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when never to one (3x)

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when never to one (3x)

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when never to one (3x)
  • Sometimes Never Never Beg
    "Untie the ropes and unlock all the chains I won't be bound and gagged just for your sake Take your foot off my throat, take this mask off my face Don't expect me to plead for your mercy, I'd rather bleed"
  • Nas One Never Knows
    "(feat. Lake) In my darkest days lighting up the rightous smoke Cause I'm dealing with this thug life crisis and cant cope Niggas on my dick beef don't stop Niggas asking what happed to the Firm Did"
  • Billie Holiday One never knows, does one
    "One never knows, does one?When love will come alongThen so suddenly life turns out to be a songOne never knows, does one?The moment or the placeThen right before your eyesSomeone occupies your embraceSomeday"
  • Heart Never
    "Whoa whoa whoa whoa. Whoa whoa whoa whoa. Hey baby I'm talkin to you Stop yourself and listen Some things you can never choose Even if you try, yeah You're banging your head again Cause somebody won't"
  • Scarface Never
    "I would, never violate the codes of the streets And I would never make a promise, that I know I couldn't keep And I would, never testify, cop out for a plea Or surrender information on my boys to the police And"
  • Unknown Prophets Never
    "(feat. Slug) In this life time you don't have to proove nothing to nobody except yourself And after what you've gone through if you havn't done that by now It ain't gonna never happen Yo, hey y'all I'm"
  • Atmosphere Never
    "In this lifetime you don't have ta prove nothin to nobody Except yourself And after what you've gone through If you haven't done that by now It ain't gonna never happen Yo, hey yo I'm never be what you'd"
  • Boyz II Men Never
    "In this world today Love is scarce and far away And your heart gets so afraid to trust someone All the times he let you down There was no love to be found Well it's not the end There'll be time to mend And"
  • Babyface Never
    "Written by babyface (1997) Performed by boyz ii men In this world today Love is scarce and far away And your heart gets so afraid To trust someone All the times he let you down There was no love to be"
  • Amanda Perez Never
    "(yea, OoOo OoOo OoOo) You walked into my life, when I was down and out Took away my pain and gave me your smile And at the time, still lovin someone else Not knowin'why kus they were the reason why i"
  • Lexie Never
    "You no that the only thing I can think about now is you, you made me feel like I was worth something, but now with a single sentence you break my heart. How can you do this to me your all I ever wanted"
  • Overseer Never
    "I came in the building I just wanted something better for me and my children Than the hate mixed with anger I'm cocking my banger My enemies are in danger even total strangers Sneaky bastards wanna flame"
  • Angie Martinez Never
    "and u will never break me til the day i die yo every time i turn around they say how i deal with that weak shit i told yall of the stages i cant agree wit we showed yall, promoted yall on how to freak"
  • Bad Boys Blue Never never
    "You came. You changed the way I feel.You turn me upside down.And now the past has disappeared.Since I know youre around.So never never never break my heart.Never leave me stranded.So never never let us"
  • Megadeth When
    "No one hears a word I say And my prayers are never answered But you'll never see the pain inside of me Stabbing me over and over and over I trusted you and I loved you And you spit back in my face How"
  • Eminem When To Stand Up
    "Artist: dj jazzy jeff f/ eminem and parl yams (scratched) (3x): "no...you hear me! you go to hell" -> mr. garrison Yo At birth I was born with the biggest middle finger on earth The first"
  • Joe Jackson One To One
    "Tried to call you yesterday But you were at the Monday Club Or a Communist demonstration Who cares You're going somewere everyday Vegetarians against the Klan Every Woman Against Every Man Never One to"
  • Drop N Harmony Never No Never No
    "are you ready for a little bit of drop n harmony all the ladies in the house, let me hear you say ooh, ahh drop'n'harm you make me hot let me hear you say ooh, ah drop'n'harm you make me hot (come on now) and"
  • Junior Boys When No One Cares
    "When no one cares and the phone never rings the nights are endless things you're like a child that cries and no one heeds the crying you're like a star that dies and seems to keep on dying when no one"
  • Atreyu When Two Are One
    "Bang! Explosions in my head that just won't quit A train has crashed into the wall around my heart and left the old me dead Obliterated Stop! My breathing in the night when you're not there The silence"

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