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when you alone and your friends

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when you alone and your friends

  • Friends - Red Car Wire
    "You're a mess Your life's off track but your heart beats still And you push away like I know you will You go through the motions and lose motivation You're lost and exhausted but wont stop fighting"
  • Friends - Fallen Angels
    "When you need somebody When you want to cry your fears When you feel the world is against you And what you got is only memories Know that Ill be there for you And that you can count on me That your fears"
  • Friends - Motley Crue
    "I'm sitting in this room alone Time is passing by I think of things I've said and done And now I wonder why At times all my eyes see In a world of misery When I'm overwhelmed with pain You tell me how"
  • Friends - Z-RO
    "I thought I had a lot of partnas, but I've only got some Since I can't depend on my niggaz, I put my faith up in my shotgun Rolling around in my '78, reminiscing on the past 16 years old trying to get"
  • Friends - Close 2 You
    "Sometimes it's so hard to be all on your own feeling helpless and far from home I play my favorite song it keeps me hanging on Ease the lonelyness when everyone is gone When I'm feeling down and out memories"
  • Friends Like You - You Am I
    "With friends like you I could throw away my tv Cause I got it all in spades now All triumph and tragedy And when as a kid with a pocket knife Like a stone from a distance thrown It's a gamblers trick,"
  • Old And All Alone - Real Friends
    "When we grow up I hope that you end up old and all alone You wouldn't know a good thing even if it slapped the makeup right off of your face Burn down the bridges just in time for last call Keep digging"
  • Alone - Angelo Kelly
    "It comes so fast and seems so exciting It sure is some kind of rush, a bit like your first crush You tell yourself and all the others I ain't gonna change, I'll always be the same But friends you though"
  • Alone - No Use For A Name
    "Life must be empty when living a lie With something to hide and nothing to show You have learned nothing but how to destroy Things that friends who love you couldn't leave alone Someday it's gonna hit"
  • Alone - Funker Vogt
    "In some days you'll be alone Have to manage all on your own It's the time when your parents are dead your friends are done and you feel upset The days are grey and the nights are dark So everytime you"
  • Alone - Asher Roth
    "uh. know what I mean we all, we all got our own thing, and heres mine.. verse one: Now my things was cool I swore id never break the rules straight with you cause I could relate to you stay with"
  • Alone - The Unseen
    "not gonna explain myself to the likes of you tired of feeling sorry for feeling the way i do ive heard that you cant please everybody on this earth so from now on im putting myself first doing what you"
  • Alone - Chuckie Akenz
    "Yeh, uh huh A life is a game, Everybody gotta play it, But when the game is over, Ain't nobody gon' say it, Whenever we pass a second, As my pushing inside, If the day came by, and I die, Would they cry? Coz"
  • Your Friends - Dee Clark
    "Your friends All of your friends (your friends) All of your (your friends) All of your friends (your friends) You know when you Get on your feet again Ev'ryone'll wanna be your friend When you (hoo) Get"
  • Friends - Gentle Giant
    "FRIENDS Where would I be without friends, to take good care of me, My friends, What would I do I would be alone On my own. (*) Enemies, some say add spice to your life (*) But I've always hated to be"
  • Friends - Travis
    "Who cheers you up When you are down Who brings you cups of coffee Who picks you up When you're in town Whatever makes you happy And I'm glad you're better now But I'm sad you're not around Friends"
  • Friends - B5
    "Lets Be Friends Oh I Can See It In Your Smile,Uh You Wanna Be My Friend And Im Gonna Keep It Real, Uh No Need To Pretend And Evertime I See Your Eyes, Uh You Wanna Know 'bout Me Girl I Like What"
  • Friends - Jody Watley
    "Friends Jody Watley featuring Eric B. & Rakim (Andre Cymon?Jody Watley) Have you ever been stabbed in the back By someone you thought was really cool Did they steal your lover or was it money Or was"
  • Friends - Victims Family
    "they tell us that our friends aren't important because there's work to be done but i'd rather be poor and live with my friends than be rich and die all alone the lust for money has turned people numb their"
  • Friends - Colony 5
    "You thought you could make this up one day, all the pain you gave me When you talked behind my back I used to call you my friend, but that was long ago Now I know you as my enemy, and that can't be restored What"

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