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when i was your men nruno

  • When two men kiss - Oi Polloi
    "When two men kiss Walk hand in hand The fear of what You don't understand Explodes into violence Screams break the silence "The guy was a poof" "The guy was queer" Dehumanised And living in fear No, you're"
  • Violent Men - Marion
    "There sits a little girl And she can not handle The pain of this world I wonder when she'll move on and I wonder if she'll just run Leaving family men, violent men She's running from men, running I didn't"
  • Many men - 50 Cent
    "(Lloyd Banks)Man we gotta go get something to eat manI'm hungry as a motherfucker(50 Cent)Ay yo man, damn what's taking homie so long son?(Lloyd Banks)50, calm down, here he come(9 Shots)(Banks and 50)Ahh,"
  • If I Was a Men - Jessica Sutta
    "If I was a man Just for a day I'd take my time on you That's what a man would do If I was a man Just for a day And once I had my way I'd get up, get up and walk away Uhh, Monday night Tuesday night Friday"
  • Leading Men - Wolfsheim
    "Talking loud, she's talking clear But no one really wants to hear No one really wants to know And her loneliness still grows Was it shame or was it fear When his devil's face appeared? And the wall between"
  • Made Men - Thug Lordz
    "(feat. Killa Tay) I'm at the point of no return, fuck what you talkin' I want money like Big Worm, I ain't tryin' to get burned I learned the hard way so now everyday is a holiday It's dirty, but it's"
  • Hey Men - Men Without Hats
    "Hey! Somebody told me to live is a lie But I know better got a woman inside Tells me things that I should understand 'Cause I know better even though I'm a man So many things go in so many ways Every"
  • When I Was Your Girl - Alison Moyet
    "When I was Your Girl When I was your girl I didn't know that I would end where you begin more beautiful in your skin No matter of regret this loosening curl Teasing you out When I was your girl In my"
  • When I Was Your Man - Rod Stewart
    "(R.Stewart/K. Savigar) I remember just like it was yesterday A summer's night, a small cafe We laughed so much, we almost cried Then I heard you say I think I'm falling in love with you I said Yeah,"
  • When I Was Your Man - Bruno Mars
    "Same bed, but it feels just a little bit bigger now Our song on the radio, but it don't sound the same When our friends talk about you all that it does is just tear me down Cause my heart breaks a little"
  • The Men Of Your Dreams - DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
    "[ The Fresh Prince on the phone ] Hello? Yeah, this is Prince, who's this? Yo, what's up baby, how you doin? Oh, I'm tryin to see you on a personal tip You know that, right? Heh Ah come on You been tellin"
  • When Men Grow Old - Babyface
    "So many years that you sacrificed So many chances you let go by And girl never once did you complain, no way And now he's got nerve just to criticize You let yourself go, like you've got no pride You do"
  • When Two Men Kiss - Across The Border
    "I'm not behind your boy and I'm not behind your ass I don't want to fall in love with the whole male working class you say that I'm a problem but the problem isn't me it's your narrow minded sexuality given"
  • When We're Old Men - Yellowcard
    "I've spent all of my time on the road Sleeping my days away but you should know That I'm reflecting on who I've let go The people I've hurt in ways I'll never know And I never meant to be hurtful to you Please"
  • Men - Herbert Gr
    "Men will open their arms men assure security men will cry in their beer if you don't treat them tenderly so vulnerable, here are the men whatever in the world would the world become without them? men do"
  • Men - The Dodos
    "This is the sign I use to wear This is the line It says I care I found a reason I found a tear Last year I am a boy You are a man I am indifferent You want a plan I'm getting out I'm getting there Next"
  • Men Called Uncle - Elvis Costello
    "Now there's newsprint all over your face Well maybe that's why I can read you like a book Just when I thought I was getting my taste to bite I go and lose my appetite Look at the men that you'd call uncle They'd"
  • Bad Bad Men - GWAR
    "Billy was and orphan, Getting drunk and shooting guns was all he ever had Tommy was a whore Poe got drunk in Baltimore Could it be that's what made our boy so bad They shot a man just for snoring"
  • Many Men (Unedited) - 50 Cent
    ""50 Cent feat. Lloyd Banks Many Men (Wish Death) Man we gotta go get something to eat man I'm hungry as a motherfucker! [50 Cent] Ay yo man, damn what's taking homie so long son? 50, calm down, here"
  • Men Of Rust - Everon
    "There was a time when we were As close as hearts can be Your pain and fear, your dreams and hopes All that you shared with me I was just a child back then As I grew up I had to see Not all those wishes"

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