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when i was your man nuty

  • When I Was Your Man - Rod Stewart
    "(R.Stewart/K. Savigar) I remember just like it was yesterday A summer's night, a small cafe We laughed so much, we almost cried Then I heard you say I think I'm falling in love with you I said Yeah,"
  • When I Was Your Man - Bruno Mars
    "Same bed, but it feels just a little bit bigger now Our song on the radio, but it don't sound the same When our friends talk about you all that it does is just tear me down Cause my heart breaks a little"
  • If I Was Your Man - Joan Osborne
    ""Floating above you beyond the naked eye Blue dreams about you keep playing in my mind Oh if I was Oh if I was your man Oh if I was Oh if I was your man I'm just a satellite so lazy in the breeze Ready"
  • If I Was Your Man - Joe
    "If I Was Your Man, Girl Girl Im So Tired Of Things I Just Wanna Settle Down I Swear To You Ive Changed Baby I Aint Buggin Out I Kno That I Put You Through Hell You Deserve To Be With Someone Else"
  • When I Was Dreaming - Tori Amos
    "When I was dreaming, Fight, I could fight with the best, And I never was on the fence, Laugh, I could laugh when i heard the guitar, Of the circus man. When I was dreaming, It seemed my world went away, As"
  • When I Was Young -
    "when the sky was gold and i needed no protection as the wind would blow a 1000 miles on no direction man it was a beautiful sight says were soaked in sunlight just so long ago but lately I like to imagine when"
  • When I Was Young - Supertramp
    "When I was young, it seemed that life was so wonderful, a miracle, oh it was beautiful, magical. And all the birds in the trees, well they'd be singing so happily, joyfully, playfully watching me. Then"
  • If I Was Your Man (Remix) - Joe
    "(feat. Remo Da Rapstar) Ooooo Yeah yeah yeah Ohwooe Na na na na na Na na na na na na Oh Na na na na na If I was your man, girl Girl I'm so tired of things I just wanna settle down I swear to"
  • I Was Your Man - Tindersticks
    "So, you wish I was your man, and I'd understand So, you wish I was your man, and I'd understand Not a surface thing, we could meet down inside Not a surface thing, we could meet way down inside You've"
  • When I Was Your Girl - Alison Moyet
    "When I was Your Girl When I was your girl I didn't know that I would end where you begin more beautiful in your skin No matter of regret this loosening curl Teasing you out When I was your girl In my"
  • When I Was With You - Natalie
    "When I was with you, everything felt right in my life When I was with you, I was so proud to be by your side When I was with you, I was loving you with all my might When I was with you, when I was with"
  • When I Was A Boy - The Who
    "When I was a baby I hadn't a care in the world, But now I'm a man, my troubles fill my head, When I was five it was good to be alive, But now I'm a man, I wish that I were dead. My how time rushes by, The"
  • If i was your man - Blake Shelton
    "If I was a cloud, I'd make baby raindrops And they'd feed the treetops If I was a cloud If I was the sun, I'd shine on the flowers And pass on the power If I was the sun If I was the moon, I'd caress every"
  • If I Was Your Man - Stephen Simmonds
    "Oh if I was your Man Take a look around Tell Me are you down Or do you feel like your alone in this town Players come to play but there not here to stay I can love you better in every way alright now It"
  • When Daddy Was A Strong Man - Tracy Lawrence
    "Old man Red at the store Would leave a note on the door It'd say ran to the house Be back in a few Leave your money on the counter It was twenty-six cents For the coke and some gum Nothing ever got stole You"
  • Man I Was - Tracy Lawrence
    "Look at me in that photograph before we were ever us Long before you found someone else and broke our sacred trust I hardly recognize myself sure has been a while Amazing how much my life has changed since"
  • Your Man - Lovher
    "Hey girl let me holla at you For a minute it wont take long You see we've been good friends For a while and I hope you wont Get mad at me and try to act fool Cause it wasn't my fault So before you hear"
  • When I Was A Young Man - Chad Mitchell Trio
    "When I was a young man I used to seek pleasure When I was a young man I used to drink ale Out of the ale house And into a jail house My body is ruined And I'm bound to die Send for the preacher To come"
  • If i was the man in your life - Prince
    "If Eye was the man in your life Eye'd make U happy Eye'd treat U right Eye'd buy U flowers every single day Eye'd Give U power Eye'd do whatever U say Eye heard a rumor that Ur man he said he'd do"
  • (Was I) In Your Dreams - Wilco
    "Was I in your dreams I'd like to know Did I touch your hand and did it feel like snow? Try to understand while I've got you on the phone Did I hurt you like I know I can? Tell me why you'd ever want to"

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