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where are you now songs.downlod

  • Where Are You Now? - Gufs
    "Here I am Lost without you I can't feel myself I can't even move There so much I want to say If I could get through to you Where are you now? Are you standing on the edge If you fall, will I see you again? Open"
  • Where Are You Now - Sophia
    "It's 5 a.m. And I stumble down Oxford Street The whiskey and gin They ain't helping things If I could speak I'd call out your name And if I could walk I'd run back to you again But where are you now Oh"
  • Where Are You Now - Roger Taylor
    "(Roger Taylor) Don't have much education Not much anyhow Just believed what they told me And oohee, leak at me now There must be more to life than this bum deal Same direction somehow Same kind of a reason Yeah,"
  • Where Are You Now - Justin Bieber
    "Where are you now When I need you the most Why don't you take my hand I want to be close Help me when I am down Lift me up off the ground Teach me right from wrong Help me to stay strong Take my hand and"
  • Where Are You Now? - Fisher
    "For the words we never said, And the life we never had, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. For the reason that I had to wave our world goodbye, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry. Where are you now? Now that I'm lost and all"
  • Where Are You Now - Blue Rodeo
    "You were so complete you made a perfect mess of my head I should have known better but I was bored and looking for kicks You were the open window a two lane highway headed West you were my adventure the"
  • Where are you now - Bad Boys Blue
    "People around me. People are talking.And I'm by myself laughing loud.Watching the strangers. When they are walking.Looking for you in the crowd.Cause you are my one and only and you're always on my mind.I"
  • Where Are You Now - Dream Theater
    "- John Petrucci Carry it away Carry it away again Have nothing to say Nothing to say again No one needs to be alone Get my ego on the phone Walking again Walking again today "
  • Where Are You Now - Ian Van Dahl
    "Where are you now Lie awake and wonder where you are tonight How will I know Search for a trace, I look around but you're out of sight Where did you go Thought your love for me was strong Was I the only"
  • Where are you now - Brandy
    "You just came into my world, A little boy without a girl. When you smiled at me, I knew it was on. We spent weeks that were a blur. We made love so sweet and pure. Then one day, you were gone. Where"
  • Where Are You Now - Nightcore
    "Where are you now, cause I need to have you right here next to me You're not around, oh where are you now. Just like a diamond from the sky You are a star shining bright, for me But now it's fading,"
  • Where Are You Now - Billy Rankin
    "Every single day I think of the times when you were still mine And I knew, gotta get away, get you out of my mind I caught up in time and I blue I don miss all the fun that we had You were always around"
  • Where Are You Now - Krezip
    "As I look back on the things you have said in the past I hear you talking, trying to make me understand That you're better than me That you're stronger and wiser It made me think that you must have"
  • Where are you now - LaLaine
    "Where are you nowWhere can i find youI missing you soI'm looking for you(x3)It's being so long seems you went away yeahbut where can you be i still remember the day yeahi saw you for the last time baby"
  • Where Are You Now - Valentine
    "Wonderin' where I've seen your face I can't place it Knowing the time but not the place I'll retrace it Trying so hard to find the answers in my mind Trying so hard I know it's you that I long to find You"
  • Where Are You Now - Tuuli
    "Where are you now? there was a time you tried to damage me and make me feel like i was such a freak you had the strength to torture me and turn the whole world against me the times have changed you never"
  • Where Are You Now - D1
    "You put trust in me I’ll put trust in you You can be my boo We kick back & we’ll bill this zoot Bend back and put the telly on mute 5 foot 2 and her back come huge I can’t lie man she’s kinda cute"
  • Where are you now - Falco
    "Day after day, one despetate night after another, searching for youThrough the ice-cold wind, looking for something, anything that might lead me to you.But not even a trace, well apart from the one red"
  • Where Are You Now - Diana
    "Just like a diamond from the sky You were a Star shinning bright for me But now it's fading, fading..... Carry my soul upon the wind Soaring so high, oh you gave me wings Now I'm not wandering Where are"
  • Where Are You Now? - Brandy
    "You just came into my world A little boy without a girl You just smiled at me, I knew it was on... We spent weeks that were a blur We made love so sweet and pure, Then I knew, you were gone Where is the"

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