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when my father died

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when my father died

  • Father - Brian McKnight
    "Father I need you now But you're nowhere to be found And I don't know which way to turn If you're so far away Too far to say Today be strong Tomorrow will be long To the ones who'll stand for the Father"
  • Father - LL Cool J
    "I swear to tell the truth and nothin but the truth... so help me GOD I just felt like tellin the story of my life Felt like, maybe somebody could be inspired, you know? We all feel pain, we all go through"
  • When Your Love Died - One Bad Pig
    "Know Youre innocent Say Youre guilty Strip Your clothes and whip Your back I nail Your hands and feet To that unholy tree The final phase, the deadly act Chorus: I was there When Your Love died I stood"
  • Father - Amy Grant
    "(Amy Grant) Father, blessed Father, it's morning again I give You Father, myself Father, continue Your plan I know together we can climb mountains in the sky No one can stop us when I'm standing by your"
  • Father - Jadon Lavik
    "Youve given far beyond my need so I give My deepest thanks to you for all Ive watched you do And for the things that I am yet to see Still Im confident to wait patiently I cry out and you answer I cry"
  • Father - Annuals
    "A son will get sick. A father will watch as life has left from his boy, helpless. Hours still go by, like strangers, quick to close an eye, but dear father just won't die. "What debt has my boy"
  • Father - Eastmountainsouth
    "I hold in my heart this pain that I feel a man I call father, well, he's almost real he's almost real... and I'm of his flesh and bone so similar and estranged and I was just a child when you went away when"
  • Father - Cat Stevens
    "Father oh Father Hear me if you can Is it true what they say That life is a dream I don't understand The things that make rain in my eyes Are they real or are they lies You know I hear so much about you"
  • Father - Christian Wunderlich
    "Soft like a snowwhite flowerlike a tender songlike a moment we'll share foreverYou were there every hourwere there just for mein my mind we will always be together Where are you, fatherI just can't understandwhy"
  • Father - Vanessa Petruo
    "I healed myself when church was closed I tried to grab what I could hold but somehow I felt it was good Cause I knew You love me too I knew you hold me in your hands Wasnt my footsteps in the sand And"
  • Father - The Mission
    "Can't stand the light it hurts my eyes And it comes as no surprise To find A broken heart has no reprieve In all the things we leave Behind I can remember can recall When once we had it all Before Can't"
  • Father - Pillar
    "Your life is like a castle built upon the sand All the work is done but it will not stand Your life is like a picture without any paint It's left you feeling blank and a little incomplete From the answers"
  • Father - Trik Turner
    "Can you remember How you use to jab your fingers into my chest And tell me how stupid you thought I was And how I'd grow up to be worthless- I was only 9 and I can recall every single time- You raised"
  • Father - Ms. Dynamite
    "I spent 23 years trying to be what you wanted me to be though it seemed like you couldn't save me 'til I picked up the mic and I was on the TV now you're ringing off my phone like every week where were"
  • Father - Ms.Dynamite
    "I spent 23 years trying to be what you wanted me to bethough it seemed like you couldn't save me'til I picked up the mic and I was on the TVnow you're ringing off my phone like every weekwhere were you"
  • Father - Bizzy Bone
    "We all so scared cause its, its war everywhere, you knowWar everywhere How many friends will we see die? (Why we so scared cause it's war everywhere)How many friends will we see cry? (It's war everywhere)How"
  • When You Died - Violent Femmes
    "I quit thinking about killing myself when you died just for a day or two i must have wanted to just for a day or two I must have wanted to live I quit believing these lies I tell myself when you died just"
  • Abba father - Michael Card
    "Until Your Son called out to me I was lost For years my cradle swung above the grave It is a wondrous thing to be adopted by a king To know a love that crowns and crucifies When Your Spirit moves I breath"
  • Our Father - Outerspace
    "(Crypt The Warchild) Yeah. Okay, listen. Yeah (Crypt the Warchild) I never claim to be a saint, nah that ain't me I'm only sayin' what I ain't, you should let me be Imma always throw stones if my house"
  • Father figure - Q Strange
    "Some knew my uncle Roc as a mob figure But to me he was much bigger he was like a father figure All that crooked shit he did he never let us see Welcome me into his home givin' me family A man to me closer"

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