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what the box pl 5 jeden nab

  • Box - Mustard Plug
    "I know a guy who lives in a box He built it himself of cement and rocks And he'll never come out though I beg and plead He's got all that he wants if not all that he needs You see he couldn't take the"
  • Box - Asian Dub Foundation
    "See me, hear me But still you try to box me in You think you know my mind by the colour of my skin See me, hear me But still you try to box me in You think you know my mind by the colour of my skin ADF"
  • Box - Tokyo Police Club
    "There's a good chance We won't make it to the Big dance, they all owe us Kisses for two So if I may (And the world is warm so it blows out) I will take the first steps (And the box is wet so it falls"
  • Box - All
    "I live in a box. I live on a one way street, but I don't mind. 'Cause I live alone. Nobody has to share my home. And if I could choose I might pick a bigger box But that's all I'd change, until I get a"
  • Senses 5.5 - Anything Box
    "Anything Box Elektrodelica Senses 5.5 (claude s.) My senese have awakened once Again. collectively they seek out to Defend all the things that i have Been before, to filter all the past Wounds through"
  • Alabaster Box - Alabaster Box
    "Verse 1: The room grew still as she made her way to Jesus She stumbles through the tears that made her blind She felt such pain Some spoke in anger Heard folks whisper "There's no place here for her kind" Still"
  • Eye-5 - Jawbreaker
    "In unbearable traffic. Radio and it's deafening static. I got my dick in my hand. Super sanitary garbage man. Bearing down the interstate. Feeling hate for hate's sake. The gun felt good in my hand. Like"
  • Interlude 5 - Lauryn Hill
    "Interlude 5 lyrics: Lauryn Hill MTV Unplugged 2.0 You all doin' alright? You ok? I'm not screamin at ya, I'm just askin you a question. Y'all givin' me a clap. A yes is fine (laughing) ok? (voice from"
  • God-Box - The Fall
    "MES: It's good that one innit. What is it? BES: It's something I'm working on MES: Right Couldn't handle, had to be I turned on US TV Early empires sleeping, Pacific time frame Redhead skinny with back"
  • The Box - King Missile
    "They put him in the box And they gave him toys to play with They gave him the best of Beethoven And a bowling ball And they told him to invent games They told him to play music They told him to write stories They"
  • The Box - Snot
    "Yesterday When I was just a boy In times of youthful hero worship My kind have been molded by images on the screen Brought up to emulate the big Guns Just another guest on death's best show The influence"
  • The Box - Diamond Rio
    "(Nicole Witt/Chris Wallin) Jack's sittin' back in a pitch black box When some light shines through a crack in the corner Will he take the risk break out of this Place that he hates or will he just sit"
  • The Box - Abney Park
    "From the day she was born they brought her to it It had opaque walls and a lid locked tight She spent all of her life picturing what was inside This perfect world that its walls did hide Can you see inside"
  • The Box - James Lynn Strait
    "Yesterday when I was just a boy in times of youthful hero worship My kind have been molded by images on the screen Brought up to emulate the big guns Another guest on death's best show The influence cuts"
  • God box - Fall
    "Mes: its good that one innit. what is it? Bes: its something Im working onMes: rightCouldnt handle, had to beI turned on us tvEarly empires sleeping, pacific time frameRedhead skinny with back leg-braceHe"
  • Caller #5 - 5 Days Ahead
    "Alone in this room I sit. my radio sings to me in songs of regret. what friends do I have? its convienient when they go out. its me they forget. nice guys finish first. thats the biggest lie I ever heard. you"
  • Idiot Box - The Damned
    "i can't turn you off i just try and laugh you off tumbling you maybe are but you sure ain't rock n roll (chorus) people standing in the rain just to see a dream of him supersonic, oh come back"
  • Music Box - The Cooper Temple Clause
    "This is my music box And this is my home Come in take a look if you like Just you on your own But don't make you mind up Cos it's not dome yet Yeah this is my music box In a state of regret Cos you drag"
  • Uderz w dzwon (PL, ANG) - Nieznani
    "Słowa: Tomasz Misztal Muzyka: trad. Aft on the poop deck, walkin' about. There is the second mate, so steady a' so stout. What he is tinkin' of he doesn't know himself. O, we wish that he would hurry up"
  • 5 Ela Remix - Slum Village
    "(feat. 5 Ela, Jay Dee) All of y'all, is on our diiiiiiiiiicks Stop ridiiiin, you might get penetrated And I'd sho' hate it, if you end up impregnated Well at least 4 out of 5 niggaz in the place know"

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