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welcome home bendy and the ink machine

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welcome home bendy and the ink machine

  • Welcome Home - Coheed And Cambria
    "You could've been all I wanted But you weren't honest Now get in the ground You choked off the surest of favors But if you really loved me You would've endured my world Well you're just as I presumed A"
  • Ink - Finch
    "I climbed the mountaintop I saw the bottom drop I'm clinging to driftwood I swim in a deep world Words unspoken Seem so foreign Have you heard this one? The hair on the back of your neck stands "Another"
  • Ink - Coldplay
    "Got a tattoo that said "2gether thru life" Carved in your name with my pocket knife And you wonder when you wake up, will it be alright? Feels like there's something broken inside All I know All I know Is"
  • Welcome Home - The Forecast
    "you called me out you called me out and now I'm showing bloodied and broken but I'll still sing for you you called me out but if you're looking for love in the oceans you might find a bottle of dreams"
  • Welcome Home... - Equinox Ov The Gods
    "There comes a night When you will hear her cry The Banshees song Then you will know is time Time to go To where you have been before Then you will come Welcome home... You know me, Oh yes you know me Every"
  • Welcome Home - We Shot The Moon
    "The sun says "Welcome home" But I'm feeling all alone I step outside And watch the weeds take the garden I gave my best But sometimes I must confess My hope runs dry And I draw lines It makes things harder So"
  • Down Ink - The Apex Theory
    "Thanks for these new sheets But i've been hanging fire from your everday The knack for the fixed Been holding water then you're snatched away Bells and whistles make the man Like you're a hophead waiting"
  • Welcome Home - Bachman-Turner Overdrive
    "I get up early in the morning And rush to catch a plane I'm gonna live inside my suitcase Back on the road again Big stage and bright lights Try to relax before the show So glad to be here tonight That"
  • Drown Ink - The Apex Theory
    "Thanks for these new sheets But I've been hanging fire from your everyday The knack for the fixed Been holding water then you're snatched away Bells and whistles make the man Like you're a hophead waiting"
  • Welcome Home - Barry Manilow
    "In my life I have seen Far away places Wild and serene But nothing I saw Prepared me for The mat on the floor Saying "welcome home" Time flies See the moon rise As I'm makin' my way Through another long"
  • Welcome Home - Dolly Parton
    "With great anticipation he waited at the door His only son was due from overseas For months now he'd been waitin' since he'd gone off to war And his eyes were filled with tears of great relief Welcome"
  • Welcome home - Twiztid
    "YOU BACKTHEFUCKUP!Cause I've had enoughThey put the evil in chains and handcuffsThey hope that people will change and have loveThey hope the weak will rise and stand toughI DON'T KNOW IF I CANMaybe it's"
  • Welcome Home - Uncle Ho
    "So here we are now, A sleepy place. On sleeping pills you ride the waves. WELCOME HOME, RUN INTO OPEN ARMS. SAY HI TO MOM, TURN ON THE CHARM. Chemical refreshments, Anything for a laugh. So this is where"
  • Welcome Home - Heaven's Basement
    "Come in, you've sinned Mother fucker it's a new beginning You lose, I win Now you're stuck and it's too late for running Dancing in the river on the bed of an angel Drinking dirty water from the fountain"
  • Welcome Home - Tammy Trent
    "I was taken back when You took me in Just to wipe my tears away You made no demands chose not to blame Though I knew You had the right to And I saw the years I wasted Searching everywhere in vain Finding"
  • Welcome Home - Jonezetta
    "Tell me why! My mind is moving to place I never thought it'd go Welcome home! I see new faces, but faces are all I really know Maybe I'll find a way out of here Darling, my dear Maybe I'll find home away"
  • Welcome Home - O.C. Supertones
    "Well, It's times like these And it's days like this that remind me I'm living in the wilderness, And you don't know when trouble's gonna come you way Or when God's gonna give or take it away. This life, This"
  • Welcome Home - Carole King
    "I have opened up my mind to things I was afraid of Done things I've never done before Taken a chance and seen just what the world is made of Nothing is the same any more At times I feel a golden spirit"
  • Welcome Home - Kurupt
    "Make the temperature rise, the temperature rise We cap to ride, cap to homicide It's instrumental, heat is in the dead of the winter In the heart of the cold we re-structure your soul It's dat nigga daz"
  • Welcome home - Idlewild
    "I go outside to find the middle of nowhereEveryone needs their own empty stageJust like the sky with no beginning or endingI like reading a book without a last pageStop and turn aroundAnd see it with your"

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