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where are you mp3

  • Mp3 - Dead Saints
    "Why do you want to take it away? Now you want us to pay? Sueing for something free? why don't you let us be? (power for you and not me) I just want an MP3, you will never stop us, It is so oblivious, Over"
  • Mp3 - Act Fast
    "I remember when it was you and me Singing all the songs in perfect harmony Living life with you by my side Life in pain, happiness, misery, it's all the same And I'm alone again How do you know when"
  • Pennywise - Land Down Under.Mp3 - Pennywise
    "Travelling in a fried-out combie On a hippie trail, head full of zombie I met a strange lady, she made me nervous Took me in and gave me breakfast And she said, "Do you come from a land down under? Where"
  • 06. Discretion Grove.Mp3 - Stephen Malkmus
    "Hate recreated A revelation Uh listen to me I'll tell you I'm about to run The ceiling's are undone Specialized victories For overage whores I felt up your feelings And they left me no more time To see"
  • Bohemian Rhapsody (mp3) - Queen
    "Is this the real life - Is this just fantasy - Caught in a landslide - No escape from reality - Open your eyes Look up to the skies and see - I'm just a poor boy, I need no sympathy - Because I'm easy"
  • Where Are You - Don Williams
    "Where is the sun, Where is the day I'm looking for Where is the moon, Where are the stars that shined before Where are you, where are you? Where is the time when hours Were like minutes here before Where"
  • Where Are You - Paffendorf
    "Yeah!!! Where are you? Where are you? The next track is for everyone here in the house. Listen. Do it with me. UUHUU (repeat some time) Stop! Hey. Hey. Where are you? Where are you? All"
  • Where are you - Monty Python
    "Prince Herbert:Where are you? Where are you?Where are you, my heart's desire?My heart is true, but where are you?Only you can quench the fire.Where are you? Where are youPrince Herbert's Father:Stop it!"
  • Where Are You - Brenda Lee
    "Where are you, where have you gone without me I thought you cared about me Where are you Where is my heart, where is the dream we started I can't believe we parted Where are you When we said goodbye love,"
  • Where You Are - Kelly Clarkson
    "there are times I swear I know your near. But then again your heart can play so many tricks on you but I still wish that I could be Where you are Where we had danced toghether Where you are"
  • Where You Are - Bill Withers
    "Ever since you came into my life You have been so wonderful to me That's why where you are is where I want to be Life is so much easier now Since you are sharing it with me That's why where you are is"
  • Where Are You? - Original Broadway Cast Recording
    "Prince Herbert: Where are you? Where are you? Where are you, my heart's desire? My heart is true, but where are you? Only you can quench the fire. Prince Herbert's Father: Stop it! Stop that! Stop all"
  • Where You Are - Donell Jones
    ""Where You Are (Is Where I Wanna Be) Part 2" I'm saying I'm sorry for leaving you But I wanted to start my life brand new I was going through changes and could not see That with you is where I wanna"
  • Where Are You - Benton Paul
    "I'm out there searchin' I'm out there wonderin' Where she is -- where is she? I spend most of my time Dreamin'of What it's like -- what is it like? To be secure in someone's arms Someone's charm I want"
  • Where Are You - Imaani
    "I see your picture in a frame, I see a face without a name Riding alone on an empty train - where are you? I live in a house of broken hearts, leaves are falling in the park Every day is a question"
  • Where Are You - Bee Gees
    "Bee Gees Miscellaneous Where Are You Where are you (where are you) Night is day and day is night Where are you (where are you) Need you girl you're not in sight Our love would grow , but you leave"
  • Where You Are - Sam Brown
    "She never wonders why The people stop and stare Ambling through her empty life Without a care for ordinary faces But you don't have to stay out there All alone You keep on losing yourself In another world"
  • Where Are You? - Silence 4
    "I had forgotten How much it hurts being left out in the cold But still can remember The promises you made up when you told me to go "Don't be so bitter We will always be in touch". So naive of me"
  • Where Are You? - Bee Gees
    "Where are you (where are you) Night is day and day is night Where are you (where are you) Need you girl you re not in sight Our love would grow , but you leave and I know that you don t love me (where"
  • Where Are You? - Our Lady Peace
    "Hey you Have you felt like this before? You got style but ain't got soul Are you happy now? Are you happy, tonight? Or did Punk Rock get it right? Is there no future in sight? Oh is it different now? Is"

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