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wenitw ado remus

  • Ado - Michel Jonasz
    "Alors elle commence, la vraie vie, ado. T'as pas grand chose encore dans ton sac dos. L'enfance, Quelques souvenirs de vacances, Les soires mille-bornes et mikado, Une maison face la plage du Prado. Tu"
  • Uncle Remus - Frank Zappa
    "Wo, are we movin' too slow? Have you seen us, Uncle Remus . . . We look pretty sharp in these clothes (yes, we do) Unless we get sprayed with a hose It ain't bad in the day If they squirt it your way 'Cept"
  • Ruben Remus - Band, The
    "Band, The Miscellaneous Ruben Remus (there's a little riff at the begining and that goes in between the the g chord during the first part of the verse. it's all on the low e string - e -0-1-2h3. listen"
  • Ruben Remus - Bob Dylan
    "Wrote a letter this mornin', Put it in your hat, 'Cause no one to read it And I know you knew that. I bought a joke, a trick or two, Just to bring and show you, Caught ya with the trickster too. Sometimes"
  • Ado Maso - Kevin Parent
    "Tu fumes trop tu bois trop Tu manges mal t'es vulgaire avec ta mre Tu parles trop quand t'es chaud Pis tu t'sens sale aprs un trip de cul phmre Tu t'promnes d'un bord pis d'l'autre La recherche d'un point"
  • El Amor So?ado - Tucanes De Tijuana, Los
    "Necesito que sepas que te quiero necesito que sepas que te adoro y que me gustaria dormir a tu lado dispertar contigo acarisiarte todo lo que esta proivido necesito que sepas que te amo necesito que"
  • I Can't Help It (With Remus Choy Of Grasshopper) - Velasquez Regine
    "woh, I baby what a fool I am first a boy and then a man and now, and you you're the heart of it all you're the things I say and do am I wasting my time hanging around you would be gone *but I can't help"
  • Ada - The National
    "Ada dont talk about reasons why you dont want to talk about reasons why you dont wanna talkNow that you got everybody you consider sharpall alone. all together, all together in the darkLeave it all up"
  • Ada - Baku
    "Aahh Aahh Aahh, ah Wszyscy nas sie czepiają Od Adamów i Michalaków wyzywają Ciągle o nim ględzą Mówią z taką nędzą Adam jest taki brzydki Już mam ładniejsze łydki! Przestańcie czepiać się nas Wywalcie"
  • Ade - Erben der Sch
    "Yesterday you told me It's all over You don't love me Anymore Please shoot the bullet which stops my pain Give me the knife which takes my life Please give me the rope which murders my breath Push me in"
  • Fucking Ada - Ian Dury And The Blockheads
    "Moments of sadness, moments of guilt Stains on the memory, stains on the quilt Chapter of incident, chapter and verse Sub-heading chronic, paragraph worse Lost in the limelight, backed in the"
  • Pernah Ada - Hedi Yunus
    "Katakan bila memang Sayangmu telah usai Semua pernah ada Saat tatap matamu Berlalu lalu berpaling Ada tanya... Ada harap... Sayangkah kamu... Adakah sayang... Kala sapa candamu Berubah semua tak lagi Ada"
  • Ternyata Ada - Hedi Yunus
    "Gundah rasa dalam dada Yang tak pernah ada Saat kau hadir kasih Keraguan, kepastian Kini selalu datang Dan menggoda jiwaku Andaikan ternyata ada Kan ku gapai asa kujelang cinta Bila ternyata ada Kan kudekap"
  • Selagi Ada - Ning Baizura
    "Telah ku lakukan semuanya kasih Telah ku korbankan segalanya Namun ku sendiri tak pernah mengerti Apa yang engkau fikirkan Apa yang engkau inginkan Ku tahu kau tak pernah setia (kasih) Ku tahu diriku tak"
  • Want Ads - Taylor Dayne
    "(Greg Perry, General Johson, Barney Perkins) Wanted, young man single and free Experienced in love preferred But will accept a young trainee Back home I find myself, lost and all alone My man is"
  • Ade (tradu - Erben der Sch
    "Ade (traduo) Ontem vocę me disse "Est tudo acabado" Vocę no me ama mais Por favor, atire logo e acabe com essa dor Me dę a faca que acaba com a minha vida Por favor, me dę a corda que me deixa sem respirar Me"
  • Apakah Ada Bedanya - Ebiet G. Ade
    "{{Song||Ebiet G. Ade|star=Green}} :Apakah ada bedanya hanya diam menunggu :dengan memburu bayang-bayang? Sama-sama kosong :Kucoba tuang ke dalam kanvas :dengan garis dan warna-warni yang aku rindui"
  • Masih Ada Waktu - Ebiet G. Ade
    "{{Song||Ebiet G. Ade|star=Green}} :Bila masih mungkin kita menorehkan bakti :atas nama jiwa dan hati tulus ikhlas :Mumpung masih ada kesempatan buat kita :mengumpulkan bekal perjalanan abadi :ho ho"
  • The Personal Ads - Brodie
    "I'm calling in sick this morning. I got the stomach flu without a warning. That's not the truth, but that's what I'll say. Because I committed to finding you today. You wrote Your name and number On the"
  • Want Ads Two - Meat Beat Manifesto
    "On your next trip east ot west on highway 80, isn't it about time you stop by Yogerts Pharmacy, Gillaband Arizona? An oasis in the desert. Wanted for special promotion two brother or two sisters who are"

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