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when my har

  • In Har Belly - Aidonia
    "4260148 No get no numba Wen u call me Wen u horny And waa cocky fi u punanny Call me From u 2 pussy jaw tight all night Mek u ride on di tall pipe like a R bike I can see me nuh hav forsight I can see"
  • Zechariah Rush (Uru Shalom Har Meggidon) - Earthtone9
    "zechariah rush when it comes down will you fall away? when it comes down will you follow me? when the chamber fires will it suck you in? when the seed spreads will you accept the gift? drag me away pull"
  • Prisoner - Har Mar Superstar
    "Put me to the test I'm under arrest, girl And we won't sleep 'til the streets are clean And the levy broke now We got fire before smoke somehow The results are in Negatives a positive 'cause I'm a prisoner"
  • When I Drive - September When
    "Sometimes when the pressure gets too hard for me and the rain pours on my head My feet won't walk me and my eyes won't see and my coat is soaking wet But when I drive My car so independently alive When"
  • Lo Har - NASH
    "Cada noche despierto Para ver si t sigues aqu Porque yo no me creo Que t quieras estar junto a m Cada da te marchas Y me das un beso antes de ir S que t no lo sabes Pero es lo que me hace vivir Sólo"
  • Que Har - Ana Gabriel
    "Aunque pasen los meses Y con ellos los aos Para mi es igual Tu sigues como siempre Metido en mi alma Como hacen los peces En los ros y el mar El tiempo me ha enseado Que las hondas heridas Jamas"
  • When - Tank
    "Come on baby talk to me. You know cause when you feel your body Getting ready to let go just let me know when Tonight the only thing that I will ever ask of you Tell me when um I'm tring to make"
  • When - Perry Como
    "When, when beauty fades from view, As worldly things will do, My eyes will still see you . . . When, when dreams turn old and gray, And seem to slip away, My dream of you will stay . . . Loving you, the"
  • When - Craving Theo
    "Sit upon a rooftop wanting to change the world to my surprise the world wanted to change me Catch me please, wasn't going to be this way why, oh why must I change this day When I was younger I thought"
  • When - Alan Parson Project, The
    "Alan Parson Project, The Miscellaneous When Chris thompson vocals Standing around for an hour in the rain The porcelin promise is breaking once again Fill me with everything i want to hear These are the"
  • When - Alan Parsons
    "Standing around for an hour in the rain The porcelin promise is breaking once again Fill me with everything i want to hear These are the same lines that i heard last year And you always seem to talk and"
  • When - Dave Clark Five
    "When the world looks dark all around you All you need is love, I know All your doubts and fears will disappear And turn into song When the night light shines from your window You'll remember all I've said"
  • When - Taproot
    "Can't seem to find myself in the smoke filled room again The lesson of being bored and nave so I've been told Its just my own problem That I succumb from the bottom Looking up at the reflection above of"
  • When - Opeth
    "Red sun rising somewhere through the dense fog. The portrait of the jaded dawn who had seen it all before. This day wept on my shoulders. Still the same as yesterday. This path seems endless, body is numb. The"
  • When - Crash Rickshaw
    "Reached the top Found out that there's nothing there So I ask myself Where do I go from here? No one knows my heart or where I need to be I can't sit yet Stay contentment, please don't leave my heart Peace"
  • When - Ricky Skaggs
    "There's a cold rain falling on my window pane Drop by drop it just won't stop spelling out your name There's a wild wind howlin' chills me to the bone All I can do is think of you and your heart of stone."
  • When - Megadeth
    "No one hears a word I say And my prayers are never answered But you'll never see the pain inside of me Stabbing me over and over and over I trusted you and I loved you And you spit back in my face How"
  • When - Alan Parsons Project
    "Standing around for an hour in the rainThe porcelin promise is breaking once againFill me with everything I want to hearThese are the same lines that I heard last yearAnd you always seem to talk and walk"
  • Tida Har Tid - Dagsland Sigvart
    "(T: Sigvart Dagsland/Gunnar Roalkvam/Erik Hillestad, M: Sigvart Dagsland) Nr skritt mine mles i sekunder s alt eg flyr forbi blir liga grtt Nr eg fyge fort s ingen ser et spor p veien eg har gtt Nr eg"
  • Aar-Har-Karaz - Minas Morgul
    "Die Zeit vergeht, nichts hlt sie auf..., wie nimmt das Schicksal seinen Lauf, es vergeht der Schmerz... Die Zeit vergeht, nichts hlt sie auf..., wie nimmt das Schicksal seinen Lauf, es vergeht der Schmerz... Ein"

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