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where i come from

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where i come from

  • Where I Come From - Alan Jackson
    "Well I was rollin' wheels and shiftin' gears 'Round that Jersey Turnpike When Barney stopped me with his gun Ten minutes after midnight Said sir you broke the limit in that rusty ol' truck I don't know"
  • Where I Come From - Guided By Voices
    "There's sense in arguing That's something you believe in Can't hope ??? someones good advice Don't have much money to lay around and grieve in Better off just keep your mouth shut Come on boys be nice You"
  • Back Where I Come From - Kenny Chesney
    "In the town where I was raised The clock ticks and the cattle graze Time passed with Amazing Grace Back where I come from Now you can lie on a riverbank Paint your name on a water tank Or miscount all"
  • Where You Come From - Pantera
    "When the world pronounced me dead Put me in the grave The cut off my legs It was not long I couldn't hold my mouth I ran my head I ran my head It's strange to be around again Things might have killed"
  • Where do babies come from - Melanie Martinez
    "Mommy, I've got a question Mommy, I wanna know Where do babies come from? Do they come from rainbows and love? Mommy, mommy, tell me, please Where do babies come from, really? They come from boys who"
  • Where Do You Come From - Elvis Presley
    "Where do you come from? Tell me who you are Do you come from another world Or from some distant star? Where do you come from? Are you what you seem? Are you real, are you standing there Or is it just"
  • Where Did You Come From? - Sky Harbor
    "I Got a plan for today Finally figured out what's going on Until I got this phone call Telling me I was wrong The news was different today There was color in the black and white Headline's read, "The"
  • Where do you come from - The Kinks
    "In your eyes I see a thousand lives, Where do you come from, Where do you belong. Visions in my mind of people crying, Where did we go wrong, Where do we belong. Ways that our fathers showed us are a menaace,"
  • Where You Come From (Live) - Pantera
    "When the world pronounced me dead put me in the grave the cut off my legs it was not long I couldn't hold my mouth I ran my head I ran my head It's strange to be around again things might have killed"
  • Back Where I Come From (Live) - Kenny Chesney
  • From Where I Stand - Kim Richey
    "Funny we should meet The three of us here on the street You know, I've wondered what I'd say Now the moment's here And suddenly it's crystal clear Some things ain't never gonna change From where I stand I"
  • Where Do Angels Really Come From ? - Clifford T. Ward
    "Sat here feelin' sad and kinda lonely Takin' myself too serious With the world on my shoulders I didn't think I'd get by. Then from out the blue you came along and Treated it all so lightly With the world"
  • Where I'm From - G-Unit
    "(feat. 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Game & Young Buck) [50 Cent:] In my hood when you young You tuck and handle your biz nigga Coming from where I'm from where I'm from Stick up kids will run up in your mammas"
  • Where I'm From - Lil' Flip
    "(feat. Grafh, Gravy, Will-Lean) Uh huh yeah look here O-kay black kingdom stand up my name Grafh ya'll-my nigga Lil' Flip my nigga Gravy it's all gravy nigga watch this, uh uh let me show you what it's"
  • From Where??? (Intro) - Mad Skillz
    "...It's not about the salary I do this so MC's think twice before they battle me Cause Lonnie B can really flow shit (say what!) This ain't no wo, thuggish ruggish, bow wow, yippie yo shit I through yo"
  • Where I'm From - Digable Planets
    "Peace.. peace.. peace y'all! (Strange!) Real strange.. real strange.. (An overdose..) A.. nickel bag of funk (WE GOT BEAT!!) Now move on.. move on.. yeah.. ("Hey man are you ready to go?") Yeah.. "
  • Where I'm From - Jay-Z
    "uh-huh, je-je je-je-jeah ye-ye-yeah, ye-ye-yeah How real is this, how real is this Uh-huh huh, Inspect this here, check I'm from where the hammer's rung, New's cameras never come You and your man houndin'"
  • Where I'm From - Koffee
    "Where I'm from, yeah, our ting cya play down, chuh, yeah Gwaan Spain Town, tell dem a big dog playground We nuh too grin and we nuh inna playpen, no, yeah We nuh borrow, pay down De La Vega nuh play but"
  • Where I'm From - Lloyd Banks
    "Llyod Banks: America welcome to the land of the brave America welcome to the land of the slaves where to do anything for money the consequences is the cage follow the path of a dummy hop a fence into their"
  • From Where I am Standing - Schuyler Fisk
    "from where I'm standing you're the quiet side of the road you're looking so lonely and I can't stop looking at you your head is hanging trying to beat those goodbye blues I bet you'll be fine I bet you'll"

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