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what's you move later you can

  • Later - Stephen Sondheim
    "Later... When is later? All you ever hear is "Later, Henrik, Henrik, later." "Yes, we know, Henrik, Oh, Henrik, Everyone agrees, Henrik, Please, Henrik!" You have a thought you're fairly bursting"
  • Later - Jordan Pruitt
    "I've seen you around a lot before Always looking like a movie star Hanging out with all your friends In your Porsche Cayenne, for sure All the girls think you're a dream And I know just what they mean In"
  • Move - Jim Verraros
    "Push me, pull me, how do you want me? Touch me, tease me, love it when you taunt me Don't try to hide; you know you want to flaunt me Ollie ollie oxen free, you caught me Push me, pull me, how do you"
  • Later - Cat Stevens
    "Later, I want to talk it out with you Try to get my message through That's not all I want to do Later Later, I want to feel your body close From your head down to your toes Maybe help you fold your clothes Later I"
  • Later - Fra Lippo Lippi
    ""Later" How could you come with me when you knew all along that you had to go How could you watch me sleep so close to you pretending not to know How could you memorize my name and forget who i am How"
  • See You Later - Sarah Connor
    "I bet you got a girl Or guy that you've been waitin' for Been whatchin' you from the floor Inside my mind I've been undressin' you down to the core I know where this is going careful What you whishing"
  • Move - Auburn
    "Ran into a chick found out I had to break her . Mad cause I was with a guy that didn't want to date her. And she has the nerve to call me teyanna taylor . If I was that girl chances are I would have shanked"
  • Move - The Manhattan Transfer
    "Move, c'mon -- move Nothing's lacking motion Not the heavens or the ocean Or the planets or the weather All are moving all together On the move Let's go - let's go Let's get t'movin' it Let's go - Let's"
  • Move - Manhattan Transfer
    "Move, c'mon -- move Nothing's lacking motion Not the heavens or the ocean Or the planets or the weather All are moving all together On the move Let's go - let's go Let's get t'movin' it Let's go - Let's"
  • Later On - Casual
    "Casual Miscellaneous Later On I wake up in the morning feeling fine and refreshed Take a look into the mirror to see who's rhymin' the best Ah, there he is, lookin' right my way So i hookup with jay, so"
  • See You Later Fuckface - The Queers
    "I wasn't looking for trouble, But it came looking for me. I may not have any muscles, But I can move like Bruce Lee. So when a bunch of these pussies started Beating up on my friends, I left the stage,"
  • Make You Move - DJ Unk
    "Bet I Can Make You Move What up world, it's ya boy Unk, checkin in, Season Two DJ Montay on the beat, this is what I need cha'll to do right now If ya sittin down, I need ya to get up If you standing"
  • See You Later - Soul Asylum
    "I guess I'll see you later Sweet manipulator And how I thank you dearly For helping me see clearly Yes sir no sir let me go Sir I don't even want to know Sir I've had all that I can take today But I found"
  • See You Later - Nadia Gifford
    "Feels like I've known you for so long, but there's always something wrong I could never understand, what this feeling was Searching for its meanning, I went through everything Every piece of shattered"
  • Love Can Move You - Savage Garden
    "Get me through the heart of the freeway Got to see the lights up in New York city I'm so close I think I can hear the sound of the taxi siren symphony Don't you want to feel amazing? Baby You know"
  • You Can Move Mountains - Stiff Little Fingers
    "And if life starts to get you down Don't fall and go under Or if it's pushing you around Don't think of surrender Or if you feel like crying Don't give up you can't give up no Just give it one more try And"
  • You Can Move That Mountain - Connie Smith
    "When I'm down in the valley and all that I can see Is the mountain there before me as big as it can be I remember in the Bible I can almost hear 'em say He's work of conciliation that give me strenght"
  • Later - Heavy Trevy
    "GOOD BYE AND FUCK YOU cant you see that its to late for your ass so come take your shit back why do you always kick me when im down lie to me cuz i no u sleep around well when i first met u i"
  • What's Behind - Normal Like You
    "Finally, the way i've carried myself, comes back to haunt me, but i don't, Understand, how i can change, when youre around me, somethings wrong, Release this vice, Cuz i'm frustrated... I, can't keep"
  • 3 Days Later - De La Soul
    "POS: Smoothed out without the R and B (Mercy) Come on! (Mercy) Come on y'all! (Mercy) Come on! There's no R and B in this song So come along fly children come along Come along fly children come"

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