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what's the woman

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what's the woman

  • What's a woman - Vaya Con Dios
    "What's a woman when a man Don't stand by her side? What's a woman when a man Has secrets to hide? She'll be weak She'll be strong Struggle hard For so long What's a woman when a man (What's a man without"
  • Woman - Spice Girls
    "Woman Can u truly love a woman W O M A N, W O M A N, W O M A N Truly love a woman Madly, deeply No longer are we teenagers No longer hanging round the corner PLAYING GAMES WITH OUR FRIENDS Sometimes we"
  • Woman - Brother Cane
    "I used to know better Now I don't know what's worse Having it all maybe Or having nothing for sure Shoot for the moon Getting lost in the clouds I'd like to land, but I Can't see where I'm coming down My"
  • Woman - Heartsdales
    "(J) diet cause I wanna lose weight everyday it's the same old ? frustration no doubt no doubt about it (R)can't hide it what's the dealio? don't know what to do, so i pray * Wow wow wow"
  • Woman - Tynisha Keli
    "I see it in your eyes I hear it in your voice When we're saying our goodbyes, I can feel it In my heart I know that things ain't been the same I go on tryin to maintain but things have changed I keep tellin"
  • Woman, Woman - Gary Puckett
    "Woman oh woman Have you got cheating on your mind, on your mind Something's wrong between us That your laugher cannot hide And you're afraid to let your eyes meet mine And lately when I love you, I know"
  • Woman Woman - Engelbert Humperdinck
    "WOMAN WOMAN (Jim Glaser - Jimmy Payne) '67 Ensign Music, BMI Woman oh woman have you got cheating on your mind on your mind There's something wrong between us that your laughter cannot hide And you're"
  • Woman Woman - Glen Campbell
    "Woman oh woman have you got cheating on your mind on your mind There's something wrong between us that your laughter cannot hide And you're afraid to let your eyes meet mine And lately when I love you"
  • Woman - Simple Minds
    "Spirit of girl I know's in front of me I brought her home its where she'd want to be Picture of some strange tattooed bird on her thigh Shine on walk on take a walk with me Something going I can tell The"
  • Woman To Woman - The Lynns
    "(Peggy Lynn/Pasty Lynn/Philip Russell) Well I beg your pardon girl But I think it's time we had a talk You know exactly who I am And what I want You seem to be a bit confused about what's your's and what's"
  • What's Cookin'? - St. Simon 3
    "What's cookin'? Baby, what's in the pan? What's cookin' baby? I'm a real hungry man Why don't you give me a plateful You know I'll always be grateful I like chicken, I like rice and beans And I like coffee"
  • What's Up - Mr. Vegas
    "Intro: Elephant Man: Yeah mon!!! Well mi know nowadays but..... How a gal dem pretty mon??? Bad bad bad Well mi haffi date one a dem girl deh Ha!!! Yuh know!!! Hey yo!!! Right now this a fi di gal"
  • What's love - Shaggy Feat. Akon
    "What? I cant take this Akon and Shaggy model teeth and fake boobs What? Ooh yeah cocktail parties and chilling with friends What are you talking about? This relationship couldnt work,"
  • Woman To Woman - Joe Cocker
    "Woman to woman (woman to woman) Heartache to heartache (heartache to heartache) Lover to lover (lover to lover) Woman to woman (woman to woman) Woman to woman Ev'rything I say ev'ything that's happening Seems"
  • What's Next - RUN-DMC
    "* if anybody knows the reggae artist and/or can translate, please e-mail me One two, one two, and I say.. Yo whassup whassup whassup? [ ? ] Girls gone crazy for the 90's X amount of girls in"
  • Woman to Woman - Barbara Mandrell
    "Hello? You don't know who this is but The reason I'm callin' you is because I was goin' through my man's pockets this mornin' And I just happened to find your name and number So woman to woman, I don't"
  • Woman 2 Woman - Urge Overkill
    "Woman 2 Woman Attitude! Well I'll take my time gettin' over it Girl blow my mind, there's no controllin' it Didn't see that sign, it was an accident Girl say goodbye cause don't empty hands don't want"
  • Man-Woman - The Animals
    "Man, Woman, Desire, Love Love one another Can true love last forever? Man, Woman, Desire, Love They both agreeYes, it can Be my woman.I'll be your man Man, Woman, Desire, Love 'Baby, is there something"
  • Danger Woman - Aquabats, The
    "Aquabats, The Myths, Legends And Other Amazing Adventures, Vol. 2 Danger Woman - and do you know what the press and evreybody is gonna be asking? - what? - who is danger woman?! If you've seen it once,"
  • Danger Woman - The Aquabats
    "- And do you know what the press and everybody is gonna be asking? - What? - Who IS Danger Woman?! If you've seen it once, you'll see it again I told everyone and all of my friends Well there she is and"

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