like you could ever change my ways Lately I've been feeling"
  • Weightless - Thomas Dolby
    "Some nights he's weightless he has to travel his mouth is gravel and there's an empty feeling within his heart... Eye on the fuelguage Westchester Thruway and triple octane won't contain the empty feeling"
  • Weightless - Over It
    "bent out of shape we make our way straight i would never take a chance on it if it didnt paralyze me completely sure you think its all fun, but games are all i've won in this life i wouldnt"
  • Weightless - Steve Hackett
    "Far in the distance and way up high Circling slowly beneath the sky Lone in the air and the world is turning Looking the eagle straight in the eye What goes up must come down And you circle all around On"
  • Weightless - Wolfgang
    "Let Icarus plummet As sun melts his wax Gonna touch the sky Much longer than that With the wings of Eros I'll stretch them wide Upon the winds of fortune I'm ready to glide I will hold the clouds Yes,"
  • Weightless - All Time Low
    "Manage me I'm a mess Turn a page, I'm a book Half unread I wanna be laughed at Laughed with, just because I wanna feel weightless And that should be enough Well I'm stuck in this fucking rut Waiting on"
  • Weightless - Sophia
    "Give me black Or give me white Give me wrong Or give me right Sweep away the in-between And help me make my choices easy Give me love Or give me hate Give me anything that's not just ok Make me laugh Or"
  • Weightless Again - Cerys Matthews
    "We stopped for coffee in the redwood forest Giant dripping leaves spoons of powdered cream I wanted to kiss you but I wasn't sure how Like those Indians lost in the rainforest Forced to drag burning"
  • Weightless Again - Handsome Family
    "we stopped for coffee in the Redwood forest giant dripping leaves, spoons of powdered cream I wanted to kiss you but I wasn't sure how like those indians, lost in the rainforest forced to drag burning"

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