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where is my brother

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where is my brother

  • Brother - Morten Harket
    "You are still my brother Till the end of time You and I we lost our way Differences of mind Till the end of time Listen to me Brother I can’t take your place No one else can wear your face That’s the"
  • My Brother - Styles
    "I'm not the only one living here, please be considerate and leave a nice message after the tone. One! I just wanted to speak to him.... I got too much words... I got a lot of words... let's see.. yo,"
  • Brother against brother - L'
    "The armies they keep marching Towards their deadly goal I'm standing in their rows Dying is my soul Father, Mother Help me in this misery Father, Mother Peace will never be Father, mother Soon I will join"
  • Brother Where You Bound - Supertramp
    "There's a red cloud hanging over us And it's so big and it's gonna burst All you people with your heads in the ground Hey brother, where you bound? And they're no good and they're everywhere Try to tell"
  • Where Is My Love - My Indigo
    "My mama said he’d love me, right down to the bone My mama said he’d hold me, and never let me go but no more, no no more, no more Why am I here to protect you, here to defend you, I don’t know anymore no"
  • Brother - Ms dynamite
    "When we were young, Life was so unjust, At times I felt it was just us, Mama working hard to put food on the table. All on her own she sacrafised, Even when my sisters and brothers died, Some how"
  • Brother - Otep
    "Where do eye beginnever willnever see u againeyem trapped within this empty sphereso much darker without u here brother brotherwhy did u have to die?never even said good-byelast laughlast drink come backcome"
  • Brother - Gil Scott-Heron
    "We deal in too many externals, brother. Always afros, handshakes, and dashikis. Never can a man build a working structure for black capitalism. Always does a man read Mao or Fanon. I think I know you"
  • Brother - Beck
    "Brother, are you really here? The package I received is gone Are you a phantom detective? Can you read my soul backwards? I would glide with you If you are a backwards ghost I will hire you Brother,"
  • Brother - Pinhead Gunpowder
    "Once I had a brother And we grew up looking out for each other And when he fucked up I did my best to cover his lies I hid him from the cops when he was a runaway Put him up when he was on the streets"
  • Brother - Ms. Dynamite
    "When we were young, Life was so unjust, At times i felt it was just us, Mama working hard to put food on the table. All on her own she sacrafised, Even when my brothers and sisters died, Some how she stayed"
  • Brother - Accidental Superhero
    "st thomas and an old man walkin' and he tells him go your own way, be your own stay don't matter what they all say in the middle of a fire you feel the need to run the only way to make it is to stand like"
  • Brother - Murder By Death
    "Fourteen years have passed since that day Your stories are the same but the ends have all changed You carried on like you were some type of god Some things will never change We went home to see our folks We"
  • Judas My Brother - Bad Company
    "She ran away from home, just-a 15 years old Headed for the city where innocence is sold Headed for the wrong crowds, the company of fools Could only chase those promises, got no time to lose She's just"
  • Brother - Alice In Chains
    "Frozen in the place I hide Not afraid to paint my sky with Some who say I've lost my mind Brother try and hope to find You were always so far away I know that pain so don't you run away Like you used to"
  • Brother - Marc Nelson
    "Kenya speaking, a, did I every tell you about that time yo, I was at a um, club and I was talking to this girl for about a hour and you know she was giving me all the rap and everything and then at the"
  • Brother - New Model Army
    "It's been a long dry season in tinderbox town And the ghetto cars go cruising up and down and round and round With tinted windows and the screech of tires Poverty likes to ride in the best disguise The"
  • Brother, Brother - Carole King
    "Oh, brother, brother, brother I know you've been layin' back a long time But I love you like no other Oh, brother of mine I've been watching everything you do And I've been wishing only good for you All"
  • Me & My Brother - Ying Yang Twins
    "(Chorus) See me and my brother, stay crunk like no other Stay high as a muthafucka, stay drunk as a muthafucka See me and my brother, stay crunk like no other Stay high as a muthafucka, stay drunk as a"
  • My Brother Jack - Paul Colman
    "We got into the car with the true believers We could tell they were by the words they spoke They were talking of Jesus and all He was doing They were sharing their favourites from the Holy Book And I was"

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