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when we stand togheter

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when we stand togheter

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when we stand togheter
  • Paul McCartney We all stand togheter
    "Bom bom bom, bom bom bom, bom bom bom bom bom Win or lose, sink or swim, One thing is certain, we'll never give in. Side by side, hand in hand, We all stand togheter. BOM BOM BOM - BY-I-YAH, BOM BOM BOM"
  • Pet Shop Boys Why Don't We Live Togheter?
    "There comes a time in everyone's life When all of the parties every night They're not enough You want something more ((Tell me)) I want you I want you (Tell) (Tell) I find you when I want you And lose"
  • Petra Stand
    "you had a blank stare-there in your easy chair you watched as things got out of hand but now your eyes blink and you begin to think of what could happen if you stand you think about the ground you might"
  • Richie Kotzen Stand
    "We all carry the cross and speak what we're taught Lies and money become the white man's god We've burned all our bridges one too many times The time has come now to draw the line You know you've got"
  • Poison Stand
    "We all carry the cross and speak what we're taught Lies and money become the white man's god We've burned all our bridges one too many times The time has come now to draw the line Chorus: You know you've"
  • Monday Morning Stand
    "The restless wander never staying to weather through it all they're lost to question their soul direction the stones they run to fall never looking over a fading shoulder to see just what's become"
  • Dechant Anne E Stand
    "In the hallway of Roosevelt High School Michael and Susan arm and arm Nobody looked for nothing different Nobody looked for nothing new We thought they'd never fade But time it turns a page Family business"
  • Bebo Norman Stand
    "I'm walking in an open field looking for some space to fill I believe there's something left to hold So even when the sun goes down and there's no one around I'm standing in the freedom of my soul And"
  • Da T.R.U.T.H. Stand
    "(feat. Flame & Lecrae) (Chorus) We gotta live it- oh If we don't live it- oh Then who's gonna live it- oh Stand for the truth- shawty We gotta walk it- oh If we don't walk it- oh Then who's gonna"
  • Meredith Brooks Stand
    "I search through my mind And it's hard trying to find Words that we haven't said To tame the thoughts in your head I can only promise you That I will see this through Chorus You can count on me, you"
  • Kim Mitchell Stand
    "We came here for some moral ground Too much quicksand in the shallow land We're in here and it's sunny and clear Sometimes it all gets so scratchy When the real world gives you an itch And yer due"
  • Kashmir Stand
    "to stand, and walk again to forgive, and make amends we gain and share the trust we so sincerely wished would never add, until we stood and walked again we forgave, and made our love revive that would"
  • A-ha Shapes that go togheter
    "When you were wrapped in tangles I was free And when you were undecided I believed It's alright, tonight On a deep blue mountain high The shapes that go together You and I When you were filled"
  • Diana Ross We Stand Together
    "(N. Rodgers/G. Smith) Stand up, stand tall, and be counted Divided we fall, together we stand, together Our love has all never doubt it Alone we fall, together we stand, together When we're playin' the"
  • Allen Asbury We Will Stand
    "Sometimes it's hard For me to understand Why we pull away From each other so easily Even though we're walking the same road And we build dividing walls Between our brothers And ourselves And I, I don't"
  • Ultravox We Stand Alone
    "The words played on around our heads Perhaps we went too far We'll soldier on until the end again This clutching hand around my hand So pitiful and frail Makes bleeding hearts begin to beat again Chorus: We"
  • Impellitteri United We Stand
    "It was 8:45 New York time when disaster filled the sky Death struck and the towers rocked, then we began to die All the steel came crashing down and rose in a cloud of smoke The world watched on CNN"
  • Faith Evans Where We Stand
    "Is it too soon to love you Why do I believe it's perfect Could it be I'm scared to take a chance Think that we are moving too fast And I don't know where we stand (I don't know where we stand) Today"
  • Stereomud How We Stand
    "how long has it been? it's good to see everything turned out how we wanted it how about the friends we know that caved in we never stopped we never rested see me here cause I'm still standing see you"
  • Artists Stand Up To Cancer Just Stand Up
    "[Beyoncé:] The heart is stronger Than you think It's like it can go Through anything And even when you think It can't it finds a way To still push on Though Carrie Underwood: Sometimes You want to run"

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