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whisper chase rice

  • Whisper Touch - Cemetery Of Scream
    "Everything remained for behind me The longing in a middle of rapacious world Your whisper and your touch I will never forget I cannot hear a music Empty'n'dead on the sockle of silence I've left my"
  • Rice - Jacuś
    "Jaca jest crazy bo Jaca jest graczem ja sam planuje przyszłość zanim coś sie złego stanie tell me where is rice gdzie jest miska ryżu où est le riz a te radosci z życia zawdzięczam oświacie w dużej"
  • Whisper of sin - So They Say
    "You want play, but the forecast for the weather Just couldn't ever explain the rain That leaves a mark for all of us to see. Cause we are alone and we won't escape the rain. It's left its mark on all of"
  • Chase - Dog Whistle
    "Since I saw your face I just chase, chase, chase And all my friends say I've got horrible taste Since I saw your face I just chase, chase, chase And all my friends say I've got horrible taste But I chase"
  • Chase - Rage
    "Murder, you've murdered my love Senseless you wasted her life Power I need for revenge My pain you can't comprehend No! you've turned off the light of my life I'll wait for my chance I will hunt you"
  • Chase - Leona Naess
    "When I pull you into the light I can see right through That hole inside You listen to rock and roll Believe in other gods If I think about it baby We're totally at odds When you're close to me Something"
  • Chase - R. Kelly
    "This is player hater one reporting from phd base over This is phd base go ahead hater one Yeah we have our talent in sight How would you have us proceed over Hater one this is your captain player hater What"
  • Chase - Kumi Koda
    "Start me up itsumo to onaji sora yoku aru SHICHUE-SHON na noni hayaru kimochi wa mou natsu no GE-MU iza kaishi!! Yeah mazu wa shikkari nerai hazuasanai you ni massugu mitsume!! soshite kachimake aru to"
  • Chase - Koda Kumi
    "Start me up itsumo to onaji sora Yoku aru shichueeshon Na noni hayaru kimochi wa mou Natsu no geemu iza kaishi!! Yeah Mazu wa shikkari nerai Hazusanai you ni massugu mitsume!! Soshite kachimake Aru to"
  • Whisper - Catherine
    "Softly whisper in your ear Softly whisper in your ear Softly whisper in your ear Softly whisper in your ear I want it all but it's not here You've changed a lot in a year Bye, bye Broken pain does never"
  • Whisper - Milk Inc.
    "Hush now, let's not end before we start Hush now, lay a whisper on my heart Time flies, when you're lying next to me Your eyes, are the only thing I see Let's make this moment last Try not to move too"
  • Whisper - Milk Inc
    "Hush now! Let's not end before we start Hush now! Lay your whisper on my heart Time flies- when you're lying next to me, Your eyes- are the only thing I see, Let's make this moment last, try not to move"
  • Whisper - Gary Numan
    "I wonder if at times You ever think of me Or even call my name. I don't suppose you do. They talk of rain They talk of time They talk of pain They talk of mine. They whisper names They whisper news They"
  • Whisper - Tamia
    "Whisper Hey hey oh Now we almost blew it had a thing so perfect I was scared, I wanted to find something wrong, oh So I, put you through it and I made excuses tried to turn you away I knew I was wrong,"
  • Whisper - Dc Cooper
    "Feeling in my bones As a chill is running down my spine Is it when I asked you: are you the divine? Said what I had to say Did what I had to do waiting for a sign As she dances among us With a feel that's"
  • Whisper - morphine
    "Don't worry I'm not looking at you Gorgeous and dressed in blue Don't worry I'm not looking at you Gorgeous and dressed in blue I know it drives you crazy When I pretend you don't exist When I'd like to"
  • Whisper - A Fine Frenzy
    "Running the race like a mouse in a cage Getting nowhere, but I'm trying Forging ahead but I'm stuck in the bed That I made, so I'm lying But if you keep real close Yeah, you stay real close I will reach"
  • Whisper - Common Children
    "In this festival of time When I seek but will not find Would you shine some feelings into my eyes Could you climb with healing into my tired mind Into my own mind In this revelry of days When I'm trapped"
  • Whisper - Dreamtale
    "Fading moment, fading memory A faint wraith of the past (yesterdays fainting ghost) Grieving nation, weeping love Shattering dream of the past (yesterdays fragile dream) Forever crying for it's pain Eternally"
  • Whisper - Ernie Halter
    "How do I ask her to come back to me After I told her goodbye How do I love her so desperely And for so long I pushed her for side How do I walk back into her life Now don't wanna walk away How do I ask"

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