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what do you know someday it's now

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what do you know someday it's now

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what do you know someday it's now
  • Scarface Someday
    "(feat. Faith Evans) I know god is watching from above Sometimes I wonder what I'd do without his love And although life is full of adversities I know he's with me, he's with me I know someday, someday,"
  • Hanaeryca Someday
    "Grab the key let's go out and have some fun Have you ever seen such a perfect day? What's in your mind? Let's do it one by one Have you ever though such a day would come? Time's up! Forget the theory Start"
  • Patrick Nuo Someday
    "Someday we will know, we will know, we will know Someday we will know, we will know How could you know all the answers to my questions If I couldn't show you what I feel Day after day you've been waiting"
  • Good Charlotte Someday
    "I waited for you You never showed You went away Now we'll never know Chorus: If I go I'll wish I stayed When I'm here I am away But it's the price we'll have to pay Just what could've been someday! Someday,"
  • The Corrs Someday
    "Fragments of a love, that's all we have What we had was fantasy ,dreams and photographs Hypnotic melodies could sing our song A comfortable rhythm in a comfortless world How do you know when love has"
  • Flipsyde Someday
    "Someday we gonna rise up on that wind you know Someday we gonna dance with those lions Someday we gonna break free from these chains and keep on flyin' They tellin' me it's all good just wait"
  • Guy Someday
    "I got something to tell everybody out there Sometimes you may feel like life have you in bondage You don't know which way to turn And you just feel like deep down inside God, you have to help me But take"
  • Chicago Someday
    "Would you look around you now And tell me what you see Faces full of hate and fear Faces full of me Do you feel the rumblings? As your head comes crumbling down Do you know what I mean Run, you better"
  • Kelly Price Someday
    "Living Wasn't Easy Cuz We Didn't Have Much Money But I Knew I Would Make It Someday. They Told Me I Was Nothing That I'd Never Be Something But I Knew I Would Make It Someday This Is My Story, I Was"
  • Kylie Minogue Someday
    "Precious stone, Life goes on, You have abused and used me, Now I'm going home, I want my records back, To get my heart on track, You think I can't be alone, Well this woman's here to show you, oh, Someday,"
  • Joy Enriquez Someday
    "Verse 1 : Baby, baby, baby, I love you That's why it doesn't make sense to me Baby, baby, babe, I adore you That's all that really matters to me B - section : So go ahead and walk out that door Just"
  • Oval Opus Someday
    "They tell me it's a joke, but a fool I'll never be They walk and talk behind my back as though I could not see They tell me there's no chance, affection all worn thin But I know someday even if they try,"
  • Kirk Franklin Someday
    "verse1 I hear you calling me saying my child hold on and I feel you touchin me remindin me to be strong though I must admit it's hard for me to see through this hurt and pain but in your arm I know"
  • Flipper Someday
    "I'm all alone in my room I'm sitting here near the shelf I see the mirror on the wall The things I do are not for my health I live alone with my lies darker than any night A fear so real I might die from"
  • Thirsty Merc Someday, Someday
    "So we've already established the fact that things are gonna be different in the future baby. And you've reiterated the fact that you don't want to get into something that's just gonna have to end later. Now"
  • Longwave I Know It's Coming Someday
    "when all your stenght is wearing thin hanging on until the end i can give you what your looking for after the years you give in vain reaching out to feel again i can give you what your looking for"
  • Keisha White Someday
    "i've got an attitude i don't ever cry so don't expect me to but gonna tell you why i know my destiny oh because in my dreams i see there'll be a better place staring right in front of me i will do what"
  • Daryl Hall & John Oates Someday We'll Know
    "Yeah you’ve been so close, oh baby In my world but always gone with someone Seeing you on your own It’s like some light, so bright is turning on See you standing there I feel a change in the air Everywhere Why"
  • Christopher Cross Someday
    "Here's a song for the hearts so lonely The ones who feel that love won't come Looking to find that one and only I've got something to say to you You see the lovers walking down the street You feel your"
  • Murs What Do You Know?
    "*I know, I know, I know* (sample repeats) (Verse 1) Feel free to hate me and to doubt me, but until you've stood behind my plate And peep the way I truly swing, you could never out me See, opinions are"

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