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welcome to the space world

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welcome to the space world

  • Green (Welcome To The World) - Sister Hazel
    "Welcome to the world, oh yeah A very unusual place Don't let that scare you Welcome to the world, oh yeah It's in your face It's all around you Well it can't go on and on forever So let it go And hold"
  • Welcome to - Crematory
    "Lost in a nowhere land Lost in your head The journey to the center of your soul The voyage that never returns Fragments forming to pictures Welcome - Welcome to To the sacrament and the everdawn Welcome"
  • Space Invaders - Bloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space
    "Let evil out, let madness swing Our psychotic minds with lust to kill We are no slaves or masters of none We are the worst case cenario and we have come The world belongs to the undead So they keep coming"
  • Space - Pulp
    "You said you wanted some space ... Well is this enough for you? ... This is what you've waited for ... No dust collecting in the corners ... No cups of tea that got cold before you drank them ... Tonight"
  • Welcome To The World - The Go Set
    "A soldier stands outside a gate, a barbed wire fence, to protect a foreign land from itself And bombs of the west rain down on a city where a family with nothing holds their children to their chests And"
  • Welcome - Heather Nova
    "I see you standing in the doorway A shadow in the sun I'm reaching out to touch you Is it better when you know That you're not the only one That I can hear you And there's so much I can do for you Give"
  • Welcome - Sky Harbor
    "Open up your curtains Let the sun shine in Can you see the difference it makes In this world you're entering? (you think you're ready, well, you never know) What do you think (don't you think it's time"
  • Welcome - Dido
    "I see you standing in the doorwayA shadow in the sunI'm reaching out to touch youIs it better when you knowThat you're not the only oneThat I can heal youAnd there's so much I can do for youGiven time"
  • Welcome - Dan Hill
    "Welcome baby boy To a brand new world May the tears fall like a rainstorm From your eyes Looks like life kinda took you By surprise You're so tiny that it scares me Your nakedness just stares at me And"
  • Welcome - Savatage
    "The lights come on The set is down The curtain's flown away To all you creatures of the night I say it's time we play We'll show you things That in your life You'd never dreamed you'd know So now before"
  • Welcome - Skylark
    "(Musica e testi: Eddy Antonini) (The divine gladiators:) Into my world, into my thoughts. (White Warrior:) My soul will rise again. (The divine gladiators:) Into my heart, please let me start. (White"
  • Welcome - 311
    "Groove as your soul sings. Spinnin' all around as we dust a melody Welcome to this groove you can move right We gonna take you higher not caught in the quagmire I can't survive on a stupid nine to five"
  • Welcome - Kai Tracid
    "Listen carefully As I introduce You to a world like no other A world far beyond your wildest imagination A place where your dreams come to life far away from the place where evolution is the key to your"
  • Welcome - Papoose
    "Ever since I was small I stood tall like the Palace of Ifle Take a walk into my world ill be glad to invite you Cause to me American is such an arrogant title They should make a TV show called African"
  • Welcome to the World - Cheap Trick
    "Welcome to this world, it's a brand new day Welcome to my world, it's a better place Welcome to the world, hoping you can stay You can change the place color anyway The doors are opened to ya That's all"
  • Welcome To The World - Michael Bolton
    "Now it's ready or not Boy, you better come on strong Give it all you've got 'Cause they'll really turn the pressure on And you find it strange But it's so insane When you know ya don't believe that You're"
  • Welcome to the world - Kevin Rudolf
    "Welcome to the world, welcome to the world You got your popstar, ill be your rockstar When it's a suicide, you call it superstar Check out the forecast, predictions wont stop You get your fifteen,"
  • Welcome To The World - Toni Childs
    "hush, now and go to sleep go to sleep my baby (repeat) let me welcome you to this world and let me tell you of my world how it is and how it is you want to know now I want to say that it's a bad world and"
  • Welcome To The World - Negrita
    "Lo giuro sopra il mio seme di plastica su questa terra e' il piu' furbo che domina credete pure alla storia dell'anima non c'e' mai guerra se non c'e' pecunia E l'uomo forte si nutre del debole che poi"
  • Welcome To The World - Basshunter
    "it's alright your ready for the night of your life stars will shine so bright they say were dancing the stress away hey hey! this beat it's underneath your feet right now together we will meet this place"

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