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welcome to your show alex i sp����ka

  • Welcome to the show - ICP
    "Well hello boys and girls come on in see the show. Its the mistical, magical, great dark carnival. Dont bother lookin for parking, get rid of it, it aint like you ever coming back you fucking idiot. The"
  • Welcome To Thy Show - Insane Clown Posse
    "Well hello boys and girls come on in see the show It's the mystical magical great Dark Carnival Don't bother looking for parking get rid of it It ain't like you ever coming back you fuckin idiot The Carnival"
  • Welcome To The Show - Blue
    "Yeh yeh, oh yeh Yeh yeh, oh yeh Been around the world, Gone from place to place, (So good to be back again) Coz it feels so good, Seing you face to face, (No doubt about it, make no mistake) We've seen"
  • Welcome To The Show - Pigeon John
    "Chorus: Welcome to the show today You're gonna have fun in a major way I know you got bills to pay But its my job to help you let it wash away (2x) 1st Verse: Who rocks the mic, who rocks the mic"
  • Welcome To The Horror Show - Anders Manga
    "The Manic Priest is Waiting but My Head is Saying, It's Alright, It's OK Everything is Wrong so Why Behave The Manic Priest is Waiting but Inside You, It's Alright, It's OK Shock and Shame is So Far Out"
  • Welcome - Savatage
    "The lights come on The set is down The curtain's flown away To all you creatures of the night I say it's time we play We'll show you things That in your life You'd never dreamed you'd know So now before"
  • Welcome - Christina Aguilera
    "Woah, ohh Welcome to the greatest show Greatest show on earth You've never seen before Here the fairytale unfolds What's behind the smoke and glass? Painted faces, everybody wears a mask Are you selling"
  • Welcome - Maroon Town
    "Welcome to the show my friends, the show that never starts or ends Good to see you back again, inside come inside We are here for one and all, here to have a godamn ball Get up and dance and don't you"
  • Welcome - Papoose
    "Ever since I was small I stood tall like the Palace of Ifle Take a walk into my world ill be glad to invite you Cause to me American is such an arrogant title They should make a TV show called African"
  • Alex - Dżem
    "Byłaś w moim śnie, ubrana w sukienkę z mgły, Wszystko jak dawniej a jednak inaczej, w oczach łzy i lęk. Nie powiedziałem ani słowa, kiedy tak blisko obok siebie Widziałem miłość i rozpacz, a moje"
  • Sid & Alex - Adam Sandler
    "(telephone rings)I'll be up in a few! Hello?Hey, Sid, it's Alex. Just callin to wish ya a happy birthday, man.Alex, Alex, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank youfor remembering, thank you.My pleasure."
  • Alex Kidd - Dopamine
    "State your claims Do you have to abuse my convictions? Starve yourself they said it helps Wear me down Spend a fortune going where Take forever to get there Sometimes your near People change Does that"
  • Alex theme - Akira Yamaoka
    "It started long before me... I never saw it coming... The distance, the promise... A state of isolation... And in my darkest nightmare, Things that I can't remember... The answer, is drowning, this pain"
  • Alex English - Dance Gavin Dance
    "Stop! The first one to hit the cop wins His death was so obvious Make up the things that you did I hid in bushes, I was tripping on thizz Description, of no sir you can't ignore The lights they are blinding,"
  • Welcome to the Show (feat. Laleh) - Adam Lambert
    "You know I have a veil All covered up to myself It’s always there now they wanna know how does it feel? Gonna let it show, I'm happy to Entertain and share with you It's hard to say how your own thoughts"
  • Welcome to the show - Dr. Sin
    "Hey you! Welcome t the show!Glad to see you allLet the good times rollHey you!Let me see your handsLet me hear you screamCome on sing alongI wanna hear you allI wanna hear it nowLet me hear you shoutMake"
  • Welcome to Our Big Rock Show - All Star United
    "Five guys take a ride, drive a day and half a night Get to see some pretty scenery But if that's all there is to this This band would split right down the seams Southbound, static on the radio We left"
  • Welcome To The Minstrel Show - Little Brother
    "(feat. YahZarah) You are watching - U, Beeeee, Nnnnnnnnnnnn "U Black Niggaz Network, Channel 94" "Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill" We'd like to welcome you to everything there is to know This is"
  • (Welcome To) The Big Show - Will Hoge
    "(1 2 1 2 3 4) breakdown, turn it around don't stand up cause you might get knocked down its all over the set then they give you a smile let you watch anyway i've see it all over the news everybody's been"
  • Welcome - Earth, Wind & Fire
    "Bill Young, Maurice White & Ralph Johnson Overnite, I'm caught up in your love my surprise, baby all at once, you're all I'm thinking of come, share my life chorus: I'm here for you welcome to my love embracing"

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